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Face mask or no face mask?



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    If I were to walk to the dog park here, I wouldn't assume no one would come near me, and especially on the walk over there would be times it would be hard to social distance and if I ran into someone I knew much easier to stop and talk for a minute if we both had masks on.

    Many people would probably pull the mask down when somewhere where social distancing was not a problem, even in that situation, but many remember all the warnings about not touching it/your face.
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    Reading through this thread... I have a confession to make. The last time I had any brush with biology of any kind was nearly half my life ago as part of a general education class. And I didn't do too well because memorization isn't my thing.

    In short, I don't have the right to an opinion on the effectiveness of preventive medical measures. I'm boring like that :/
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    Gisel2015 wrote: »
    amart4224 wrote: »
    For the past few months I've only been going to parks or nature areas, the dog park, and around my own property so there hasn't been a reason to wear a mask. I get my groceries via curbside pickup. There is one guy who shows up to the dog park in mask and gloves and gets some pretty weird looks, but hey, if it makes him feel safer then more power to him.

    He isn't wearing it to make himself feel safe. I can not believe there still are people who just don't get the concept. He's gearing up to keep YOU safe.

    Thanks, I was ready to post the same thing. People don't get it!! Not wonder we are in such a big mess.

    How stupid is that? You wear a mask so if you are infected you don't pass the virus around. Now, everyone that he was in contact with has to be tested and probably quarantine.

    "Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, had tested positive for the virus. Gohmert told CNN in June he would only wear a mask if he contracted the virus."

    And he went back to his office after testing positive to tell his staff about the test results, still without wearing a mask. Unlike many other members of Congress, he required all his staff, including interns, to work in the office, "to set an example about how to reopen safely," and staff who chose to wear masks were berated.

    Oh, and I forgot: Rep. Gohmert sleeps in his office when he's in Washington. So he was asking staff to come work in the 24-hour living space of someone who won't wear a mask, and giving them a hard time if they chose to wear a mask.
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