Workout check-in - April-tle bit more awesome



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    I went to the gym yesterday after I failed my mission to find locally grown jalapeños. Long story...

    Squat 115 3x5 120 2x5. The 120s felt heavy but I was also feeling a little off. Will go for the gold tomorrow.

    OHP 50 5x5 de-loaded from 60 but these were too easy. I might just try 60 again next time. I have good days and bad days with OHP.

    Deadlift 150 1x5 double overhand plus sumo set 1x8 (I kept going because it felt good). I am not sure which kind I like better. I am lanky so the sumo helps me keep my knees out of the way and my back straight but it pulls more in my groin/inner thighs which I don't particularly love. I'll keep doing both.

    Other stuff:

    Assisted pull up -52 3x5
    Stiff leg dead 70 3x8
    1LSLDL 40 3x8 each
    Split squat 50 3x8 each
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    Just a light 5k. Took just under 40 minutes. Next week is back at it, full steam ahead and the week after that I will probably find a way to leave Thursday and Friday as rest days because I have a race on the Saturday.
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    Workout B (Sun)

    Squats 1 x 5 - 125

    Squats 1 x 5 - 175

    Squats 5 x 5 - 190

    Squats 5 x 8 - 195

    Deadlift 1 x 5 - 200

    Bench press - 5 x 5 - 100

    Reverse Curl - 5 x 5 - 105

    Overhand Biceps Curl - 5 x 5 - 115
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    Lifted this morning

    Squat 5x5x145lbs
    Bench 5x5x85lbs
    Row 5x5x95lbs

    Kill the lower half superset of DOOM!!!
    5x5 superset
    Bulgarian split squat @ 70lbs,
    Paused front squat @ 70lbs,
    Hip thrusters @ 100lbs,
    Romanian deadlifts @ 100lbs,
    Step up onto bench - bodyweight

    Legs are fried, butt is fried. I am fried. Off to eat all the foods and all the proteinz xxx
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    @krokador I'm doing mixed/switched already with chalk! My grip has been getting better, but lately it's been I'm just barely hanging onto the bar at the top of the DL, so there's been a few "oh shhhttt" moments.

    I can't do hook grip as my hands are too small that my fingers can't even touch my thumb. I'll check my strap method (It was pretty awkward strapping in first, then getting my legs in position, as usually I get in position then grab the bar) and those hook-like straps look interesting and I'll check em out! TY
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    Week two of SL5x5!

    Squats 5x5 60lbs (+/- 27.5kg) This is exactly half of my bodyweight.

    OHP 4x5 38.5lbs (17.5kg) and 1x5 33lbs (15kg). Tried to increase my weight here, but I keep having a hollow back when I try to do them. Trying again on friday :( Sucks that I can't even do the requested starting weight of 44lbs (20kg)

    Deadlift 1x5 55lbs (25kg)

    Oh, and I've lost 2.2lbs last week. Lifting, superclean eating (didn't have a single cheat) and making sure I sleep enough. Really curious for what's going to happen next following weeks!
  • Llamapants86
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    Dl day 5.
    145 lbs x 5, 165 lbs x 5, 185 lbs x 5
    The last rep was grindy but I locked out so it counts :smile:
    Then I ran through the complex for sism. Found that 25 lbs seems to be the sweet spot for me. I tried using the barbell to so the complex but my ceiling is too low to push press (and 45lbs was too much weight) got 3 rounds through in 4 minutes at 25 lbs.
    Also took a stab at the body weight grinder. Did a little less than half 10 assisted pullups, 20 pushups from bench, 32 hollow rocks and 52 bw squats. It really is fun to do some new stuff.
  • krokador
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    Yiiiikes, my legs are done!

    UBB 2.0 CONQUER Phase, W1D1

    Fun fact: I now have a big bump in front of my left shin, where the box jump wound is slowly healing. It's swollen enough that, as I foud out the hard way this morning, it gets a bit in the way of my first pull/deadlifts now.

    1A) Max effort box jump x10 (18, 20, 22, 24, 24, 24, 25, 25, 27, 27 inches)
    Took my time with these as I can't afford to fail a rep. I'm more comfortable with these than I am doing a step first.

