I just started CrossFit any advice

I just started last week,took off the training wheels and now I can do the classes on my own.
Any advice on am vs pm?
Is doing it twice a day over kill?
Clothing needed (already ordered cross training shoes)


  • GOT_Obsessed
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    High 5! I joined 5 weeks ago and love it.

    I have no real advice. The veterans will for sure be more helpful. But one thing I will tell you is to put every single piece of equipment away! Today I walked in and found myself in the penalty box because apparently Wed. I forgot to put my box away.

    30 burpees got me out if the penalty box. Lol
  • cwolfman13
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    AM or PM doesn't matter...personal preference

    IMO twice per day would be overkill...you also need rest days

    I just wore whatever I wear to workout in any capacity.
  • Cassandraw3
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    Twice a day is overkill, unless you are doing open gym sessions. But that is more so for someone already in pretty decent shape and knows what they are doing/has programming set up. If you are just starting out, I would definitely not recommend doing open gym on top of a class. Two crossfit classes a day would not be beneficial.

    No special clothing required. Just whatever you feel comfortable working out in. You may find you want a few different pairs of shoes (trainers, runners, lifters, etc.) but that is not necessary.

    As far as AM vs. PM, that is really personal preference and what works best in your schedule.
  • Fflpnari
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    Ease into any exercise if you arent used to it.
  • debrakgoogins
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    Don't compromise form for higher weight. Go at your own pace and have fun.
  • born_of_fire74
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    Go hard for one session instead of taking it easy in each of two sessions. My trainer says if I can do a second class in the same day, I’m not working hard enough in the first.
  • GOT_Obsessed
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  • KarenSmith2018
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    Am or pm doesn’t matter. Whenever you feel best training.

    Twice a day is overkill if you are just starting out

    Always listen to your coach. Push yourself but not at the expense of good technique. Cheer for the last person. Put your stuff away.

    Clothing - whatever you feel comfortable working out in.
  • MelanieCN77
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    AnvilHead wrote: »
    I learned this week that CrossFit is like Fight Club: the first rule of CrossFit is don't talk about CrossFit.

    My friends who do it say the first rule of Crossfit is to always talk about Crossfit. :D

    Haha was gonna say this. How do you know someone does Crossfit? Oh they'll tell you.
  • Resistive
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    Wear short shorts and knee high socks and clap loudly. You got this! #WOT
  • annaskiski
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    High five here too! Started a few months ago, and loving it...
  • AudreyJDuke
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    Great suggestions, am thinking of doing this!
  • rybo
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    Don't go twice a day. Depending on your history of exercise, I probably wouldn't even go 5x a week as a beginner.
    AM vs PM just matters on what fits your schedule better, one is not better than the other.
  • curlsintherack
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    Short answer find a new box. After 1 week (assuming 3 1 hour classes) you have not mastered the olympic lifts enough to be allowed to throw around a lot of weight in a class situation. Look for a box that has some form of beginners program or has a good system for scaling your wod to something that is reasonable for you to do.

    AM PM just whatever fits your life.

    clothes something you can move in.
  • Michael_Collier
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    The cross fit didn't go so well. I am/was 30 lbs over weight @ 230. I loved the physical activities however it wore down my body and things hurt so I had to take 2-3 days off and come back (counter productive). It did make me eat heatlh and loved the workouts. I did talk to other cross fit people who were also over weight and I aksed how long they have been doing it "a couple of years" I wa shocked. I am a result type of person. The owner only got involved when I wasn't going to renew the 3 month memberhship. It was $777 for 3 months, ouch! Today 6/2019 I am back on Myfitness Pal and using a Fitbit and down 11 lbs, this is my pace and direction now.