Workout check-in - April-tle bit more awesome



  • threnjen
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    I went a little earlier today and it was mobbed! Geez!

    Squat cage was very very occupied so I found other things to do...

    Ice Cream Fitness ..A? B? Now I can't remember lol

    Squats - did front squats 5x5 and OHP 5x5 w/50 fixed bar. But after doing a front squat my arms would always be tired so all my OHP were the push press type.

    Bench - deload to 55 after being off for a bit. 5x5 and 5x12 leg lowers/raises while holding up the bar and 5x15 hip popups. 55 was very easy.

    Bent-over Rows - deload to 70 which was certainly doable but acceptably challenging.

    Shrugs - 3x9 @ 70. Challenging
    Barbell Curls - 3x8 @30. Tough but manageable.
    Tricep Extensions - 3x8 @50, was tough
    Hyper Extensions - 2x10 @25 omggg I was dying

    I worked my *kitten* off today so I felt really good even though I couldn't do my normal squats, which usually makes me all ragey.
  • DawnEmbers
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    Long day. This morning I went to Grit Strength and managed to do some of the push ups this time as I set up a step on a bunch of risers to do incline ones. Then went to lunch with coworker at buffet place, hence the morning cardio/strength class. She wants me to help her get on track with her nutrition and might be trying out NROLFW soon. Then after spending too much time on the computer I went to the gym to lift. Oh, and I did some house work and stuff too. Also dealing with that time of month so all bloated and crampy. Blech.

    (Note: even after 10pm the gym was pretty busy. Too many guys in the dumbbell area which is all kinds of fun since I have to do romanian deadlifts on one leg and squats while holding one dumbbell above my head... yeah.)

    Stage 3, A2

    db one arm snatch 3x6 @ 27.5 - not bad but didn't quite have the courage to try 30 yet.

    db one leg romandian deadlift 3x6 @ 27.5 - okay but still struggled a tad not to fall over.
    bar bent over row 3x6 @ 70 - heavy but manageable.

    db one arm overhead squat 3x6 @ 10&20 - Easier now that I put the heavy one in middle and not off to one side when doing the lift.
    db incline bench 3x6 @ 22.5 - easy enough.

    plank 3x 60 seconds - not gonna get 90 any time soon.
    reverse wood chop 3x6 @ 12.5 - okay.

    BWM ... Yeah, I did it one time and took lots of pauses but slowly made it through and just over 5 minutes by a few seconds. Last time I only had the timer set for 5 (it counts down and not up) so this time I put in 10 as the starting point).

    Bench 3x8 @ 80 - struggled but made it through.
    Bicep curl 3x10 @ 20 - easy. I was too lazy to get the 30 cause others were over there. And I was tired.

    Lots of rows going on so my arms are feeling it. The Grit Strength class had lots of pushups and some rows, then the different rows each day in stage 3. Next week I won't do the class though because I don't have lunch plans and I have work that day cause my days off are changing again.
  • MalineVD
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    Had an awesome workout this morning at 7am. Thought it wouldn't be so good, because I didn't sleep enough. But I walked in the gym, a great song just started playing and I felt the energy floating!

    Squats: 5x5 66 lbs (30kg)
    Bench: 5x5 49.6lbs (22.5kg). I couldn't do this weight last week and now I could finish all sets! Thrilled!!
    Rows: 5x5 55lbs (25kg) Went really good.

    It's only week two of Stronglifts and for some bizarre reason, I already feel stronger.. It's probably just imagination, but I like the feeling :)
  • tracyledyard
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    Question about deadlifts: Do you always start each reps on the floor like he says to or do only go down to mid shin? Deadlifts scare me. I'm always worried about my back.
  • xcalygrl
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    Question about deadlifts: Do you always start each reps on the floor like he says to or do only go down to mid shin? Deadlifts scare me. I'm always worried about my back.

    I make sure my plates touch the ground between each rep. If you have proper form and aren't going too heavy for your abilities, your back should be fine.
  • Anniel88
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    Hi, everyone. I’m new here and jumping in. I am so impressed with how much you all are lifting. You're so motivating!

    Last night I did workout A. I was really trying to focus on form.

    Squats – 75 lbs. By my last set I really felt that the stars had aligned and my form was spot on. I’m going to stay here again next time.
    Bench Press – De-loaded to 50 lbs. These still felt hard, but I was able to complete all reps. I’m not sure yet if I’ll try for 55 next time or stay here.
    Barbell Row – 60lbs. These still feel awkward to me. I’m going to try lifting them up higher next time to see if it is just too low of a starting point. I use the smaller bar for these so I do have plates on them, but I may try 65 lbs next time with bumper plates.

    Overall the workout felt good and my form is getting better, but breathing still feels awkward to me. I feel like I pause too long in between each rep to breathe and get re-situated.

