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    Just in time for winter JACKIE! My African Violet is finally on the way out. I've had her for 30 years and inherited her so don't know how old she actually was. She grew to gigantic cabbage like proportions at her best. Time to look for a new "baby". The spot and huge pot look so sad without her.

    I've decided to try and live my final years more normally. For 22 working years I had to be risen by 6am at the latest. Simply couldn't break the habit in retirement. I have to still get up at 5:30 for Jillys pee break but instead of staying up I've gone back to bed and slept until 7. I've done this for three days now and awoke to a red sky today. Then, instead of endless porridge I've just consumed two rashers of bacon, one fried egg and two small toasts and marmalade! Feel as if I'm living in Downton Abbey!

    Her ladyship is now off for a bath.

    "Lady" Anne. 🍳🥓☕️🛀🏾🙃🐶❤️
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    Good morning.

    Jackie, I cannot believe they sent one gent to do all that work. But at least work has commenced. Wahoo. To George, behave little one. ☺️

    Anne, I like the attitude! Lady Anne with toast and marmalade. Your breakfast items sound like things Jilly might want you to share with her. I am sorry about your gigantic violet. Did you try to root a leaf before her passing?

    I am still fussing with ink colors. So I think I will set it aside for a little while. I am making no progress.

    Yesterday I had a call from my friend with dementia. She had not called me for months. I wasn’t at the phone when she called so she left me a message. I called her back and she had already forgotten she had just called me. We spent a lot of time on the phone. She did remember that there was a bonfire party at her house Saturday evening. That must have made quite an impression. 🍁🍁🔥🔥🍂🍂

    I have no Barry Manilow history to share. It sounds as if Jean, Bob and Jackie were genuine fans.

    Sandy, I am sorry there is illness in your extended family. I hope Babe is okay. Trying to stay in touch is a real burden for you. ❤️❤️

    Patsy, I do believe Katie has two very accommodating humans at her beck and call. I saw an article about a local shoe store in Astoria hanging on through all this upset. Local merchants do have to be very clever to make a go of it, especially with governmental entities changing the rules of operation over and over. I drove through our little historic shopping area yesterday and traditionally many businesses are open on Sunday but closed on Monday. It looks as if that has changed. Many businesses were open and people were out shopping and having lunch. They are trying to adapt.

    Time to move along.

    Oh, a morning teapot. Not mine but one posted on Facebook. It has the same shape as one of my mother’s teapots. It is a Hall pot and I love the color.


    Please stay safe.

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    Happy Tuesday! :) A beautiful day today which is good since I am sitting later. I have self diagnosed myself with IBS and have decided to stop drinking coffee for now. I had some green tea today even though I don't feel awake without my coffee. I also have decided to stop drinking wine since these are all triggers. I can't have dairy either so my body seems to be going through some changes as I age. I am losing weight but would prefer a different way.
    I did try to call Buzz yesterday but got no answer, I will try again today. I also called a friend who I hadn't talked to in more than 5 years to wish her a happy birthday yesterday. She answered asking who is this and after she recognized my voice I asked how she was and she said how the hell do you think I am at 92. She then proceeded to tell me she was still angry with me for an incident I have no memory of, but I did apologize even without remembering.
    It was an odd but interesting conversation. We were really good friends when I lived in her neighborhood during my first marriage. Time goes on.

    Lin, seeing your tea pots I am using my tea pot with the whistle to make my tea. I don't have a brewing pot, just put the tea bag in my cup and mix it up. lol Thanks for the well wishes for my bil.

    Lady Anne, I think it is great that you want to live your life anyway you like, something I think we should all do but with caution with the pandemic. I sometimes at night watching TV in bed think why can't I stay up as long as I want to watch TV but I really don't want to sleep the next day away. What ever makes us happy especially at this time of our life is what we should do.
    You are indeed a ladyship.

    Jackie, good luck with the greenhouse, I hope he is able to get it done today. I hope you are able to get a walk in and don't be lifting anything heavy to help this young man.

    Patsy, you do make me laugh with your description of you and John. Sounds like a perfect marriage to me, especially with all the snuggles and loving.

    I have two calls to make and still haven't done my ballot. Have a good day.

