How much water do you drink?



  • jennypapage
    jennypapage Posts: 489 Member
    not much. i look at my pee. if it's too dark by midday, i push myself to drink a bit more until they become clear.
  • amusedmonkey
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    I don't even know. I just drink when I'm thirsty. On exercise or hot days I notice the water cooler bottle need to be changed more often.
  • Eviedawson
    Eviedawson Posts: 9 Member
    I atleast drink 2l a day.
  • bpp23
    bpp23 Posts: 170 Member
    :/ Definitely not enough
  • cariduttry
    cariduttry Posts: 210 Member
    i aim for a gallon a day, but usually fall a bit short.
  • dutchandkiwi
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    I use 750 ml bottles at work and home. Generally I drink 3-4 of those. On workout days there is an additional 500-1000 ml. But I do admit it is summer. In winter it is less and there is then a lot of tea involved too
  • hmltwin
    hmltwin Posts: 116 Member
    I shoot for the advised 8 glasses a day. When it's hot and humid and I've been out and active in it, then I'll drink more. I think the most I've gotten in a day is a gallon - it was about 100 degrees out and very sticky, so drinking was about the only thing that saved me.

    If I drink something like lemonade or juice or non-cola sodas, I will add that to my count. However, I don't count anything with caffeine in it as "water" since... yeah, caffeine acts counter to water. I also haven't been drinking much besides water since I started working to lose weight. My normal juice is really calorie dense. (I'm looking forward to drinking it again when I move to maintainence.)
  • sgt1372
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    About 10-12 cups a day plus all the other fluids contained in the protein shakes and drinks, fruit and other things that I consume during the day. So, I'm not worried about hydration.
  • blackaheep4288
    blackaheep4288 Posts: 41 Member
    Until Monday I was averaging 15-18 bottles a day. I decided that I'd help the environment and bought a water purifier and now carry around a milk jug. I've been averaging about 2 gallons per day since Monday. I feel like this is will be pretty regular for me. Yes I pee all day lol.
  • Fursian
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    I've never really known the optimum amount of water per day, but I've bought into both the 'gallon a day' and the 'your body weight divided by 2, and drink that in fl oz. I feel better with the latter. I am in the UK, and don't move around all that much. :)
  • _annevalerie
    _annevalerie Posts: 17 Member
    At least 10 glasses a day!
  • indiacaitlin
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    I try and have 2-3 small bottles of water a day at work and I've got a half gallon bottle which I try to get through twice in the evenings! :smile:
  • pinggolfer96
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    2-3 gallons a day
  • HMonsterX
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    None, as there's no need. I get my water from other sources, mainly coffee. :)
  • JustMissTracy
    JustMissTracy Posts: 6,339 Member
    Not as much as I'd like to, although there is always a bottle in front of me ;)
  • Karb_Kween
    Karb_Kween Posts: 2,681 Member
    Not enough
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    aside from 4 cups of coffee in the morning (technically 3 in the morning one in the afternoon, but i log it all in breakfast), one diet soda (right after my morning coffee), I drink water all day every day (im one of those people who CONSTANTLY drinks). I drink enough of it that i dont bother to be concerned with it, but by my estimate im at around 100 ounces right now, mid afternoon. I'll likely double that before i go to bed tonight, just based on how many times im likely to refill my cup. LOL
  • girlwithcurls2
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    This hype around hydration and formulas to figure out how much water one should consume seems a bit nutty to me. If I drank that much water, OP, I'd lose my job. I teach. I can't just leave the room to pee whenever I need to. I try to drink a liter before lunch, a liter after, and another before dinner. I'm well hydrated and healthy. Any more than that, and I'd be jobless.
  • hlltwin
    hlltwin Posts: 55 Member
    I know I didn't used to drink as much as I do now. Now, I aim to drink at least 8 cups a day and usually succeed. I have a 32-oz cup that I'll fill a couple times a day (usually after one of my walks) and I drink a 16-oz glass of water with breakfast and again with dinner.

    I read that caffeinated beverages don't count as water since caffeine is a diuretic and works contrary to adding water - so I don't count the single cup of coffee that I drink in the morning, nor the rare soda that I drink when I'm out.

    I feel better for the increase in drinking, so I figure that I must be doing something right.
  • Lizarking
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    Gallon of MTN Dew during the day. 1/2 gallon of pepsi or dr.pepper at night.