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Face mask or no face mask?



  • 4legsRbetterthan2
    4legsRbetterthan2 Posts: 19,557 MFP Moderator
    In public and at work yes. I am also rural so I don't wear one when I run, I have never passed by anyone running the roads near my house. Not sure I would go to the busy, local park I like and run right now though.
  • threewins
    threewins Posts: 1,276 Member
    edited July 2020
    Back in mid March I bought some wool and a sewing kit to make some cloth masks. However the lockdown was going so well and my lack of sewing skills meant I never got around to making them. Occasionally I see someone wearing a mask but since it's been months since anyone died here most people don't bother.

    Asians are more likely to wear masks by my observations, both this year and previously. At the peak of lockdown about 1/4 of people were wearing masks at the supermarket.
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