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  • I love using chopped up kale, dried cranberries, red onion and sliced almonds. Dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. I also sprinkle a little salt on top. It comes out soooooo good. :)
  • Crock pot! That has been my fave. You can throw it with regular salsa or salsa Verde and shred it up...makes for some killer juicy tacos...or throw it in with BBQ and make pulled ckn BBQ sandwiches. I also like to throw it in with mushrooms, garlic, sliced onion and mushroom soup. Make some rice on the side. Or you can…
  • these sound phenomenal!
  • You have no idea how happy I am to see you!!! <3
  • I am here to lose 21 lbs! :) I'm 5'3". Feel free to add me if you'd like. :)
  • I never thought of using cauliflower instead of potato! I am a die hard dill pickle soup fan...a Polish one at that! When I make this I go all out. I need to visit the cauliflower though. That sounds pretty good!
  • Holy yum Batman! I wish I was as creative to make some of these dishes! They all look amazing!
  • That looks pretty good! LOL. I think I would make it an open faced sammich. But I am willing to try that for sure!
  • You look beyond amazing! You are doing such a wonderful wonderful job! I got all teary eyed reading what you wrote. You are an inspiration! Good luck to you on everything. You will kick some butt! :)
  • I had a kickass intense hour long bootcamp this morning. I am too wiped for Jillian. :) I will resume her tomorrow!! :)
  • I love this kid!! Lol. It's like my 5 year old! :)
  • 30DS day 2 complete!! I threw a wrench in there and did level 3. I used to have to stop after 10 minutes of level 1. I have come a looooong way. Lol. I am going to keep in with the obvious 30 days, but I think I am going to change it up depending what kind of workout I want. :) tomorrow is bootcamp...so that will sub in…
  • Once I can get my two monkeys out of my hair for 20 minutes I plan to get my workout in!! :) hopefully soon. I already have it logged. :)
  • OK here we go!! Starting weight : 126 (I should be a couple lbs lower...but evidently I am celebrating my sons bday too many days LOL ) Height : 5'3" Bust 32 Chest 30 Waist 28 Hips 36 Thighs L 19 R 19 Calves L 13.5 R 13 Upper arms L 9.5 R 9 Neck 11 Pooch 34
  • Lol!! Girl I totally get you! :)
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  • After I have done the workouts a few times and I can anticipate what's coming...I just turn the volume down and turn the radio way up. It makes it faster for sure. And you don't want to choke Jillian that much by the end. Lol
  • Mon thru Friday is easiest for me. So that is what I am going to do. :)
  • I have measurements around here somewhere. I just took them a week ago. I am ready to lose some inches!! Lol
  • I am looking fwd to this!!! I so need the motivation to keep me going. I too end up giving up and not following thru.
  • Hi everyone! My name is Jen and I am 30. I'm from the Detroit area. I have been skinny my whole life...then I had kids. lol. I was at my highest weight of 140 until I started my journey to shed some lbs. I used my 30th bday this past June as motivation. We went to Vegas and I wanted to wear a bikini. I got down to about…
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  • Hi everyone! My name is Jen and I am 30 years old. I joined mfp in March of this year. I started out dieting for a trip to Vegas for my 30th bday. Once that came and went I fell off the wagon. lol. So I am ready to get back on it and finish what I started out to do. Right now I am at 130 (give or take) and I want to get…
  • I live in Clawson! :) YAY for Michigan peeps!
  • 07/08 = 125.2 07/15 = 123.4 07/22 = 122.6 07/29 = 122.6 08/05 = 125.2 08/12 = 124.2 08/19 = 125.8 08/26 = 125 09/02 =slack *kitten* I am never weighed in! 09/09 = 124.2 09/16 = 123.8 Come on 8.8 more lbs!!! I am ready for you to get lost and I want to tone myself up big time! :)
  • Dani - you are doing AWESOME! I'm proud of you girl! :) Des - we ate our cake topper on our 1 month anniversary. We couldn't wait. What made me sad was our top was supposed to be chocolate and it was french vanilla. :( My hubby got to eat it all. LOL. We had lots of fun in Niagara Falls. We spent the first 1/2 of our…
  • I am excited for this weekend. :) My hubby and I are going to Niagara Falls to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. I am in DIRE need of some sleep in time and some alone time with my man! LOL.
  • 07/08 = 125.2 07/15 = 123.4 07/22 = 122.6 07/29 = 122.6 08/05 = 125.2 08/12 = 124.2 08/19 = 125.8 08/26 = 125 09/02 =slack *kitten* I am never weighed in! 09/09 = 124.2 I need to get back in this game and get rid of this last 10 lbs! Technically....9.2 lbs. :) I do have one NSV though. My hubby found a pair of pants of…
  • I have been a SLACKER. But...I think I am finally really back. I know I have kept saying this. LOL. I need this discipline in my life and I have been slacking big time. You girls are all important to me! xoxoxo
  • My weigh in. Somehow I am down 0.8! Woo-hoo! LOL. 07/08 = 125.2 07/15 = 123.4 07/22 = 122.6 07/29 = 122.6 08/05 = 125.2 08/12 = 124.2 08/19 = 125.8 08/26 = 125
  • I know exactly how you feel with smoke. It has to do with my mom and her loser boyfriend. Thank God now she has been smoke free for 2 months...unfortunately it came from having to be in the hospital, have a bypass, have part of her foot cut off and be in rehab. But man. Sometimes some smokers are so selfish. My oldest son…