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Face mask or no face mask?

claireychn074 Posts: 979 Member
Hot topic which seems to get everyone riled!

I have been wearing a mask for ages, before the UK made in mandatory in shops. I will also use one in the gym; I’m asthmatic and get dreadful hay fever so I’ve frequently used face coverings when exercising outdoors. Not the most comfortable thing but no biggie to me.



  • scarlett_k
    scarlett_k Posts: 809 Member
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    I'm in the UK too and have been wearing one if I've had to go into a shop or other enclosed space with people outside of my household. Not that I've been doing that very much at all if I can help it! I was pretty disappointed hardly anyone else was doing it. Glad they're finally legislating it and, from a very brief trip to B&Q earlier, people are actually taking notice.
  • bmeadows380
    bmeadows380 Posts: 2,983 Member
    panda4153 wrote: »
    As others have said I wear a mask in the places it’s mandated or in crowds. The jury is still out for me on if they are truly effective, but regardless of that, I know that it scares a lot of people to see someone without. It it no way infringes on me to wear one of for nothing else then to be kind and respectful of other people in my community. I could also make the argument that it’s better to wear one and not need it, then need it and not have it on.

    ^^This Since it's mandated, I will wear one where the mandate dictates one should be worn - stores, crowded areas where people cannot properly social distance, etc. Otherwise, I don't wear one. I live in very rural area so I rarely if ever pass anyone while on a walk, and there is plenty of room to distance when I do. I am working from home at the moment, and when I do go back to the office, I will wear one where necessary but not in my office because its a fully enclosed room with a door that I can shut and not a cubicle. The company has integrated to mostly TEAMS conference meetings which eliminates the need for face to face meetings in small meeting rooms, but if I find myself in a situation where I need to be in such a meeting or a in person training class, I would wear one in that situation.

    I agree that while there is still a lot of questions on whether they truly are effective, it certainly doesn't hurt to wear them, and agree that I'd rather wear one and find that it isn't effective after all than refuse to wear one only to find out later that they are effective and I've exposed myself or someone I care about because of my foolish stubbornness.
  • gallicinvasion
    gallicinvasion Posts: 1,012 Member
    I always wear one when I’m inside any place that’s not my own home. Ditto in crowded outdoor places. When outside and able to stay away from people, I don’t wear one.
  • glassyo
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    I wear one when going into stores or public places, I'll have it on my face (but not over my mouth and nose) when out walking in case I come near other people but most are good about social distancing. If I see someone coming towards me that's not moving over (I try not to veer unless someone's walking a dog), I'll whip that mask up over the rest of my face.

    I don't in my car or at work but we don't work with the public.
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