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    Last Night's Workout - ended up getting home really late after my 2nd job and grocery shopping but still managed to get over to the gym for a quick 30 min workout so I could keep my 3x/wk streak. OHP felt heavy though, calories were good so I'm not sure what my issue was.

    Squat 70# 5x5
    OHP 40# 5x5
    DL 70# 1x5
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    SL - 6th week completed. I'm proud of myself.

    Squats - 5 x 5 x 115lbs. After a 3 miler yesterday, I definitely felt it on the first reps of squats but other than that I was fine. Will go up next week.

    OH - 5 x 5 x 50lbs. Hurray. Finished 50 lbs. and may stay on 50 next week because I felt my lower back arching.

    Deadlift - 1 x 5 x 155 lbs. Done. Wow, I lifted more than my weight.

    I did sneak in to a HIIT class for about 15 minutes and got a little cardio done plus a 1 minute plank. At class, all the 12 lb. dumbbells seemed so light now. LOL!! I kept up well with everyone and would you believe my burpees are better now than they were previous to SL?

    I didn't really bike to work this week because of rain and wind (call me a wuss) but I'll bike next week.

    Have a great weekend everyone.
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    This morning was fuuun! =D (I'm procrastinating dishes in order to write this now, lol. Day off yet I feel so busy!)

    Bench Press - decided to do a 5/3/1 set-up basing off of 90% of my past tested max (145lbs -> 130lbs) Sets looked like this:
    80x3 (warm-ups)
    122.5x6 (or 7. I actually lost count because I was expecting to hit a grinder on the 5th rep, if getting there at all. Whoops?)

    I felt so great about it I decided to go for a 1RM PR because I rarely bench these days and yea.
    135x1 smoooooth!
    145x1 was a bit more fidgety over this one as I was nervous about missing my previous 1RM. It was a little slow but not so much that I would call it in.
    150x1 BOOYA! I went in, found a good song on my phone (which took like a dozen skips and then I decided to just find one manually because random was giving me ALL the sappy songs I have on there xD) and decided not to overthink it. I actually got stuck about midway through and I had an inkling of doubt I would make it, but I gritted my teeth and pushed through. Very. Slowly. Grindiest rep of anything I've ever done. And it was a paused rep, too! 76% of my body weight, dudettes!

    Riding on the adrenaline from that I moved on to doing assisted pull-ups of various grips and ever increasing assistance. On a machine. From an assist of 80lbs x10 parallel grip to 120x8 chin-ups as fatigue built-up I got 6 or 7 sets and like 52 reps total.

    Then went in for some pendlay rows, 100x5, 105x5, 110x5 superset with side planks of 60+ seconds per round.

    3 sets of submax recline rows (10, 10, 12) with 25, 20, 20 hollow rocks

    And a few sets of 10 close grip lat pulldown superset with arnold Db presses. (55, 70, 85, 85 and 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5 lbs I think?)

    I'm feeling okay for now, but I expect major lat DOMS and some slight chest soreness tomorrow! lol

    150lbs bench press! SOOOO HAPPY! =D
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    Kroakdor - You are killing it with those BP's! You go, lady!!!

    Aaahhh yes...the OHP - ha!ha!

    Squat 85 lbs. 5x5
    Bench Press 65 lbs. 5/5/5/3 ugh - will stay at this till I can do 5x5
    BB Row 65 lbs. - I think I will up my weight next week

    Went in for my monthly Body Comp Analysis - since February (I skipped March), the stats are very close! Ugh! Apart from a very very slight fat decrease around my trunk and legs, a very slight increase in LBM, and decrease in TBW, everything else is the same!! Just a loss of 0.1 lb in BW :neutral:

    I suspect that perhaps I have been eating at maintenance? Will tweak the numbers a bit....I suspect the two glasses of wine per weekend may have something to do with it lol. Now that I am fully back into lifting, I hope to have made some progress by next month. Oh, and will add dips/chin ups...

    TGIF ladies!!
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    If I knew how, I'd be tempted to post a Wayne's World "we're not worthy" gif. heheh Nice bench pressing Krok!

    I did cardio today. C25k end of week 6, so 22 minute jog with some walking before and after. It started to rain at the end but overall, not too bad. Still have to focus on keeping my legs going during many of the songs but I make it through.

    Now to eat some protein.
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    Yesterday: 3 mile run with my dogs. Afterwards, I did the 'Bring Sally Up' challenge with thrusters. It sucked, in a good way.

    Today: workout B.
    Squats 5x5 at 150#. Felt ok. I'll bump up next week.
    OHP 7/6/6/5/5 at 75#. Felt weak on these, probably from the thrusters challenge yesterday.
    Deads 1x5 at 200#.

    Light Deads 3x5 at 135#.
    Cable rows 3x10 at 90 #.
    Glute bridge 3x12 at 35#.
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  • TravelsWithHuckleberry
    Hi everyone! So much good stuff happening here -- very impressive!

