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  • 151.2 this morning!! So close to the 140s!
  • Next goal is to get into the 140's. I'm just over 1lb away from it!
  • My next mini goal is to get under 150lbs. I'm currently going between 153-154
  • Every morning, and sometimes too when I get home. Just to make sure I'm on track, even though I should know if I am or not going by how well I've eaten that day!
  • Looking for my twin :) 5'3 Female SW - 159.8 CW - 153.8 GW - 140 UGW - 133
  • Amazing weigh-in Terrie!!!
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  • Weigh-in is 153.8lbs! First goal met! Whoop! Next goal is to get to 147lbs by May!
  • Thanks ladies! I felt so proud of myself losing the 6lbs but then after trying on 3 pairs of trousers, I felt like I hadn't lost anything leaving the shop and felt so defeated. Just gotta keep at it!
  • I met my first mini goal which was to get under 11 stone by Paddys weekend (under 154lbs) I weighed in on the 16th March at 153.8lbs, so just made it! Next goal is that summer holidays are in 6 weeks, so I would love to get to 10 stone 7lbs (147lbs). I think that's gonna be difficult to reach but I'll keep doing what I'm…
  • I'm 0.5lbs off my first mini goal of getting under 154lbs (11 stone) So close!! This weekend in Ireland is a long weekend as its St Patricks Day so I have to be SO careful what I'm eating. We have family coming up and staying over so it's going to be hard to keep on track
  • Keep it up Terrie! We all have weeks where nothing comes off but you will do it!
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  • Thanks for all the replies! Sometimes its hard to see whats in front of you! I had a good look at my food diary and what you all said was completely right. So breakfast will be eaten every day and less calories on junk food and hopefully I'll fly at it ! :)
  • Mini goal right now is to get under 154lbs. Current weigh in this morning is 155.2 so getting there!!
  • Todays weigh in is 155.2. So getting there! :) Cant wait to get under 154 and stay there!
  • Mini goal right now is to get under 154 (under 11 stone). I'm 2.7 lbs away so maybe by next week??
  • So this weigh in this week was a disaster! up 1.8lbs. We were snowed in and tried to keep to it at the start but it got to the point where we didn't have any healthy food left and just had to eat whatever was there. So was up and started back on it yesterday and I'm down 0.6 so far so that's positive. Onwards and downwards!
  • Mini goal this week is to try and be good on Friday. Going out with the girls for a night out so free food n drink so I need to be very careful what I’m eating/drinking. All good that is preordered is fried so I’ll be having a big salad at lunch so I won’t be too hungry later. Hopefully!
  • Oh sweet stuff is totally my weakness!! Lol look at my food diary to see that! hahaha Today was my official weigh in and I'm down 3lbs! YAY!! Was hoping for 2, was expecting 1, so was delighted! Next weigh-in is hopefully 1.
  • My mini goal this week is to lose a pound. Last week was my first week eating healthy and I lost 3lbs so I think 1lb should be ok
  • Thanks so much amgreenwell! We have looked into adoption but after spending so much money on IVF, we cant afford it. Our plan is to try and save so we can buy our own home :)
  • Afternoon eating / evening eating is where I fall down too. I'm so good with breakfast and lunch. And as soon as lunch is over I'm looking for chocolate or crisps. One I get home and I have my dinner, even though I'm full, its like my 2nd stomach for all things sweet opens up and I'm looking for more chocolate and crisps.…
  • well done! that's amazing tvarela!!
  • Heeeeeey! Summer vacation is only 9 weeks away and I HAVE to lose some lbs. Going away with a girl that is so thin so need to lose hopefully 10lbs to feel a little bit more confident. We got this!
  • As many as we need. Every day, every meal, every minute is a new time to start again, if needed
  • I have a couple of mini Goals 1 - I want to have lost 5 lbs by March 17th 2 - I want to have lost 14 lbs before my trip away in May 3 - I want to start doing small weights for my arms to help tone them a bit 4 - I want to start walking at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minute each time 5 - I want to fit into my…
  • I'll definitely be going through this and adding a load of you all! and please add me too :) SW is 159.8 (also CW as just starting) GW is 135 (long term) But I'm off on holidays in May so my GW for that would be 149 - so 10lbs to lose!
  • I weigh myself every morning, and sometimes in the evening too. I only do the morning weigh-ins, just to make sure I'm on the right track, but I'll work out my weekly weight loss each Monday.
  • if you keep determined you will! no problem at all for ya :)
  • at the end of the day you are losing weight for yourself. So if you think you want to add it to your blog what you lost, or if you dont because you were sick and you think you might put it all back on, honestly it doesnt matter. You just do whatever you are feeling most comfortable with and dont be too hard on yourself if…
  • personally i would keep up weighing yourself every week and noting the weight loss or weight gain no matter what happened during the week to cause it. Yes you had a 2.5 weight loss, but you wouldnt have lost that much weight for not eating for a day or two. Also, if you put down that you have lost 2.5lbs, if someone of it…