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    ah, the lost boys method. love it
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    thank you, hugs and well wishes back to you <3 we're both just glad it's not as serious as last time. we…
  • cold times always feel like roasted sides season for me! i love roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, brussel sprouts, or zucchini/yellow squash as a side. for brussel sprouts in particular i love letting them marinate in a balsamic glaze for a fe…
  • might i remind you all that gracie
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    thank you, and that's okay questions are fine! i half meant my comment as an unspoken AMA anyway. ;)

  • as of this week i'm officially a two-time covid haver. this time it's mild at least, but i have zero appetite and it's making my eating disorder want to act up. in Coronavirus prep Post by cosmiqrecovery November 2020
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    i've made a chocolate protein shake with black beans and it definitely worked! i did use chocolate protein powder in mine but op you could probably get a similar result using a chocolate plant milk of choice.
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    let's pretend you're arguing in good faith for a second. the point of wearing a mask is to protect others from catching your sickness. it's a basic common courtesy in other parts of the world already to wear a mask if you have to g…
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    ah i thought i might have heard it eventually escalates, thanks. guess that does leave room for the people who genuinely do forget one to have a couple strikes, but by the third time plus you're definitely clowning.
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    living proof right here. it was a nightmare and i still don't feel 100% myself over four months later. :\
  • i have the same problem, especially when live college classes are in session and i'm out of the house twelve hours a day. trick for me is really to never leave without at least a snack on hand. i keep my work fridge stocked with sandwich supplies in…
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    it was probably the most they could get anyone to agree on. a slap on the wrist that the karens can just walk off. plenty of people out here still think it's all a hoax to undermine the president or force them to be microchipped or…
  • beets! all parts of the beet too, if you're ignoring the greens you're missing out.
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    $200???? wow it's like they actually want there to be consequences for bad behavior. my city's fine is a whopping $9.
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    same as it ever was, same as it ever was, etc.
  • if i'm out, i wear one. it's easy plus it's fashionable imo, i coordinate my masks with my outfits like ties. my city where i live mandates it, but the town i work in doesn't, and it's bonkers to me that i hear people at work talk about how afraid t…
  • 1-2 black coffees 🥴 i'm on another IF trip and my mornings are the least demanding part of my day, so my first meal is usually around 11am. i figure i can have breakfast foods any time of day at my big age.
  • my mom is in her late sixties and still insisting she flies out for my birthday in july. it's the only thing she has left to look forward to, she keeps saying, and if i try to dissuade her she acts like i'm telling her she's not welcome here. i keep…
  • i keep a box in my car as an emergency breakfast/lunch, i just wish they had more protein (or that i hadn't eaten every flavor of builders bar into the ground). the new coffee shop flavors are nice as a pick-me-up since they have an espresso shot's …
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    god this is so twisted, whatever happened to not giving into the demands of terrorists?
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    i can't speak to your first question because i'm not stupid enough to go running back to the restaurant scene (as much as i'd kill to just sit on my favorite bar's patio and have a beer and a burgy), but to your second question, no…
  • hello i'm back from my fight with the rona, let's never do that again. my dad's also doing much better. called into work this morning to tell them i'm on the mend only to have just caught my boss on his way out because surprise, they're shutting dow…
  • things tightened up over the last day in oklahoma. community college finally caved and told us we'd be switching to online classes for two weeks after spring break. got several e-mails from my state health insurance about what to do if i have it, bu…
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    that's so sweet about your husband. my fiance's the same way, very much an "if i die i die" mentality (which is probably easier for an almost-30-year-old to say). i hope it's just a cold or something mild for you. in Coronavirus prep Post by cosmiqrecovery March 2020
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    thanks, yeah if a mid-sized city only has enough test kits to get through two basketball teams... man, i don't even know what to say to that. can't imagine what our infection numbers would be if we were testing at the rates of sout…
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    i'm sitting here waiting for the ax to drop on the mcr reunion tour even if it's six months from now. sure as *kitten* hope this mess doesn't go on that long.
  • my dad went back to the hospital yesterday. treatment stopped working, breathing trouble started back up, had to get another nebulizer and stronger pneumonia medicine. he specifically asked the doctor to test him for covid19. doctor told him he coul…
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    honestly i'm not sure. i'm stuck at work so i haven't been with him in the hospital, just receiving updates by text. he's been the most paranoid person in my family about it though, so i'm sure he would have asked unless the price …
  • that level of restriction would send my eating disorder back into overdrive. scratch that, it has -- i got on board the intermittent fasting train for about a month, which is so saturated with keto mindset that i couldn't help absorbing some of thei…
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    update: so thankfully oklahoma is still (that we know of) coronavirus-free. my dad was let out a few minutes ago with an upper respiratory infection, apparently caught just in time before it became pneumonia. i'm sure corona fears …