    One Day at a Time
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    Just got off the phone with Buzz, I finally reached her on her cell phone although she said I didn't give her enough time to answer the other phone. She is doing well, just moving slow and wants to thank everyone for their calls and well wishes, she really appreciates them.
    One Day at a Time
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    Thanks for a good laugh this afternoon SANDY. I'm referring to the friend who, when asked how she was, responded "how the hell do you think I am at 92". I wonder what you did to her 5 years ago? Nothing wrong with her memory apparently.

    There's a rumour going around here that Harry, his missus and the boat may be selling up and moving "up North" in the spring to where they sprung from. Too bad he chopped the pretty lilac tree down for the less than lovely boat.

    Tony's home after a two week stay in the hospital.

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    [Had issue with MFP this morning and couldn’t get into “Community” or post – looks like they fixed it after I emailed… heading out now – but this is what I was posting this morning and luckily saved before the issue.] :)

    Going to be a gorgeous day today. Actually the best weather expected between now thru Friday. Might hit 70. Jean changed plans with a friend she was to meet tomorrow (with 50% chance of rain) so she is heading to Skaneateles this morning.

    Gym completed…lots of plans in my head for today….getting out for fresh air, cleaning, reading, shopping etc. Already prepared lunch “early” this morning -- Bell Peppers, Red Onion, Broccoli Florets, Skinless chicken thighs, Spaghetti Squash, Riced Cauliflower, Tomato, and Parsley… Just need to add some heat later.


    Barbie – Thanks for the Anniversary wishes. Going to grab all the years I can… Happy Iris planting!

    Anne – You nailed it on the temperament. I was only a “teen” the 1st go-around and came from a different kind of upbringing (parents kissed/hugged etc.) with a mother that had been dying of cancer for a few years. Like you – it took a while (few years) for everything to work itself out. My ex married the next door neighbor and I met Jean etc.
    Neither Jean nor I are screamers, door slammers etc. We have our own opinions and express them, but most of the time we are in agreement. We both like and are accepting of people “as they are.” We enjoy being with others and alone time. We never keep score about who does what. She “thinks” she got a good deal and I “know” I come out ahead. Glad all is well for you. Life is far too short. My daughter got it right the first time. She and her husband are as tight as ever. They are unbelievable parents to 3 kids (all kind, respectful and love each other). We are always amazed.

    Lin – that tea set screams – Fall has arrived!

    Sandy – It wasn’t until you asked the question that I really thought about weight stages during marriage to a great extent. When I married Jean I was 235 lbs. and now weigh 165 lbs – so I am 70 lbs less than when we married! I haven’t been 165 since early yrs of high school.

    You’re right that Jean and I love being married to each other… If you read between the lines I wrote to Anne, you’ll no doubt understand there is a lot more to the “old story” before Jean … but now, I only look forward.

    Jackie – There was a time, I didn’t brag about being a Manilow fan…and he is getting along in years. (Mathis, Righteous Brothers and Rolling Stones were my absolute fav.). Most have no idea of all the sales records Manilow has broken and other accomplishments. His concerts were awesome. Weekend in New England, Even Now and Mandy are my top 3 fav songs. LOVE THE TV PIC… LOL

    Off to enjoy the day! Best to all. Bob
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    A very sunny day. Mild and our trees are turning. Autumn is funny here. We have all this foliage but we don’t get the bright yellows and oranges and russet reds in the autumn. Mostly the leaves turn a slight yellow and drop off in showers of leaves. Pretty but I remember the aspens in Colorado. Wow! That would just knock you over, it was so beautiful.

    I groomed Katie yesterday. It was exhausting. She ended up with a very short clip job. She will concentrate very hard and start squirting out lots of curly locks for me to comb and brush. I believe she has already started! There are still some tufts of hair that need trimming. I will have to cut them when I brush her weekly. The daily stab at brushing is a hit or miss kind of thing.

    People in their nineties have the right to be unreasonable as well as adorable. I have friends in both categories. I will say that attitude of ageism becomes more evident with each birthday. Our son is 50 and he said that in his business, he is considered a real grandpa. Because he does almost all of his commercials and movie special effects etc by internet, people have no idea he is that old. There is a constant nasty attitude about oldies on the computer. He laughs and never confesses his age. Hollywood is run by 20 year olds with little or no education. Our son says it is quite shocking how he has to dumb-down his vocabulary when he is on the phone or computer. At the gallery where I show upon occasion (now) I have replaced my artist statement so it does not reflect my age.

