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  • Yep! Thank you for this information. Some people don’t look at facts. They point to the less than 1% chance scenario and try to pass that off as a common occurrence or significant somehow. Ridiculous. Vaccines work, period.
  • Yeah I have tried the warm showers and everything and I also set my alarm and pump every 3 hours even in the middle of the night. I get about a teaspoon or two of milk a day at most. Not sure what’s wrong. It is very discouraging.
  • Hi! Thanks for your reply! I’m not actually restricting right now. I am trying to breastfeed so am doing my best to eat well and hydrate. I am on day 9 and no milk yet. My initial weight loss was probably water and baby weight. Anyone else take forever for their milk to come in?? I have been doing teas, lactation cookies,…
  • Nope, I have had to ask. I was having trouble losing weight (always have) so asked about it and despite having my weight in the chart, she always looked at me and said I don’t look overweight. All of my doctors have said this even though my weight has hovered around 140 lbs at 5’0” tall for years. I was 125 lbs for a while…
  • Very few vaccinated people have had side effects and the few that do, they are short term. Many have died from the Covid virus itself and many have been saved from hospitalization and death due to the vaccine.
  • Your body does not need a cleanse or detox. Our liver and kidneys do that. Do not do this fad thing as it could be dangerous.
  • Hi! I just had my first baby on 07/17/2021. I am so in love with him. These body changes are all new to me. I am barely getting milk so not breastfeeding yet, although am trying. Height: 5’0” Age: 39 Starting weight: 145 Weight before delivery: 172 Current weight as of 07/23/21: 154 My goal weight is 120 lbs.
  • What is your height and weight? The most common reasons for cholesterol being high are genetics, being overweight, and diet (not in order). Since being on keto, have you lost weight? Do you know what your cholesterol levels were before keto? Generally speaking, animal fat and palm oils are bad for cholesterol. Healthy fats…
  • I knew a vegan who wasn’t supplementing B12 and became deficient. I have also known a few with iron deficiency. However, I know many vegans and most don’t have these issues. Most patients I see in the ER with anemia are people with a regular diet, by far. I was almost entirely plant based for a while and didn’t have any…
  • I believe grade 2 sprains don’t require surgery although if it bothers you after 2 weeks you should see an Orthopedist and ask them.
  • Unvaccinated people should absolutely be denied entry to certain places and should be required to mask up in public.
  • It is the same at my job, in the hospital. We still wear masks but prior to Covid we were highly suggested to get the flu vaccine every year. People had the option to opt out but if so they have to wear a mask from October to March. This is very reasonable. The vaccinated ones have proof of vaccination on our badges.
  • Exactly!
  • You just ask for proof and the patron shows it or can wear a mask if they choose. I don’t get forcing a mask mandate on people who are not spreading Covid. The problem is all of these people who refuse vaccination. The pandemic would be over if everyone who could be vaccinated had done so by now. The worst part is that…
  • Here in the US, it was some number like 90+% people with current Covid infection were unvaccinated. Even the few vaccinated people who still catch other strains are very unlikely to spread it to others, and almost no chance if they have no symptoms according to data. So, it makes no sense to force masks on the vaccinated…
  • But that’s not what people are suggesting. The unvaccinated should already be wearing masks. If someone asked me for proof of vaccination then I would happily show them.
  • They ask for proof of vaccinations to enroll children in public school so this is no different. No one is forcing anyone to get vaccinated but if you’re not, businesses can require a mask. What makes no sense is requiring vaccinated people to wear a mask because they don’t want to treat people differently. But,they are…
  • There is absolutely no data to suggest that the vaccine harms people with autoimmune disorders but nothing can ever be proven 100%. If you’re waiting for some 100% guarantee it will never happen. One thing that is known for sure is that any reaction from the Covid virus itself is more severe than from any of the vaccines…
  • There is such a thing as showing proof of vaccination. They should start doing that.
  • Yea and that is why they need to mask up. They are spreading it to each other. It is not the vaccinated people spreading Delta around for the most part.
  • But, i am a water sign and was a marine biology major so I can’t stay away. 😊🐠🐬
  • Yeah and the unvaccinated will get sick. That’s on them if they don’t want to get vaccinated or wear a mask. The vaccinated can show our cards.
  • Oooh how did you do with the brown recluse bite?? You sound like me. I’m always in nature and have been bit by a fish, stung by a school of jellyfish, and got my hand impaled by a sea urchin. Lol.
  • I live just outside LA and am a healthcare provider and feel the mask mandate is ridiculous for vaccinated people. New cases are overwhelmingly being found in the unvaccinated and it has been proven that vaccinated people don’t transmit the virus much. The unvaccinated should be masking, not the vaccinated if they don’t…
  • Aww man, hope you feel better soon!
  • Thank you very much! ❤️
  • Aww I’m sorry. It is a shame when families make things so difficult on a couple. I have heard a lot of stories from friends and coworkers about problems with in laws. Most of these couples are same race couples. I know many mixed raced couples that seem really happy. I’m sure some have problems too but I wouldn’t use that…