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  • my blood sugar levels are under control (albeit not quite long enough for last week's A1C to look good) and I went on a 10 mile hike yesterday, by far my longest solo hike ever. Now to work on biking more and keeping my sugar under control so that three months from now it looks great.
  • Walking Dancing Hula Hooping Anything in water (rowing, paddling, swimming, aerobics...) Bikes on trails Yoga Body weight exercises (calisthenics without the jumping jacks)
  • Great goal! What does healthy look like for you?
  • It just takes practice to build the new habits. Be sure to include fats. Snack on nuts, add avocado, cook with olive oil, add an egg. These things add calories without adding bulk.
  • I suggest you visit a medical professional.
  • Are you sure those folks are getting the results you are expecting?
  • Generally, the weights are in the state it is delivered in, not the state it is consumed in.
  • I am often cold after a good workout (once the cooling mechanisms finally kick in they go into overdrive) and this time of the month. I also seem to get cold flashes, rather than hot flashes, as my hormones run amuck. I think I hit the trifecta this morning, as it was bone chillingly miserable. I am feeling a bit better…
  • One thing I do, and this is totally non traditional, but it meets my nutritional needs, is I use chopped veggies to replace rice in a lot of things. I am not really a fan of the riced cauliflower, mostly because it is such a pain to chop cauliflower so finely. I often use cabbage (cheap and easy to chop), but sometimes…
  • I mean, I can eat and drink whatever I want* in all meals - I just need to be careful about the quantities and frequency of certain foods... *Except potatoes and spinach - and I could probably even get away with those in very small quantities, but the end result is not worth playing with in either case.
  • Oh, I do, when I track. I just wish that there were goal options like "+/- 10% of target" or "between 1lb/week loss and maintenance" rather than hitting red when you eat one more calorie. I am currently relying on routines, rather than tracking, because I find it triggering to be so difficult to actually hit a specific…
  • Chia pudding made with almond milk and topped with fruit. Gluten free toast (or an apple) and PB And apple and (GF) oatmeal bake Sausage and fruit breakfast tacos with beans and veg cheerios You may be able to find an egg free paleo pancake mix, or at least a recipe Honestly, eating it in the morning is what makes it…
  • While I like your style, I am just annoyed by the people who think "Have you lost weight" is in itself a compliment, whether they actually think you have lost weight or not. My MIL once went into great detail about why it seemed like I had lost weight, when in fact I was the fattest she had ever seen me. There was once a…
  • You know how often if you get started, you get into a workout and end up completing it with bells on? Yeah, that didn't happen this time, but I was already at the bottom of the canyon when I realized that and still had to climb out to get home again. So, no bells on, but I did complete the workout, even if it was more of a…
  • Honestly, it helps me to declare certain foods as belonging to another person. In my case, the sun chips are my husband's. The non dairy cheesecake is my husband's. I have to ask his permission to have them, but for the most part I just don't because those are things that are part of his diet that aren't part of mine. As a…
  • Have you checked that you didn't change anything else while you were there, like setting it to maintain, rather than lose?
  • I do wish MFP had an option to set your goals as between X and maintenance.
  • The nieces and nephews and seeing MIL's face when her son comes in the door all make up for it. Even if her son is too scrawny (at least it isn't just me!)
  • Sounds to me like you want to lose 21 pounds. You can reevaluate and set new goals once you have achieved that. I have much more to lose than you (OK, I guess at this point, I have a bit more to lose than you), but I find it enough to just focus on the habits and keep going.
  • Yeah, I get a bit manic and obsessive when I use calorie counting. I still haven't found the key to long term success for me, but lower carb eating keeps me away from binges longer than all things in moderation. Instead, I do "some things on a very rare basis, preferably paired with a good workout." Which probably sounds…
  • I made was able to make a brunch that satisfied my husband and met my nutritional goals for the day. Let's be honest, I gave him first and second breakfast in one sitting while I just had an omelette with a bit of fruit, but it worked for us.
  • Honestly, this is what I am least looking forward to as things open up. Especially visiting the in laws this summer, they are constantly commenting on everybody's body, but it seems I am the only obese person they have ever seen in their lives? FIL in particular finds it personally offensive.
  • Is this like a Pandora bracelet and we get a new charm for each attempt? Or do we get a new hippo for each regain? Either way, by now the bracelet itself would be helping me lose weight, carrying all that extra around all the time. Better get one for each arm. I recently got below 200 (again) and am trying to mentally…
  • At 5'8 and 150 lbs you are within the healthy weight range. You may well find that eating at maintenance and strength training helps you feel happier with your body, even at your current weight. Not only will your body itself change, but the physical strength can often translate into a mental strength that just allows you…
  • Sandwiches and cut up veggies. Veggies and hummus and an egg or two (or nuts). Salads. Leftovers. Lean Cuisine or other frozen meals, with a side salad or cut up veg. You can take anything you would have put in the fridge, if you have an insulated lunch bag, you just can't leave it overnight, as some people do with the…
  • Super mini goal for today: make it through the day getting some movement and eating low carb. Sugars were up this morning (barely even into pre-diabetes range, but I want to nip it before it becomes a trend) and PMS means I do not want to move. I really wish I had access to an indoor pool, I love floating and splashing…
  • Did you do anything yesterday? I disconnected my fitbit and MFP because it would sometimes sync overnight and it would look like one day I didn't sit still and the next day I hadn't done anything.
  • Did you walk more than usual? Leave your Garmin on top the washer so it thought you were exercising? Have you checked you Garmin to see what kind of exercise it thinks you did or when?
  • Have you tried therapy? For many, it also helps to focus on nutrition and coping skills when not bingeing.