    I actually have no complaints. I want to hang around as long as possible and not be in pain or Be a pain to anyone.

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    Young Dan didn’t manage to finish erecting my greenhouse by 5.30 but has an overnight booked at a local hotel and will be back in the morning. At one point he asked how much shelving I had ordered and when I said I couldn’t remember because that was nearly a year ago he told me a lot of customers tell him the same story. In a funny way I feel better knowing I wasn’t the only one going through all the delays. I did check the invoice and there should only be one shelf so too many were placed in the van; not enough brackets though, not that I wanted another.

    The dogs had a short walk at one point but after that I had to keep them in because there were sharp tools, nuts and bolts on the floor of the greenhouse. When I walked with them I noticed a large fence at the far end of our track waving about in the wind about to collapse and block the way through so once home I got together with my neighbour and we managed a temporary job of propping it up out of the way. We do laugh at some of the antics we seem to have to get up to!

    Oh dear Sandy, sounds like your friend has too long a memory but really, fancy carrying that anger all that time. Will you phone her again? I’m not sure I would!
    I hope you have success with dropping coffee, wine and milk from your diet. Wine I can live without but like you, I need my coffee first thing. A little tip when making tea of any sort, leave the bag to seep in the hot water rather than swirling it around or squeezing it. That will avoid any bitterness or nasty dregs ending up floating about. I’m glad you caught up with Buzz and thanks for keeping us up to date. I’d better phone too before she moves.

    Haha Lady Anne, all you need is a maid to run a hot bath and cook that breakfast! As for Harry, sometimes it’s better the devil you know although I’m guessing a new neighbour couldn’t be much worse.

    A gorgeous teapot Lin and wonderful colour. Busy, busy card making. Difficult to chat with a dementia sufferer on the phone and know what’s real. Did your friend imagine that bonfire party? I suppose it doesn’t really matter one way or another.

    Katie definitely has you both wrapped around those big paws Patsy. Of course George and Betty don’t have me at their beck and call!!

    Time to chill, feet up, fire glowing and an interesting documentary about ground breaking surgery.

    Take care everyone and continue to take Covid seriously. 🥰

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    Smashing greenhouse JACKIE. Can I move in, me and Jilly and what do you charge in rent?

    Good advice on tea making for SANDY and I would add, do invest in a teapot love. Tastes so much better from a teapot AND elegant.

    BOB. So your ex married the next door neighbour? Mine married the stage hand he was handling back stage whilst I pranced around on stage as Aladdin. Drama at the time but actually rather funny these days. To be honest, unless I'm being stung by bees, groaning with now gone sciatica, having teeth pulled out, etc etc life today is very mellow and placid. Couldn't be more content.
    No socks to wash either except mine. Big Plus!

    I've got to the stage that I quite enjoy being oooooold! You can get away with murder when you are old. Milk it for all its worth. People ask how you are, they don't really want to know but you can ramble on and on emphasizing every ache and creaky joint. To be honest I haven't a favourite age, they've all been fun and even the bad times had amusing moments.

    Mark and Mary Jo showed up to measure my windows for new blinds. Muffled to the eyebrows in masks their voices were muffled as well. Scared they could have contacted the virus because DIL Bev is a teacher in five different schools and they don't want to pass anything on to ancient "vulnerable"
    Anne. 👸🏼🐶❤️
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    Morning teapot. Odd one really. Too shiny for me.


    Waiting for my grocery order. Sadly many of my items were unavailable this morning (just ordered them last evening and they were in stock) so they slapped a delivery charge on as well as the tip. 🥺

    Jackie, love the greenhouse. ❤️❤️ Hope you have no fences to prop up today. Oh and yes, the bonfire was a real thing. I was invited to the Saturday night event but didn’t go. So the mind is complex. It was very unusual for her to remember something like that.

    Anne, if indeed Harry is going to sell he isn’t trying to make the place look the best if he doesn’t paint and fix up the side of the house you must look at. Maybe it is just talk.

