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  • Am i the only person who doesn't like Pizza?
  • My minigoal is getting to the weight i first thought was "Whoa, time to do something!". My long term goal reward is if i get to my goal, I'll go to Iceland December 2021, so that's really pushing me! :D
  • None, as there's no need. I get my water from other sources, mainly coffee. :)
  • And more exercise = more you can eat :) So you don't even feel like you're having to cut back on food!
  • McDonalds Big Breakfast on the way to work. Then snacks at work, obviously. Then a pub lunch, 4 sausages and chips, with a pint of pepsi normal. Then snacks at work in the afternoon of course. Then a KFC on the way home, normally 3 pieces of chicken and 2 large fries. Then cans of pepsi at home that night. ..... Over 5000…
  • You wont be able to lose fat AND gain muscle at the same time. To lose fat you need a calorie deficit. To gain muscle you need, among other things, a calorie excess. Lose fat first, losing some muscle in the process, then build muscle, gaining some fat at the same time, and repeat.
  • So you can eat more and not feel deprived, yet still lose fat. :)
  • My partner is obese, her 16 year old child is morbidly obese...the 11 year old is underweight, the 8 year old is fine, the 4 year old is morbidly obese. I've tried many times. But...there's none so blind as those that will not listen. So, they have their takeaway pizzas, cakes, crisps, etc...and i have my turkey mince.
  • Try living with a partner and four kids, who dont eat dinner and instead she lets them fill up on crisps and chocolate all night...all i get is one shelf in the fridge for my stuff, the rest is full of so much snack foods...
  • Well, after losing so much weight nothing has changed taste wise. The treats still taste just as good, the healthy stuff tastes just as bad =/
  • So today the pain is worse. To describe further when my arms are bent to 90 degrees, theres no pain at all. But any extension OR contraction causes severe pain in my lower bicep/inside elbow. But, if i hold it in said position for 15-20 seconds, the pain fades. Any ideas?
  • I always got DOMS, always have. Maybe im not just cooling down enough, but it's become part and parcel for me. but this is different. I think maybe a) I pushed too far, and (b) my body just isnt used to lifting anymore. I did some straight punches for like a minute, and the pain stopped. Seems to just be when they are cold…
  • In order to gain 1lb of fat you'd have to eat a calories excess of 3500. Your weight will flucuate daily, even during the day. Just look for the overall trend of going down :)
  • I agree with everyone else. Meal timing doesn't matter at all. Just to clarify why that myth came about. The problem started because people eat their normal calories in the daytime, THEN add more by eating late at night, gain weight, and blame it on eating late at night, when all that happened is they went over their daily…
  • Here we go again! You need the equivalent of 8 cups of water a day on average, from any source. These sources can be pure water/tea/coffee/juice/soda/milk/fruit/veg etc. It does NOT have to be pure neat water!…
  • Here we go again! You need the equivalent of 8 cups of water a day on average, from any source. These sources can be pure water/tea/coffee/juice/soda/milk/fruit/veg etc. It does NOT have to be pure neat water!…
  • 1) Make sure you are getting your micro nutrients (vitamins etc) 2) Make sure you are hitting your macros (fat, protein, etc) 3) Create a moderate calorie deficit 4) Stop believing rumours, i.e. eating late at night is bad, breakfast is the most important meal, etc. 5) Don't deny yourself anything in particular. Use your…
  • Give whats left to my dog :)
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  • A Galaxy Ripple in bed every night :)
  • Sleep, as above, is very important. Neat water is not so important. If you like it, go ahead! But as long as you are getting your water from SOME source, its all good. I get all mine from coffee, fruit, milk etc. Don't let the old myth about having to drink 583494 cups of neat water a day add to the confusion. As long as…
  • I guess you would class me as a fussy eater. Never thought of it like that before... I dont like any veg either, and idd most meals i see in books etc just arent feasible for me to have. The point is are you trying to get healthy, or just lose weight and become healthier? I was the latter, so with lots of exercise, hitting…
  • I have around 90% of my calories within an hour of going to bed, 300 of which are IN bed :)
  • Cheating on what? If we arent "dieting", then what are we cheating on?
  • To be totally fair, you dont need to eat them all back all the time. Try to stay over 1200 net, sure, but on odd days it wont matter. Also, i personally like to stay a little under my goal, in order to act as a "buffer" for things i may not have accounted for. The milk in my coffees, etc.
  • QFT. During my fat loss i drank it, and if it shuts down all fat burning im surprised i can even walk, after losing 70lb+ of muscle! :O
  • Im in far better shape than my partner. Of my four stepkids, the 16 yo weighs 23 stone :o .... the 7 y o boy is fine, but the 3 y o girl weighs only 4lbs less than the 10 y o girl! :O I've tried so many times to get them eating right, or at least better...but nothing partner refuses to take responsibility for…
  • QFT. No need for water! Coffee all the way! :D
  • Me :( It's utterly disgusting, gloopy, sticky, icky....ugh... Made losing weight easier that i didnt get cravings for it too! :D