    The gym was extremely busy. “Count down dude” was there today and seems to be on the same gym schedule as me. He shouts his countdowns while doing his sets. I think he is just awkward and has no idea that he is even shouting it since he has his music on so loud. I kind of feel bad for him since he is this scrawny kid that is trying so hard but has absolutely deplorable form on everything. I know I’m learning and my form is bad, but wow…

    MalineVD wrote: »
    It's only week two of Stronglifts and for some bizarre reason, I already feel stronger.. It's probably just imagination, but I like the feeling :)
    I've only just started too, but it feels good to know you can lift heavier things! We're stronger than we think!

  • tracyledyard
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    xcalygrl wrote: »
    Question about deadlifts: Do you always start each reps on the floor like he says to or do only go down to mid shin? Deadlifts scare me. I'm always worried about my back.

    I make sure my plates touch the ground between each rep. If you have proper form and aren't going too heavy for your abilities, your back should be fine.

    Thank you!!
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    "psych101 wrote: »
    I see a lot of ladies struggling with having to deload, or needing to deload - its a mental game, but seriously your body will tell you when you need to take a break, listen to it - you do as much good by resting as you do by working! And when you fail a weight several times, use the experience of deloading and working back up as a chance to perfect your form, to do them better with better form, or faster, or more efficient, or with less time in between sets - all of these are still progressing, just a slightly different way of progressing. Don't ever see a deload as a failure - nothing is a failure, its a chance to rebuild and come back even stronger!!


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    Good morning everyone. I went to the gym early (7:30 a.m.) which I rarely do. It was pretty crowded at the squat cage so I ended up doing some hillwork on the treadmill for about half an hour. I finally got to the squat cage around 8:00 am , finished by 8:40, then off to shower and run upstairs to work.

    Squats: 5x5x 125lbs. Originally I was going to stay at 115lbs. but decided to go up. Did okay and could feel myself tilting forward so will stay at this weight next time.

    OP: 5x5x50lbs. Still slightly arching my lower back so will stay at same weight. The last rep is the hardest.

    Deadlift:5x4x155 lbs. For some reason I couldn't lift the last rep: my concentration was shot and my grip wasn't good. I did fine last time but I guess I'll stay at this weight next time.

    Psycho101 - I will definitely take note and thanks for the great advice.
  • Jennifer_Lynn_1982
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    Last Night's Workout - All 5x5

    Squats – 70#
    Bench Press - 60#
    Barbell Row – 60#

    Quick workout and then a rush to get to my ball game - played the entire game at 2nd base (1 hr warmup plus 1-3/4 hr game, HR monitor said 940 calories burned not that that's too accurate but I was moving as much as I could). We won 9-0 - great start to our new season!
  • DawnEmbers
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    Cardio day today. Day 2 of Week 7 in Couch to 5k. Was cooler outside though after the jog I took off the sweater because I still sweat a decent amount when jogging even in cool air. Was nice overall though I struggled to keep jogging for part of it. One more day, then next week is 28 minute jogs.
  • ohiotubagal
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    For some reason today was really hard. Maybe because I ran last night? I usually do that in the morning.

    Goblet squats - 5x5x12#
    OHP - 5x5/5/5/4/5x45#
    DL - 1x5x65#

    I'll be repeating these next time.

  • xcalygrl
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    Workout B today.

    Squats 5x5 at 155#. These felt good and strong. I'll be sticking here one more time at least before bumping up.
    OHP 2x7, 1x6, 2x5 at 75#. I got more 7 rep sets today than I did last time. I'm trying to add a rep to each set to get stronger before bumping up to 80#. I think it's working!
    DL 1x5 at 205#. Felt good and heavy.

    Sumo deads 5x5 at 115#. I wanted to test these out just to see, but I enjoyed them so I did 4 more sets. I used these to focus on form and to try something new.
    Upright rows 5x8 at 65#.
    Straight leg deadlifts 5x10 at 60#.
  • canadianlbs
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    if i were feeling 100% this would have been workout b day. but either i spent all of last night snoring my head off or i'm getting sick, so the little time i spent in the gym on my way home was more like a placeholder than a real workout and i'm not going to count it. i scrubbed off everything i had touched and i'll do my real workout b when my throat doesn't hurt.

    squats: 3x5@45, 2x5@55, 7 or something x5@65. i'm concentrating extremely hard on form so this wasn't really about weight. in fact it was kind of about non-weight, so i can work out how to eliminate this scary little click sensation i've started to feel in my sacroiliac zone as i come out of the hole, and then ingrain those muscle patterns instead. i'm pretty sure it's because i'm getting lazy and not really driving up with my upper hamstrings/glutes and my lower abs anymore. groke knows what i'm using instead, but when i stop using it and go back to my hardline pre-xmas patterns the feeling of going up in a hydraulic chair began to come back and click went away. so that's something to work on for sure.