    Sandy, I am sorry you have many foods to avoid. When my celiac was diagnosed, I had lots of things to give up and/or find substitutes for. I use nothing but plant milks now and I am fine with them but giving up all dairy was very difficult initially. People with celiac are advised to give up dairy as most cannot tolerate it and it causes more digestive problems. I was also to give up coffee and I cut back from time to time but I have not given that up 100%. 😊 So best wishes.

    Patsy, good luck in getting the bits of Katie’s coat that didn’t get evened out. I am sure she will not make it easy.

    And who said Buzz is moving? I haven’t heard that. I would call her today but I am to meet a friend this afternoon and have tasks and errands this morning.

    Barbie, I see more planting in your future but it will be lovely next year. What type of Iris did you plant? I love them. My favorites were tall bearded but we had some Siberian Iris as well.

    Bob, good looking food. Happy times for you and Jean.

    I think my groceries may have been delivered.

    Best wishes. 🙋🏼‍♀️


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    A quick good morning to all…gym is done…weather ok now but forecast says: “Very windy; morning rain, then a shower and thunderstorm around; winds will be locally damaging”

    Going to get cleaned up and then head out this morning for…. Drum roll…. Our flu shots!

    Whoa Jackie – What an awesome greenhouse!! I’d love something like that, but would have to plan a tiny corner space for my chair for moments of solitude and contemplation LOL. You even make “chilling” sound great with a fire glowing and documentary. I often wonder what my teachers in high school would think…as an adult, I am always interested in documentaries about nature, discoveries and biographies – not sure they’d remember me like that.

    Anne – Life can be hysterical… You said it all: “Drama at the time but actually rather funny these days.” With 3 grandchildren etc (holidays, school plays, birthdays etc) we all see each other often…and I consider myself blessed with how things are today. You and I have identical perspectives! I simply don’t allow drama into my life much. I listen to friends/relatives in time of need, but don’t try to “solve” their issues. Too many years of seeing – people do what they want to do in the end and react the way they want to react. Some dust themselves off, others “even years later” seem to enjoy martyrdom. Sometimes, you have to go thru a lot of discomfort to get to the other side – but it is so much better.

    Bye for now. Bob
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    Happy Wednesday! :) Another beautiful day here which makes me want to do some errands.
    I have groceries to pick up later, still looking for a drop box for my ballot,(might just take to post office and hand deliver) dollar tree for a couple of things, possibly get my car washed and possibly will go for my flu shot. (just hope I get no reactions) I will let you know how many I actually get done.
    So I can't give up coffee, I tried but I can't. I will limit myself and watch everything else but I was dragging all day yesterday and today with just one cup I feel great. So far, so good so my guess is that wine is the worst culprit and I was enjoying one or two glasses a night. The good thing is without wine I am down to my goal weight as of today. Will see if that holds until Friday. Thanks for bearing with me, I know I am a whiner. (not winer)

    Bob, today must be a flu shot day, my other friend is also going for hers. Have a great day.

    Lin, I am sorry about your grocery order missing items. I just got an email from Walmart they are out of two items. I can wait on them so will try again next week. Like you I cannot give up my coffee and will hope it doesn't bother me. Keep tuned. lol Buzz might be moving to another room closer to friends and the dining room. She will let us know but is trying to keep her cell phone on to receive calls. If you need that number let me know.

    Anne, please don't talk about murder, if something happens mysterically to Harry I might have to report you. (jk) I am glad to hear that Mark and Mary Jo take precautions with you, they sound like smart people. Since both my daughter and DIL drink tea maybe I will take your suggestion and get them a tea pot to brew their tea.

    Jackie, love, love, love the new green house. I agree with Anne, pretty enough to live in. I am not sure I will phone my friend again, especially when I don't know why she was so angry.
    Something about candy and not believing her, I was baffled. Thank you for the tea hint, but I just can't do it. The next time I have a sore throat I will definitely do it your way.

    Patsy, I agree about people in their 90's. Visiting Joe most days who is 97 I hear the same stories over and over. I just nod and let him tell them, it gives him pleasure especially about his army days. I did try to be as nice as I could to the phone friend and hope she really accepts my apology, we were very close at one time.

