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I’ve just started the 5:2 but like some advice

So on the new 5:2 diet plan on your fast day you can eat 800 calories and fast for 14 hours. It’s the fast bit I’d like advice about

I’ve earmarked Friday as one of my fast days. If my last meal on Thursday is at 7 pm that means I can have breakfast at 9 am on Friday, 14 hours; restricting what I eat on Friday to 800 calories. Right?

However, can I do it the other way around? Have breakfast at my normal time but my last meal at 7 pm on Friday night and have my next meal no earlier than 9 am on Saturday morning. 14 hours

I suppose what I’m trying to figure out should the 14 hour fast come before your 800 calorie day, or can you have it after your 800calorie day? In effect does it matter?


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    As far as I know, the 5:2 plan is just about having 2 low calorie days, and nothing to do with meal timing. Whether you have 14 hours or 12 hours or 18 hours between meals is going to make no difference.... If I had restricted calories I'd personally save them for meals as late as possible as I prefer eating more food later in the day.
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    5:2 means 2 days eating at 800 or less(some sites say 500 so not sure what the protocol number is if any) and the other 5 days you eat at maintenance. you dont really need ot fast those hours if you dont want. it just means the 2 low days is basically a type of fasting. fasting means a period of time you dont eat. I do 16:8 which means I usually stop eating around 9pm(for example this evening) and wont eat again until 1pm tomorrow afternoon. but 5:2 days I dont think the times matter
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    In the end, the idea of IF is to create a deficit. How and when you do that is up to you. Do what works best for you and is most sustainable.
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    When my brain hurts so much, I always think there's overcomplication going on. Weightloss is about creating calorie deficit - in other words, eat less - and adhering to it, consistently, for real, and for a long time. Any method you choose, you have to submit to that. Your choice is when and what to eat.
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    You don't need to add a time restriction to the 5:2 diet. Just 2 days eat your low calorie allotment, doesn't matter how you choose to break it up nd have your meals