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  • You look amazing but I have to take the focus off of the weight loss for a bit. How the heck did you lose the stretch marks and get such gorgeous skin!!!!!????? :) :) :) you look fabulous from head to toe.
  • T Bone. Cooked, but not well done. I used to say well done and I would get crispy. Big difference. I want lots of onions on it and Montreal Steak rub. Maybe a few mushrooms on the side. I think a trip to the grocery store is needed now. Thanks alot, Caradack!
  • I used to love Tae Bo as well. I had great results with it. Honestly, I have bought so many videos recently trying to get that feeling again but nothing is the same as the original videos I used. I loved the original Tae Bo Live VHS tapes. Mine finally broke a couple of years ago and I have been looking for the Basics Live…
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  • Moving day. Grrrr...Ive been eating tons of takeout this week. I didnt want to cook or go grow shopping. I actually managed to lose 2 pounds. Shocking!
  • How do I join? Just add my name in group? Edit: i figured it out ;)
  • No prob here. But I will say organic oranges tastes so much better and I don't like the idea of eating cloned meat. Otherwise, sign me up. The food is cheaper and you have to die from something. Might as well die with a little bit more money in my pocket and a vacation or two a year instead of paying triple for your food…
  • Your dog is so frigging cute!!! I want to give her a big hug. ;)
  • Yes. Your waist is getting smaller! Nice.
  • Jennifer Lopez....the voice, she can't sing and the constant barely their dresses. So 20 years ago. Just go away!!!!!!!!!!
  • Maybe get some of those plates and bowls that measure your food for you. (They are like measuring cups) I have some myself. It won't be as accurate as a scale but it help you with your guesstimates.
  • Same here. The cookies n cream. OMG!!!!!!! But they kept getting food recalls lately so I have switched to Edys, loaded chocolate brownie. I can't bring myself to eat another brand's cookies n cream.
  • I agree. I feel like she is saying that she wasn't happy because it was too much work to be thin. I feel like she has gone from one extreme to the next. If she stated her current weight and size, I missed it, forgive me. Instead of pushing herself so hard to be a size 4, why not shoot for an 8 or a 10. Why go up to a 16…
  • When I first started MFP back in 2012 I had about 150 friends. I would send out a friend request to people who asked for friends or people I felt I may be able to motivate if they expressed any type of struggle or hopelessness. "Strength in numbers" I felt. I closed my account after I lost the weight I wanted. I reopened a…
  • Thanks, guys. I am pushing 40 the thought of doing a bunch of crazy stuff to lose weight was leaving me horrified... :)
  • This. When I first starting using MFP I would just choose the items in the food bank for my diary. It took me about 5 months to lose 10 pounds. I think its because I didn't weigh everything. I just assumed. I used to only weigh meat, chips, other things that measured by ounces. I would use measuring cups for cereal, rice,…
  • Yes, but if you are eating 2000 calories while doing his workout, you will be at deficit. The program will have you burning several hundred calories each session and you will also be adding muscle. My mfp friends post calories burned from 5-600 calories from his workouts.
  • Welcome!
  • Maybe try Proform brand. I bought a pretty decent elliptical from them. I know Sears does a layaway. Maybe take your $300 and put that down and add a few hundred bucks over the next 60 days if you want to upgrade.
  • This looks wonderful. Never heard of this site. Added to my favorites!
  • Happy for your loss!! We are the same height. MFP has me at 1600 a a day. Just curious, what is goal weight?
  • Yes. Some of us have families and roomates. And some of us just want an occasional treat that can fit into our daily caloric allotment. I have cake in my freezer right now, I didnt need the whole thing. Thanks Sidesteel for a great article.
  • A) Cave men were lucky to live to be in their 30s as well. Most people live past that today because of proper nutrition. Modern medicine as plays a role but most 30 year olds aren't on daily meds. B) Its people's choices. But your "choice" was to put this on a public discussion forum. the site is called MY FITNESS PAL.…
  • Ditto. And nooooooooooooooooooooo
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  • Thanks for sharing!!!
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