What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • MelodiousMermaid
    MelodiousMermaid Posts: 380 Member
    So I've backpedalled. A fair bit.

    New mini-goal: My restarting tracking MFP-versary is in 10 days. Looking to shave a few pounds off my current weight, to reach 52 pounds in 52 weeks.

    From there, the next numeric mini-goal will be reaching 187.3 lbs on the 28-day average. Hoping to reach this on or before September 30th, and it would keep the "52 in 52" thing going, which would be nice.

    I took things pretty strong last fall (Oct-Dec were 12.7, 15, and 10.8 lbs lost respectively on the 28-day average), so there will eventually be a point where I will come up a bit short in that mark -- probably October (I'm finding the mental game is harder as weight moves lower and I am not going to try again for double-digits in a month). It's a nice thought to keep it going as close as I can within reason though. I'll be able to catch up to the 52 in 52 again in late winter/early spring if I'm diligent, as I slowed down then backpedalled after January. Kind of a neat thing I just realized is that I just need to work toward "catching up" to the 52 less than the end of January's average and I'll be in the neighborhood where I am thinking I'll be able to shift into recomposition mode. Crazy. I know it's still months away, but these mini goals really do help to make the transition through the larger game.

  • hlr1987
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    Today it's 122 days until Christmas. My mini goal is to commit to logging and sticking to my deficit for 💯 of these days, which gives me wiggle room to relax on my anniversary and birthday before then.
    I like the feeling of saying I'd do 122 days until Christmas but I want an excess of birthday cake and champagne and holiday cookies to look forward to on occasions.