Is eating pops a good idea to lose weight? I've been eating flavored ice pops daily whenever I feel like I want something to eat. I've either already ate a little while ago or its late at night. I eat maybe 2 to 4 a day. The pops on it it says it 25 cals and 6 grams of sugar.


  • Eat veggies if you are hungry! The reason you're still hungry is because you are lacking in some sort of nutrient. The fiber will keep you fuller, there's no worry about the calories because the foods are nutrient dense!
  • also those grams of sugar are just empty calories. Sugars wont satisfy you and wont help you lose weight. More than likely will dis-satisfy you in the end causing you to binge or eat things that aren't good for you
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    Instead of pops freeze some grapes or blueberries. Any fruit really. At least you are getting some nutrition.
  • Okkie Dokkie ^.^ That sounds like a better idea but can you ever have too much fruit or veggies? I also have this problem: I eat dinner or try to eat dinner late because my boyfriend doesn't come home till 10ish sometimes 11 and thats when he usually eats his dinner or ice cream and I feel like I have to eat with him or I want to eat so instead of eating what hes having witch is usually fried food or ice cream (works at a place that servers it) I have a pop instead of what hes having because its so late is that ok to do? I understand during the day have some fruit or veggies but what about at night? Thank you both for the help ^.^