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  • I'm definitely down!!! Do I add you guys as friends, do you add me? How does this challenge work? I havent done MFP in years and it is totally new to me. :) :)
  • Hi, my name is Keisha and i am a MFP re-joiner. I am in dire need of loosing weight and finding a healthier way to eat that can include my picky children. I need new ideas. In the past I lost about 40 lbs doing weight watchers. I cant afford that anymore nor can I afford the gym (by the way, the gym does not motivate me).…
  • I have started and stopped and restarted again. For me its difficult but it works!!! Good Luck!!!!
  • I had a 6" Turkey Breast sandwich from Subway. I added lettuce, tomato, red onions, cucumber, green peppers, sweet peppers and black olives, with honey mustard sauce. Oh...on 9 grain wheat bread, with1 bag of Sun Chips French Onion flavor and a diet coke.
  • I am also in need of support!! I have a habit of being off and on!!! I know this site helps me but when I have a bad day I dont want to log it then it leads to many bad days then I stop loggin for months. I would love to have all of you as my friends!!!! Please add me!!1.
  • I tottaly feel your pain. My kids are 3 and 10. I have never been a mornign person and I hate to have to get up and pee inthe middle of the night. I guess waking up early is our only option. I havent started but I am gonna try it....lets be friends and see how it works for the both of us!!!!! the way.....GOOD…
  • AWESOME!!! I can totally see the difference. You lost inches and thats the best!!!! I am sooo going to purchase the DVD todat and make this my challenge!!!
  • OK Im at 224 today. I would like to be down 214 in 2 weeks......shoting for the stars!!!! *******
  • AMEN SISTER!!!!!
  • I totally know where you are coming from. I live and work with "FOODIES." At work they have a cook on staff and I am totally tempted to "taste" what is being served for the day. At home my fiance constantly says things like "you dont need to diet", "your not fat." He totally doesnt understand that I NEED TO LOOSE THE…
  • Hi all, I was doing weight watchers and lost about 10 lbs in 3 months. Well long story short I have gained most of it back. I am very frustrted and decided to try this becasue I cant afford the cost of weight watchers or the dissapointment. I am totally disgusted witht he way that I look. I have what I call "loose meat"…