    Well if I want to get all those errands done I better move. Have a great and safe day.
    One Day at a Time
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    Flu vaccination took a few hours… Went to Kinney’s Rx (advertises that during pandemic no appt required for flu shot. They were out. Tried a 2nd Kinney – also out. Went to Wegmans Rx & they were out – told us to try the end of Oct. Called Walgreens – they just recd’ a batch... we were there in 3 min. and after the paperwork it was only a 45 min wait. Lots of people… One of those funny moments when you look around and realize – everyone waiting was between 65 to late 80’s. Then again the batch they rec’d was the stronger one for over age 65. LOL


    Right now the weather has turned – the wind is howling while it thunders and the rain is coming down hard. Jean just came into the room and said “It looks like the Wizard of Oz out there!”

    Sandy – And a Happy Wednesday to you too! Hope you remain reaction-free from flu shot and that everything you want grocery-wise is available. You said “So I can't give up coffee” – NO WAY could I either. There are many things I have changed in my diet…but coffee STAYS!

    Just realized I haven’t eaten any lunch and it’s 2:30pm – time to remedy the situation


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    My Wednesday is coming to a close and I’m relaxing by the fire having got quite wet earlier in the garden. The continuing greenhouse construction began before 9 and went off with the dogs for a 2 mile walk to the next village and back. It was bright and dry so an enjoyable stroll. Dan finished about 3pm and said the greenhouse looks perfect where it is and I have to agree, now it’s finally here I love it.

    Importantly Bob, there is definitely room for a chair so if there was someone I needed to get away from it could be a great bolt hole! I can’t wait for Spring when I can spend hours sowing seeds in trays while sipping a cup of tea.
    Documentaries tend to win over dramas for my viewing as there seems to be so much going on in the world I feel I should know about. I’m sure many past teachers would be amazed or hopefully think they didn’t do a bad job!

    Sandy, an ex boss of mine from the 80’s, now about 90, talks non stop about the past as if it was last week and I do the same as you, say the occasional yes, no and hmm noises over the phone. If you can find Moroccan mint tea it’s delicious and comforting in a warm way.

    Today’s teapot is what I’d call gaudy Lin which might be insulting if it’s gold plated! I think I said Buzz is moving because she told me she hoped to come out of the hospice into a room that will allow more independence.

    Anne, you can move in to my greenhouse whenever you want... a room with a view! Might be a bit draughty though unless you can hop on to the staging to sleep!

    Our latest Covid track and trace App tells me my postcode is in a medium risk area which surprises me. Must be a group of students staying somewhere!

    Enjoy the rest of Wednesday and stay safe. Up early tomorrow to receive a courier delivery of a sideboard purchased on eBay. It will have to sit in my garage until I get home from a morning hair appointment.
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    Sort of a lazy day here. Mainly talking on the phone. Oh and I ordered a fleecy zip up hoodie for chilly dog walking days from Roots, and it might be useful for when I move into JACKIES greenhouse if it's a bit draughty in there!

    I think the powers-that-be are getting paranoid about the corvid. The cases are rapidly rising, but most cases are in the mainly East Indian district of Toronto. We are concerned about Bev though who is a teacher flitting between five schools. We are advised to confine thanksgiving to just households with maybe adding one person/relative who lives alone. I think the best we can do this year is Mark, Mary Jo, Derek and Bev at their house and just me and Michael at my house. So sad, I so love our small family gatherings.

    Flu shots, I've never had one. I haven't had the flu since 1957 the year of the so called "Asian Flu". What to do this year? I'm sort of isolated so maybe not bother? My late cousin Val had a flu shot every year, and every year she still managed to be quite ill from flu.

    Sorry SANDY, I promise I won't murder anyone, just an expression, English I expect. This is the woman who doesn't stomp on anything, spiders etc tenderly carried outside. Harry COULD be on the move! He was scraping the rotting wood and paint off his side window this afternoon!
    Sorry I laughed when your friend said "how the hell do you think I feel at 92". It obviously hurt you, but it was her reaction that made me laugh. Mainly at myself because there are days I feel like saying the same. How odd that she could hold a grudge for five years, and it probably wasn't you in the first place.

    LIN, today's teapot is "not my cup of tea" either.

