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  • I forgot to post yesterday Ammi13 Withering Aweigh 242
  • Hey all. I tried a new recipe this morning for a great boost of protein for breakfast and it wasn't awful. 1 scoop of synths-6 protein powder, 3 egg white, 1/4 cup water and 2 tablespoons almond butter. It made 3 pancakes and tasted great. Put some sugar free syrup on it. Still feel full 4 hours later.
  • Hi everyone. I'm Amroth but everyone calls me Ammi. Have been active my whole life but very injury prone and just got off crutches in Decemeber where I ballooned up with 60 extra pounds I couldn't afford Have an awesome new strength coach and on track to start losing. Looking forward to kicking some *kitten* with you all.
  • Date. But it would have to start at a Spartan race.
  • You would curse me for making you run 5 miles through the mud, then sign up for another race.
  • Have been struggling the last couple of weeks and this was just what I needed to read. Thank you for the motivation.
  • Feel free to add me. Having the support of others and gathering ideas to help are always welcome.
  • Anyone feel free to add. I log daily and keep it open. Always good for motivation to see what others are doing and find some great tips for certain foods.
  • I have the garmin vivosmart and it has mostly perks and some downsides. It stays charged for a week at a time, has been through mud runs and water sports and heavy sweating for a year and still going strong, its small and the strap stays put without popping off, the app gets better with every update and it links well…
  • Nike Metcon. The newest version. I have a very wide toe box and they are perfect. I do crossfit in them and HIIT that goes back and forth between weight lifting and cardio and have had 0 problems since I switched to them. Designed for cross training with burst of cardio. I don't recommend using your running shoes for…
  • Fell free to add me as well. And anyone else in this post as well. I have 80 lbs that I am trying to get rid of and love seeing motivation and tips go across my page.
  • Always up for more friends and motivation. Anyone feel free to add me. I have a short term goal of 20 pounds by May and 80 by the end of the year.
  • I have Thyroid, kidney and POS issues that make dropping weight difficult so can understand the struggle. I know it's really difficult to stay positive and not get discouraged but you can do it. Take a few minutes every day to relax and breathe and focus your mind on good thoughts. It will help you get through the rough…
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  • I finally got my Garmin to work again after a little mud and water issue. Currently don't have any connections to feel free to add me. I could use a challenge or two. :)
  • There are lots of free apps for the phone as well as training tips on youtube and internet. Stick with the more known ones like Also if you can't afford weights etc for home sand, bags, and duct tape work. Fill plastic bags up with the desired weight then tape the whole thing, you can even make yourself a…
  • Rebooting myself to get in shape for OCR season after some major health setbacks. Could definitely use some friends for motivation and to help keep me on track. I'm pretty active in Spartan/Tough Mudder etc type of races and just started a 12 week training program with my new performance gym to go from fun racer to…
  • Have you spoken with your doctor or talked to them before starting? I highly reccomend it. I have 75 pounds to lose and have two bad kness and surgery on my ankle twice. I wanted to cry when I started Insanity and the first week couldn't do all the exercises. It is very frustrating so I understand your pain literally. Work…