    ohp: did three sets of this at 45, just because. and then i went and got much lighter bars and spent a chunk of time trying out the tommy suggs version of ohp with the double-shimmy form of hip-drive. hah. i have NO skillz at this one, can't even get a half-inch bounce out of a 20lb bar. on the other hand, the lockout did seem to happen somehow without me even noticing how the bar got up there. and it felt more like a real torso-through kind of lockout, so idk. can't do the tommy with 45lbs though, for sure.

    didn't deadlift or do any accessories because like i said. probably sick. and also, clicking feelz from my bum.
  • LaarainNYC
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    Stronglifts B

    Squat 115

    Overhead press 51 5x5

    Deadlift 145

    Serious deloading on both squat and DL to work on form. Had a difficult night all around: I think maybe it's just that i was tired after a long workday followed by therapy. Will try to get to the gym in the am next time.
  • TravelsWithHuckleberry
    Cardio day -- 92 minutes on the trail with Huck. It was still 90 degrees when I left my house at ~6:15 PM, but actually felt pretty good once I got out there. The trail actually has a nice amount of shade, so that helps too. But I did the last 30 minutes in the dark. It was well past dusk, but not quite pitch black. I'll need to be figuring out a happy medium for the coming months -- it's not exactly going to get cooler as the summer progresses, and I'm not a morning person. :/
  • awkwardsoul
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    Bad off day today, sucks as I've been wanting to lift for 2 days!

    Squats 5/5/4/4/4 210lbs - 3rd set and I realized I wasn't feeling good. I've done brazilian jiujitsu so I know that feeling of about to faint (from being choked) as stuff was tunneling and turning dark as well as feeling light headed. I checked my breathing and took extra breaths too. To be safe, I didn't finish the reps since I was alone.

    Bench 1/3/1/2/1 105lbs - this was apparent something was amiss as I did have a spot for these. After the 2nd set I got up, took a few steps to my phone and got really dizzy, starting to crumple. I kept on pressing, sitting down longer and taking my time. The app wants me to deload now, but I was sooo close last attempted and this is an off day.

    Rows 4/5/4/4/2 100lbs - Did pretty good considering I was tired!

    So, first I figured it was like "well, I'm still in shark week and forgot to take my vitamins for a few days, could be iron." then I checked my diary and behold, I'm running off half my calories for the day (I thought I had more) and it's 10pm. Well, I know for next time to not be an dummy!
  • ScientificExplorerGirl
    Everyone is doing such an awesome job. Good to see all the new faces too :-)

    Last night's lifts:

    Squat 5x5 100
    Bench 5x5 60
    Row 5x5 65
    Biceps curls 3x10 12
    Goblet Squats 3x10 30

    I am loving the goblet squats! I think they are helping with form and achieving depth on my regular squats too!

    Lifts felt good. Thus ends my deload and I am going back up! The problems I was having with my shoulder seemed to have gotten better after the break. I'll need to remember about taking a rest week if I start to feel wonky again. I always want to push through.
  • psych101
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    Quick and dirty 3km run tonight. Legs complaining after PR on deads yesterday
  • krokador
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    UBB 2.0 Conquer W1D3

    Didn't even get a chance to do mobility work yesterday after all. Only movement I got was a walk while talking on the phone during my lunchbreak. It took me a few extra minutes of warming up to get good squat depth today! (And I'll definitely take it easy tonight)

    1A) 12 min to front squat 2RM
    95x3, 115x3, 135x2, 145x2, 155x2
    Previous best was 150 for 2, and to be honest Im not sure I didn't have a little more juice there. It really seems like my front squat is skyrocketing lately, whereas my back squat has been pretty stagnant. Not sure how to feel about it, as my ratio is already pretty skewed from what I know (192.5lbs 1RM for back squat, I'll assume 160 for front squats here).

    2A) Pull-ups MAX + 3x submax
    ~65lbs of assist x8, 80lbs assist x5, 6, 8
    2B) Pike Press MAX +3xsubmax
    12' box - 14, on ground 9, 10, 9

    3A) 2 rounds for time: 16:26 (Bar @ 85lbs)
    - OH Squat x10
    - Pull-ups x10
    - Front squats x10
    - CTB Chin-Ups x10
    - Back squat x10
    - TRX Recline Row ->MU transition x10

    I ended up inverting the squats and pull-ups by mistake, but in the end I don't think it makes much of a difference. I was also putting my foot in to the bands rather than my knee and wow, they were MUCH easier. The 2nd set of OH squats was actually unbroken. I'm pretty happy with that!

    Aaand I just saw what the next chaos exposure session is and am suddenly filled with dread. That 3000m row + 60 burpees is one of my least favorite. Guess I'll just have to kill it proper. To compensate, next session also starts with a Deadlift 1RM attempt. 260? 270? I guess we'll see! ^^

    Gonna try to hit some 100m sprints at lunch when it's finally SUNNY here :3