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  • Ah I was just thinking the other day that it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you here :)
  • We are not terribly active but every now and then someone pops in! Hi there
  • @PaulaKro, wow it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you on here :)
  • How exciting! Hope all goes well, even with all the ups and downs it is for sure worth it
  • So glad you made it! Yes it can be hard to drink enough in the first few weeks, I found different temperature drinks some were easier then others!! You should be about 10 days out now hopefully that’s gotten better!!!
  • Follow your post op diet, you can really hurt yourself if you don’t!!! Most often it is a laparoscopic surgery so only a few small cuts! I had zero stitches so that helped just had tape for a week, and some mild bruising on the outside! But you’ve still had major surgery in the inside so listen to the doctor and don’t try…
  • depending on your surgery type there is for sure some foods you won’t be able to tolerate and this varies from person to person! I cannot eat ice cream at all (but can eat low fat frozen yogurt), I also cannot have most pasta and rice, but occasionally have a few tablespoons of it! I can eat popcorn though lots of people…
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  • Maybe I said this once but myself and another person I am close to had such sever GERD we both had the roux en y bi pass. In the past 3 years I have only had heart burn twice, and the other person whose GERD was way worse then mine has minimal heart burn only a few times a month now!
  • Pick one thing to change at a time and make it a habit over a few weeks then make another change. 2 good starting points I think are just logging all your food, not worrying too much about what it is but logging it so in a few weeks you can start to see areas that need tweeking! Second start moving even 10 minutes 3 times…
  • Covid drove everyone’s wagons over a cliff!
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  • Hi, this board isn’t super busy so I only stop in about once a week, but it has a lot of information! Prior to my surgery I spent a lot of time reading stories the good and bad! I am in your neighbouring proving of Manitoba and we are similar here I waited 2 or so years to even get my first appointment and from there…
  • Not sure what these are :) but it’s amazing how many calories and carbs are in a little wrap
  • Wow 5 years is fantastic!! It is amazing how quickly our bodies gobble up the lbs again! And most important that you recognize it now and not before gaining all your weight back! Keep it up your doing awesome!
  • Wow that is a big price difference that must be why the sleeve is so popular!! But I know someone who had severe gerd and they had the bypass as well and almost completely fixed now they only suffer from heartburn a few times a month instead of the severe issue! Hopefully you clear all your others :)
  • Thanks :)
  • Welcome to the group! We are pretty quiet but there is some of us around :)
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  • Nyfamilyfarm that is great that you all were able to get vaccines, we are also slow at that! I had mine because of my job but no one else in my house is eligible Fit_ chickx I had my surgery in June 2018! In the last year I gained back 20 lbs (was down 110). I am waiting for skin removal surgery too, but they have…
  • We just got a huge snow storm, snowed for 2 days, but hopefully it will melt this weekend! And they are talking about more restrictions being put in place!
  • We have snow again, and it’s been so windy, looks like the treadmill for me this weekend! It has been a very stressful week at work and I managed no exercise days! I know it would make me feel better yet it’s the part I easily give up when stressed!
  • Wow March is almost over, it’s pretty warm here this weekend! Looking forward to some long walks with the dogs this weekend, plus BBQ!
  • Oh you can purée scrambled eggs :) Gotta keep those liquids up for sure!
  • Purée is fun! It’s amazing what you can purée :) I know some people who just ate baby food!
  • Hi there :) I posted a bit in the other post but wanted to say hi here too
  • Hi Bri sorry I missed the notice of a new post! I hear you on the golden 10k steps, but honestly any movement is better then no movement, it’s more important to make an achievable goal then to make a goal that you will stop because you can’t achieve it I am also in Canada so winter gets me too! Makes the bones ache lol!…
  • I’m sure everyone faces different challanges! I for sure struggled with meeting the wants of my family while meeting the needs of my new life style, especially during the starting stages when diet is more restricted! My other big challenge was being bored with my choices, which I combated by learning how to cook new things!
  • @fit_chickx Wow stunning pictures @azalea4175 no kidding! Every time I sneeze I yell out it’s just allergies! One day I will get sent home I’m sure I am getting a COVID vaccine in April so I’m excited to lower my risk! Can’t wait for the rest of my house to be eligible now!
  • I hate the cold winter walks too, which is how I ended up getting away from it so much! Both my dogs are husky cross so they love the cold!! It made me so happy to see so many responses sounds like after a year of COVID we all have some good goals! Keep it up :)
  • That’s great! I hope you figure it out!
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  • Awesome goals for all :) The only bad part of spring here, is my allergies get really bad, it’s not an ideal time to have a sore throat or stuffy nose!!
  • Small plateau are normal in any weight loss journey. I wish I had some advice, but my best guess is to try to switch things up temporarily to see if it helps! If your work out routine doesn’t include strength training or should, you need those muscles they burn more calories :)
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