    I ended up skipping the gym yesterday in lieu of that thing called "class"! Oh, yeah, what are those again? I'm just sitting in on one this semester, so I don't actually have to do any of the work and didn't make it for a few weeks due to the thesis work. It kind of snuck up on my yesterday, so ended up doing that instead of gym. Then out for happy hour with a fellow thesis-writer and another friend for celebratory beers. It was totally worth it.

    I had a terrible case of the "I don't wanna!" today, but I forced myself to go to the gym. Maybe more out of boredom than anything else. Anyway, it went well and improved my mood a bit.

    Squats: 6x5 @ 95 lbs.
    - I'll continue moving up next week. Didn't want to overdo it today.
    - Did throw in an extra set though, just to push a little bit.
    - Really wish I had someone I really trusted to do a workout or three with me and talk about form. I feel like I'm where I need to be, but you just never know. And when I video myself, the angles and equipment are in just the wrong spots, so posting them here wouldn't even be that helpful.

    OHP: 5x5 @ 40 lbs.
    - Tried 45 lbs and it just wasn't happening. Shocker. I may never move up on this effing lift.
    - Did super sets with Good Mornings, 5x5 @ 45 lbs.

    Deadlifts: 1x5 @ 70 lbs., 3x5 @ 100 lbs.
    - The app suggested I deload to 70 lbs, so I gave it a try. WAY too light. So I bumped up to 100. Still too light, but rather than hunt down the 110 lbs. static barbell, I just did extra sets.
    - The deadlift corner was super crowded, the Oly bar was in use, then not, then was, so it was just easier to stack plates and use the permanent barbells. Not ideal, and I kind of don't "trust" those smaller barbells -- they're so much shorter in length, so balance is difference, etc. I'll probably start at 110 lbs. on the Oly bar next time and see how they feel.

    * Good Mornings: 5x5 @ 45 lbs. (super sets with OHP)
    * Super set Skull crushers / Bicep Curls
    - Skull Crushers: 3x12 @ 17.5 lbs. -- maybe a tad too light, but I couldn't find the 20 lbs. dumbbell.
    - Bicep Curls: 3x12 @ 10 lbs. -- Again, too light. Couldn't find the 12.5 lbs. bells. Grrr. My gym is messy.
    * Seated Dips: 2x12 @ 47.5 (each arm), 1x12 @ 45 lbs.
    * Converging shoulder press: 1x10 @ 20 lbs.
    - Hahaha. My shoulders were fried at this point!

    - I concentrate on my hips a lot -- they're so freaking tight! -- but also started doing more with my shoulders and arms. Need to increase mobility here.

    All in all a decent workout. Wish I'd gotten back 3x this week, but it is what it is. I'll get back to my regular schedule next week.

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    Workout A (Fri)

    Squats 1 x 5 - 165

    Squats 5 x 5 - 185

    Overhead Press, Barbell - 5 x 1 - 70

    Overhead Press, Barbell - 5 x 5 - 80

    Pendlay Row - 5 x 1 - 80

    Pendlay Row - 5 x 5 - 115

    Reverse Curl - 2 x 5 - 95

    Reverse Curl - 5 x 5 - 105

    Underhand Biceps Curl - 5 x 5 - 105

    Flat Dumbbell Fly - 5 x 10 - 40
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    krokador wrote: »
    150lbs bench press! SOOOO HAPPY! =D

    see . . . this. this is why this community is so much more than just a place for everyone to to check in and list off what we did individually. i got such a contact high off your achievement i'm sitting here laughing like a loon. loved getting the full story of how it came about too. thanks! i needed a boost like that today and you just provided it.

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    Shark week isn't going to stop me!

    Squats 5/4/3/5/5 210lbs - First time squatting 210lbs. I botched form here and saw on video right after my fail sets that my chest wasn't up. Fixed it for the last sets.

    OHP 5x5 75lbs - PR whoo hoo, got my goal of doing 75lb OHP this month! I had one more session to do it, I was little worried since I scraped by to 75lbs and last attempt I only was able to do 4 sets.

    Deadlift 1x5 195lbs - PR, damn that's heavy. My grip is in the toilet so I tried straps, which also made it ugly since the single strip of bulk made the bar worse to hold. I should really get a women's bar but that price tag especially since I had to buy some bumpers and a blender.
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    I finally went in and broke my inertia! Yay!! Haven't been in for about 2 weeks (guests, then sickness, then plain old inertia)

    Ice Cream Fitness A

    Squats 3x5,1x4,1x5@95. I should have deloaded more to 90 or even 85 but let's be totally honest - I went to 95 because I could stick a 25 on each side instead of multiple weights. Yeah I was THAT lazy. I paid the price too because this was brutal and as you can see, I failed a rep in set 4.

