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  • I would try to address the wrist pain as soon as possible. That is what is important. In the mean time can you do them on your fists and keep your wrists straight?
  • When you drive your car, you aren't a race car driver, but your still put gas in the tank and make sure the car works. Same for exercise. If you are undertaking a physical endeavor or challenge, fuel and train appropriately to perform your best at that challenge.
  • Get a new trainer
  • Yes Your size is going to be far more determined by caloric intake. I'd probably train mostly in the 8-12 range, but also include some lower rep and higher rep work. There is no magic number. Train over a broad rep range.
  • Don't go twice a day. Depending on your history of exercise, I probably wouldn't even go 5x a week as a beginner. AM vs PM just matters on what fits your schedule better, one is not better than the other.
  • They are more compatible than most people think. You don't have to prioritize one, you can get better at both. You will have to plan and recover well. Some terms/people to google Pete Stables Alex Viada Hybrid training Concurrent training Lift heavy run long
  • I wouldn't see why not. I run probably 80/20 trails/road and I have lots of easy trail runs. It may just be taking you more time to develope your percieved rate of exertion on them.
  • I'd stop running and make a return trip to the doctor
  • I am a BIG fan of crossfit, but do your research on any places you plan to attend. The community aspect sounds like it would be a huge factor in your consistency going to workout.
  • There are so many places to get good deals, I can't ever see me paying more than $100 for a pair of shoes. I generally try to keep it under $80.
  • Yes. everyone should do strength training AND cardio training. Doesn't necessarily matter which types of each you do, but both should be done for the health benefits.
  • For anyone interested in this subject I HIGHLY highly suggest reading the book "Unplugged" by several reputable authors. I'm half way through the book and it's really eye opening.
  • That's MFP blasphemy! But nice to see someone reputable say it.
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  • You are asking a lot and not wanting to give anything towards it. A 10 minute emom or even a 10 minute e2mom could be your best option if you're really only willing to allot that amount of time. Pick one lift and go. Should warm up a few minutes before that too. Don't expect miracles
  • Define "Better". I've hit specific body weights using both extremes. All lifting, no cardio and all running no lifting. Both were dumb, with regards to overall fitness. Most would probably say I looked better just lifting because of the muscle mass. I currently run and lift and don't intend to stray to either extreme. When…
  • The amount over your maintenance and your lifting program are going to determine how much of the weight is muscle vs fat, not the source of those calories. The higher above maintenance you are, even if eating "clean" calories, you'll still gain more fat.
  • You don't need to add a time restriction to the 5:2 diet. Just 2 days eat your low calorie allotment, doesn't matter how you choose to break it up nd have your meals
  • 3 items I think are a great bang for your buck are kettlebells ultimate sandbag trx
  • There is no best. That's why there are tons of different kinds. Between taste, calories, textures etc, its a very highly individualized preference. Try a few and see which ones you like and can tolerate
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  • Looks like the OP deactivated. Feel free to add me, I can always use more CF friends
  • Yes, you should be doing actual cardio. Just because your heart rate spikes while lifting weights, doesn't mean you are getting the cardiovascular benefits.
  • So take the OP's thread and substitute "going to do a juice detox" for "going to stop lifting" until I reach my goal. Does this change you perspective of trying to talk her out of it? Science, physiology, and people with a TON more experience say that strength training is very important at this stage, and will leave her…
  • I think it's sad that rice cakes and sugar free pudding are considered a "cheat"
  • This is a bad idea, and certainly not something I would promote. People lift in deficits all the time. Maybe you need to adjust the lifting you are doing but you shouldn't drop it. One of the most highly promoted things is to strength train while losing weight in order to retain muscle.
  • Depends on a lot of factors. Your individual recovery, how intense your workouts are, training history, how much you eat, what your goals are, etc etc.
  • Most people I know tape their thumbs instead of gloves.
  • I'm still trying to figure out how you dropped the bar to cause bruising like that. It sounds like you aren't able to get into a good front rack position and your arms/shoulders just aren't strong enough to hold the bar? Most people struggle with front squats because they can't maintain an upright chest and the weight…
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  • If you have patellar tendonitis, that is a long recovery for most. I'm battling it myself, there are a lot exercises you can google. Most of them take the range of motion just to the point of pain and then stop. Presumably over time you keep increasing that ROM as the tendon heals. Even using instagram you can find some…
  • Logging more miles. There are no shortcuts to improving fitness quickly. Ramp up you mileage at a reasonable rate, that will do wonders for your "speed" more than anything else.