I quit the gym to lose weight

Little bit of back story; a few years ago I lost weight and gradually over time it has crept back on. It's worth noting that I have been going to gym 5 days a week every week during that whole time - lifting, no cardio.

I'm getting back on top of my diet again, but to do that I had to quit the gym. I just couldn't sustain the deficit and workout. It just made me too hungry.

Fear not, I will return to the gym once I hit my goal weight again!

The moral of the story....you definitely do not have to exercise to lose weight!


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    I've heard a number of experts say exactly what you're saying.... during the weight loss phase exercise can be counterproductive because it makes you hungry and you end up eating way more than you burned off. If it is working for you that's fantastic! We all have to get to know our own bodies and what works for us.

    Please post a links to "experts" telling you this.

    Complete horse poo.

    Lol I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure all physique competitors stop working out while they diet and that’s why they look so good!! Lol. Yeah exercising makes you hungry cause you’re burning more energy, but never have I heard an “expert” say “don’t exercise so you’re not as hungry!” Lol, you’re on a diet putting your. Body in a deficit no *kitten* you’re Gonna be hungry we all are.... :p