    OHP and good mornings 5x6@45. Deloaded as proscribed to the bar, but this was easy so I added a rep to everything.

    Deadlift 1x6@135. Deloaded weight. Was very easy.

    Bent-over rows 10% lighter day, went with 60. These were fine. 5x5

    Bicep bar curls 3x8 @30. These were VERY hard. Last rep of each set was almost a fail.

    Narrow grip bench 3x8@45 and hip popups 3x15

    Planks 2x60 sec and 30 sec on each side
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    Wicked cold this week and I am taking a break to recover. Hopefully I will be able to get back at it tomorrow.
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    Great lifting everyone.

    @threnjen - Yay! Welcome back to the gym. :wink:

    @mirrim52 - that is too bad. I hope you feel better soon.

    Will report back late tonight as I'm trying out day B in stage 3 tonight after work. It's supposedly easy compared to day A to the point people questioned its use in comparison. Will be interesting at least.
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    So I went and tried out the baseline workout for the SISM challenge. I'll be honest here: I stole the 8 min AMRAP from a program I did a while back so I'd done this before and the bodyweight grinder was slightly inspired by the Murph WOD, which I intend to try out on Memorial Day (even if we don't celebrate that here in canadia. Well, we do. On november 11th lol)

    8 min AMRAP of KB complex (20kg KB):
    - sumo deadlift x5
    - sumo high pull x5
    - ground to overhead x5
    - goblet squat x5

    Got 6 full rounds and 3 deadlifts (vs 6 rounds and 1 high pull the last time I did this with a 40lbs KB. 20kg is basically 45lbs. So hey, not bad!)

    For time:
    - 50 recline rows
    - 50 push-ups
    - 75 hollow rocks
    - 150 bw squats

    Finished this in 12:55. Basically scissored it into 10 rounds to avoid redlining and I think it paid off. Hoping to cut that down to 8 rounds for the re-test to cut down on transition time! The 150 squats might be a bit high compared to the rest of the volume, I might adjust it to 125 instead.

    400m run:
    I had a brain fart .01 mile away from getting the distance the first time around becaue in my head the treadmill was counting meters and not fractions of miles. So around 2:10 I stopped and was like "what the hell my time was sooo slow?!" and while I was recovering I had that face palm moment (Oh, I should've been running to .25, not .4. Gah! No wonder!) So I tried again:
    1:56! PR! Best time to run a strict 400m on the treadmill ever! imagine if I'd gone in fresh! lol

    Plank hold: 90 seconds -- I was a sweaty, headachy, hungry mess by this point but I really wanted my minute and a half. I then proceeded to lay face down in my sweat for a good minute before packing it in.

    Overall happy with this workout! It's definitely going to be a change for the ladies that are used to only doing 5x5, but it's very feasible and there's this rush of accomplishment that comes from doing stuff you know is different/hard that you just can't get by staying in your comfort zone. Everyone should give it a try! ;) *hint hint nudge nudge*

    @awkwardsoul have you tried doing mixed grip on the deadlifts? Also, using straps can be tricky, maybe you're just not setting them up properly. Cuz the point of having them is to transfer most of the grip work over to your wrists. If it really is an issue though (and I think it is considering you are squatting more than you deadlift), they have a thing called strap hooks which do a similar thing but without having to wrap the sdtuff around the bar. Looks like this (I used the first link in google)

    Might be cheaper than a new bar! Also, consider chalk/liquid grip if you haven't already. That's also pretty cheap and chalk is not as messy as some people make it seem to be.

    Alright, now that I've had a quest bar, it's time to go shower and get this day started!
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    MalineVD wrote: »
    First week of SL 5x5 is done diddly done!

    Squats: 5x5 55 lbs
    benchpress: 5x5 45 lbs (I repeated this weight until I feel good with my form doing bench. Same for OHpress)
    Barbell row: 5x5 55 lbs

    I absolutely loved my first week. I didn't mind getting up at 6am, to be in the gym at 7am. Actually enjoyed this rhythm a lot. Also ate really good and slept really good this week (sleep is something I have serious troubles with).

    Squats, deadlifts and rows felt good. Benchpress and overhead presses not at all. I'm going to be much slower in increasing weight with these, because I want my form to be good first!

    Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

    Congrats and welcome to the group! It will grow on you! I've been doing it for a little over 30 days and my strength gains are through the roof! :)

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    I'm slowly getting back into distance running and I ran 6 miles today. Running PR. I haven't done anything over 5 miles since Valentine's Day and my hips and knees are already screaming at me. After tons of stretching and a Epsom salt bath. Tomorrow morning, waking up and walking will be fun.
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    sigh bleh. shoulder so much much much better, but now the high holy wars are about to start with the physio dude about squats. but that is a separate post.

    workout b, with knobs on.

    squats: 2x5@45, 2x5@65, 5x5@95. and that's all she wrote about squats. no extras, no new weight, but also no breakfast and no water at that point due to schedule malfunction that started the day. so i'm not too disappointed. not too.

    ohp: i broke up the sets before/after squats but i think that i got my 5x5 in . . . with 45 once again. around three of the sets were 6 reps but then i ran out of poop and the last two were definitely no more than 4. press is a lot coming right after squats, because that low bar does put some work on my shoulders, esp rear delts. that's my story about it anyway. but on the other hand, i'm always reluctant to give up the rack because you usually can't get it back.

    deadlift: i started at 50, did trial sets and form-finding reps at incremental weights until i was up to 120. i just don't like my deadlifts anymore, and i used to love them. i have this tendency to hyper-extend which has begun frightening me, but finding some good middle point between hyper-extended and rounded purely by the way that it feels is really really really hard. i have to let go of the bar and lay my hands on my back physically to make sure i'm not out of line. i had a couple of reps here and there through the whole progression that felt like gold stars where suddenly i remembered how it all is meant to feel. but the trouble is each pull takes so much out of me, by the time i'm rested enough to do the next one i've kind of lost how those stellar ones felt.

    knobs on part of the day:

    - skipped planks. i'm in a sulky mood and didn't feel like trying out any planks. that'll learn 'm.
    - y's and t's at the physio. also trap work with a silly piece of chiffonized rubber . . . you know the thing. these feel GREAT.
    - experimental set of 5 on bench press with 45. just to try out shoulder stabilization in bench.
    - rows. guise. i just did five sets of five strict pendlay rows with 50 pounds . . . FOR FUN. who am i and what have i done with the real me? i could write you some writes about rows, and my [potential] discoveries. let's just say that i'm taking some of the thoughts that physio has given me and putting them into execution with lifts. and i did these FOR FUN, and they felt easy-peasy and great.
    - barbell curls. diaf, but i did two sets of 5 of these gnarly little *kitten* with the 30lb bar.
    - annnnnd, finally, more ohp. i learned/extrapolated something to look for about my shoulder, and i was trying it out all over the place today. so intermittently while waiting to rest up from something else, i was experimenting with it. air-pressing one-armed so i could actually check my collarbone position with the other hand at the same time. anyway, all of that and for my last trick today i did 3x8 ohp with 30lb.
  • TravelsWithHuckleberry
    Non-lifting day for me, but I did take Huck for a hike. The first half is all uphill, so it's definitely a workout. Felt like it took forever, but was actually 3 minutes faster than the last time. Sprinkled for 2/3 of the ~80 minutes we were out there. That'll help get the pace up for sure.

    I'm liking these hikes. Will be curious to see how they affect me when I'm doing them and lifting 3x / week each. I feel like a challenging hike should be OK on rest days, but I also wonder if it'll kill my legs. I guess we'll see.
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    @crabada - The hikes do sound nice.

    Longish day at work for a short shift because of sales all ending today, which meant the limited number of people working close had to take down every sales tag (I got at least half of them done). Got out a little late then was kinda slow at the gym figuring out the different stuff for day B so it ended up taking me over an hour with light warmup and just 2 accessories at the end. Plus, I was really slow on the prone cobra cause I left my timer when rushing to get my stuff in locker so woman could get to her stuff in the locker above mine. I had to rely on watching my iPod to see time. Since it was shoulder accessory time and had the YTWL thing, I think I'll be feeling my shoulders tomorrow.

    Stage 3 - B1

    bar romanian deadlift/bent-over row 3x6 @ 70

    partial one leg squat 3x6 just body weight. Aside from balance, my knees are not a fan. May consider another option cause I haven't had problems with squats but this one bugged my right knee in particular.
    wide grip lat pulldown 3x6 @ 80 - tough but managed

    back extension 3x6 @ body weight - awkward and hard to trust the little bench thing to not topple over
    YTWL 3x6 with 5 lb dumbbells - did them separate after back extension as they are in different parts of the gym enough to make it inconvenient to do one set after another on each. Also found resting on my knees instead of sitting on the bench makes it a little better.

    SB crunch 2x12 @ 25 - yeah I veered from the program on it
    hip flexion - forgot to look up so did reverse crunches 2x12
    lateral flexion - did 2x12 glute bridges with 25 lbs instead

    prone cobra 3 x 90 seconds, okay but hard to watch iPod cause the light dims after a few seconds and that makes the time harder to see.

    shrug 3x10 @ 25 - same as always
    assisted chin-up with slow descent 1x5 @ 13 and 2x5 @ 12 - minor progress. Biggest struggle right now is the handles aggravate the calluses on my hands.

    So late and must finish my protein so I can sleep. Rest day is tomorrow aka putting up new sales tags at work. At least I'll get a decent number of steps for the day.