What is your favorite snack to get you thru the day?



  • FrancescaWebb
    FrancescaWebb Posts: 211 Member
    Apple or banana slices with some kind of nut butter (currently Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut - similar to Nutella)

    Celery, red bell pepper or carrots with the spicy chipotle flavored Laughing Cow wedge

    Quest bars

    Turkey deli meat & pickle roll ups with yellow mustard, or turkey & apple roll ups with honey mustard

    Cottage cheese with cherry tomatoes and black pepper
  • acezinny13
    acezinny13 Posts: 1 Member
    - Peach
    - Half a banana sliced lengthwise with a teaspoon of almond butter
    - Greek yogurt (whatevers on sale) with kashi golean mixed berry cereal and whatever berries I have on hand
    - Pepperettes
    - Slice turkey or chicken deli meat
    - Plain rice cakes with 1/4 cup of homemade guacamole
    - Dark chocolate chips :)
  • itodd4019
    itodd4019 Posts: 340 Member
    there are some killer snack ideas in here. I have to try these adamam things.

    grapefruit and ardines is pretty boring compared to some these ideas
  • sugarlemonpie
    sugarlemonpie Posts: 311 Member
    It varies for me... Coconut water, a banana, carrots, cherry tomatoes, apple slices...

    I typically like fresh fruit or vegetables more than nuts, because I can eat more of them.
  • malibu927
    malibu927 Posts: 17,566 Member
    String cheese and some kind of produce (apples, grapes, or carrots usually)
  • ebabcock2014
    ebabcock2014 Posts: 8 Member
    String Cheese
    Laughing Cow cheese (garlic & herb) spread on a few whole grain crackers

    I don't usually snack that much, but I find that if I do eat a snack it really needs to have some protein in it to keep the hunger away!
  • ErinMcMom
    ErinMcMom Posts: 228 Member
    Amooza sting cheese
    Smartfood Popcorn or Popchips
    Strawberries with Cool Whip
  • kids183
    kids183 Posts: 204 Member
    Cheesestrings and Sugar Free Jello snacks!
  • PinkCupcakes84
    PinkCupcakes84 Posts: 235 Member
    Mangos. I slice it up and eat it when it's almost frozen. So good. Great profile pic by the way op. Love the way baby is looking at his mommy:)
  • FatOldManMN
    FatOldManMN Posts: 1,116 Member
    Meatball sandwich
  • I like almonds too. A fourth of a cup is a serving and really helps take the edge off my cravings. I also like snowpeas. Nice and crunchy and good for you too.
  • Nekton
    Nekton Posts: 8 Member
    Smoked salmon. 4 oz has ~140 calories and 26 grams of protein.
  • HMonsterX
    HMonsterX Posts: 3,000 Member
    A Galaxy Ripple in bed every night :)
  • nrida
    nrida Posts: 31 Member
    greek yogurt

    **lentils I like it plain with spices

    sweet potatoes
  • cookjl124
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    thank you for the overwhelming response i will give a lot of these a try... oh and i love to have a pickle while im making dinner so i dont go to the cupboard and grab crackers or chips...
  • grindyl0w
    grindyl0w Posts: 1 Member
    I like to have Granny Smith applesauce or half an Apple Pie flavored Larabar.
  • Karababy51
    Karababy51 Posts: 124 Member
    Usually Fruit - Banana, navel orange, apple, grapes, pitted prunes, raisins or a cup of still slightly frozen unsweetened raspberries or blueberries w/an added tsp. sugar. Plus, almost always have a slice of Cinnamon Raisin toast w/a 1/2 tbsp. ICBINB light as a bedtime snack.

    Other snacks I like:

    Cinnamon or Cocoa Roast Almonds 100 Cal pack
    Dry Roasted Walnuts - rarely (so calorie dense)
    Dove Dark Chocolate Promise - every night after dinner
    String cheese - rarely
    Sea Salt & Vinegar Popchips
    Fiber One 80 Chocolate cereal - dry
    Veggies & light ranch dip
    Triscuit Thin Crisps w/some kind of cheese
    Hard boiled egg
  • xeene
    xeene Posts: 5 Member
    It's after 2 and I'm always craving something sweet. I've tried drinking water as a way to stop the cravings. Any other suggestions?