    BARBIE planting bulbs, BOB having needles poked in him, PATSY wielding scissors, KATIE running away? Quite a busy day for everyone........except me.

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    I got all my errands done except one birthday present that I don't need until next week and even that is a maybe. Bob I had to check my bandaid and sure enough I have one of those also. I took my ballot to the court house and put my ballot in their drop box. When I went to Walgreens for my flu shot they first told me they didn't have the booster but then the pharmacist said they had one more left. The tech who gave me the shot said they gave 80 flu shots yesterday. Jackie your greenhouse is absolutely beautiful. The coffee didn't bother me today so I think I can tolerate two cups. Making dinner so I can sit and watch the debate tonight which I think will be great.

    Have a great evening.
    One Day at a Time
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    :) I gave up alcohol when I was in my 30's and gave up coffee in 2009, I think I am healthier because of that. When I stopped drinking coffee, I did it gradually, drinking a little less each day until I was drinking none. Now all I drink is water. It's much simpler.

    :)Jackie, I love your greenhouse. I wouldn't want to live in it, but I'd love to be in there working on plants.

    :) I don't pay any attention to the news. Just keep on staying home except for essential shopping.

    :) Voter pamphlet came today so we expect our ballots to arrive soon. We have always voted by mail here in Washington. Actually we take our ballots to a drop box in a shopping center.

    :) We had a slight bump in the road with our new plan to order canned dog food online. After getting two orders, the food we like is out of stock so we've had to choose another flavor. A case of the new flavor will arrive tomorrow and we'll try it out on the dogs. If they like it, we'll order more.

    :) We watched the Great British Baking Show today. What a fun show to watch.

    <3 Barbie
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    The courier arrived on time which was amazing considering his long journey and the awful wet and misty weather, never helpful when driving across the moors. The sideboard is in my garage after the two of us lifted it out of his truck. At first I thought it was going to be easy as I took one end while he slid the other across the floor of the truck but once he lifted his end and climbed out its actual weight nearly flattened me! It's in the dry and out of the way although it means I have to park outside so will try to get help to bring it into the cottage in the next day or so.
    I walked the dogs round the block so we all got soaked.....again! Then it was a quick bowl of porridge before driving to the next town for my hair appointment so now I feel human once more. Not the best night's sleep and I feel like curling up on the sofa but the sun is doing its best to shine so I'll make the most and start moving items into the greenhouse that have been without a home for nearly a year.

    Personally I don't see the point of a flu jab when I'm still keeping my distance from the majority of folk and continuing to wear a mask. I'm thinking if I can keep Covid away with such tactics it should work fine against flu. Time will tell of course!
    Back later.
    Happy Thursday. :D
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    Ha! you've confirmed my thinking concerning flu jabs JACKIE. Most people I meet outside are on the other side of the road and we yell at each other. Not surprised your sideboard is heavy, mine is very heavy and even more so full of dinner service, matching tea set, wine glasses, decanters and Christmas booze. Not to mention table mats and cutlery in the two drawers. It would probably keep the house anchored if a tornado hit!

    We went for our morning sniff and stroll. Blue sky, red and yellow leaves, glorious, with a nip in the air. I can't wait to get the zip up sweat I ordered! I've noticed that my "wardrobe" is gradually changing as the old office clothes depart and much more casual clothes move in. Darn sight more comfy as well. I have two pairs of high heels I can't bear to part with, but doubt I'll ever wear again.
    I guess that's the secret entering the autumn/winter of ones years. Comfortable adaptation. Plus I'm actually liking the overshirts and jeans, sweat pants etc. Never really felt comfortable all dressed up!

    Michael drives a company car but after the previous lockdown he feels nervous losing it if the job closes down again. So he's found a used Mazda which looks in excellent condition, or so the manager of his repair shop tells him. He phoned Mike about it being a friend. Anyway, it's to be stored in my garage until needed so he and I will be sorting out the garage tomorrow and moving planters, pots, garden table and chairs, potting soil etc etc to the sides. Quite a lot in there so should keep us busy for a while.

    And that's my exciting life, apart from putting outside an enormous fly that the Bean cleverly pointed out to me.
    Anne 🙃💜🐶❤️

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    Just dropping by for a second. Back later.

    “Jennie Hale teapot”