Cheat Meals



  • HMonsterX
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    Cheating on what?

    If we arent "dieting", then what are we cheating on?
  • CorlissaEats
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    I dont really do cheat meals. I try to stay within my calorie goal, but I eat whatever I want as long as it fits. You learn pretty quick that eating a huge portion of steamed veggies and fish is going to give you a better bang for your buck compared to one scoop of ice cream. Sticking with the goal number eventually leads to making better nutritional choices and valuing the treats more in smaller quantities. Cheating just takes away the deficit you have been working hard to reach; and if you have impulse control issues it can lead to derailment.

    However, I am 9 months in. I have taken TWO full diet breaks in that time. The first one was 10 days long at a particular milestone, and this second one has already been 2 weeks and will probably go another 2 weeks. Life changed. I'm working a second job that has me more active. Its strategic to help me stabilize as I adjust. Basically, during my diet breaks I eat TDEE. Its a great mental break from "dieting." One cheat meal or day once in a while doesn't compare to taking a longer vacation for me. Rest is good for the soul. Its also good practice for the day when you switch into maintenance! If one day here or there works for you, go for it.
  • angf0679
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    On Saturday I did gardening for 3 hours and did my training run. I ended up burning abut 865 calories that day. Since by supper time I had about 1,000 calories left, I made myself a bacon cheeseburger with fries. It's not something I can fit into my calorie goal every day, but I was able to on Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I only eat like that when I can stay in my calorie goal for the day.
  • Eoghann
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    I think a treat/cheat meal is fine so long as it's planned. I think where people generally run into trouble is if they do it on impulse.

    It was my birthday this last Monday and I had allowed for the possibility of it being a treat day (I mean there was going to be cake!) and in the end I did consume something close to 3,000 calories that day.

    However, knowing that was going to happen, I also hiked up and down a mountain in the morning and burnt around 1,700 calories (over twice my usual) so I actually came in below my target.

    Planning makes most things easier.