    2A) 12 min to 1RM Snatch
    55x3, 65x2, 75x2, 85x1, 90xfail, 90x1, 95x1
    That failed rep was me letting the bar get out in front of me. I made the split second decision to play it safe and just drop the bar instead of trying to bring it back. The rep at 95 was more of a power snatch - I landed with my feet out too wide and I'm not sure I hit parallel after dropping. Still pretty sure that's a PR though.

    3A) 12 min to 2RM Squat
    95x5, 115x3, 135x3, 155x2, 165x2, 180x2
    Was really feeling the snatches, lack of sleep (I've had crazy insomnia the past 2 days) and the run from yesterday. I probably could've done bigger jumps and saved some energy here, but the first rep at 180 was cleaner than all the reps at 170 and 175 a month or so ago. I'll take the win.

    Metcon - 3 rounds for time (10:50)
    - 10 DB Front Squat @30lbs
    - 5 deadlifts @175lbs
    - 25 push-ups on DB

    Not my fastest time with this one but I was just exhausted by the end. Really hoping the weather gets a little nicer here so I don't have to get my running in on any day I can fit it in rather than the days I should.

    @llamapants86 Yeah, complex was a bti awkward with the bar anyway, to be honest. The tool of choice would be a kettlebell (my warmup demo at 20lbs was a wee bit weird on the overhead part with the DB). 25lbs is a pretty decent weight! :) I take it you do your OHP seated because of the ceiling?
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    Hi all. It's my 7th week of SL and so far so good, except that we are going out to NYC for the 5 Boro bike tour on Friday. Somehow I have to get to the gym early friday morning to do the last SL session and get back home in time to leave for NYC. Lot's of bicycling planned too since it's going to be gorgeous week. This should be my cardio for the week and Sunday will be burning lots of calories for a 35 mile ride.
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    @krok, with OHP I can put the plates up in between upstairs floor joists. I have to stand at a very specific spot for it to work. With push-press it was really hard to get the sweet spot for it and I come up just a little bit more with a push press as well. DB snatches I can do down there (I can put the dumbbell between joists) but I can't do any explosive overhead bar stuff.

    In fact, now that you mentioned it, I might try switching to seated OHP. Might make things a little less prone to oops (I have bashed the ducting a couple of times).
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    Here I am! Here's my weekend and today summary:

    Friday night: I literally walked in place in front of my television while Twilight was on because I went over my calories and didn't want to. For 82 minutes or something like that. During commercials I walked in circles around the house and picked things up. Yeah. So that happened.

    Saturday: Hit the treadmill for about an hour and walked with Potter again. He's a cool dude, didn't seem to mind me joining them on the hunt for Horcruxes.

    Sunday: First walked 2 miles with my guy - his back's in bad shape now, so it was a slow walk, but still nice. Followed that with lift-day:
    Squats: 2x5x45, 1x3x85, 5x5x130
    Bench: 2x5x45, 5x5x85
    Rows: 5x5x85
    I think my bench is ready to move up, but I'm a little nervous about bumping the squats up. Every time I put the bar on my shoulders it seems to be pressing on some weird spot on my neck. It's annoying, but not debilitating. Doesn't seem to be harming me any, but it's distracting. So I don't know where to go with that. Maybe purchase some fractionals now and see how it feels with just a little more weight instead of 5 lbs.
  • Deena_Bean
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    Oh and today - just got back from an hour long walk around my work campus. It's so pretty here, there are trails through the woods and the campus is giant so there's not shortage of different routes to keep in interesting. I saw a cute little chipmunk, some weird green flying bug and some pretty birds in the woods. It was squishy in there, though, from the rain - so I got some mud splash on my work pants. Don't care.
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    Not. Sure. I. Can. Walk. After. Yesterday's. Kill the lower body superset. Ouch.
  • Llamapants86
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    Sprints at lunch 14 x 30 sec sprint 60 sec walk. Got 3.56km which is just a smidget under my PR.
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    Today was cardio day. I've made it to week 7 of C25k training and now it's just jogs. Today was jog 25 minutes, which wasn't too bad. Yesterday it was chilly and rainy but today was hot and that meant a little humidity. My legs struggled in parts but I kept going and made it all the way through.
  • MissHolidayGolightly
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    Squat 120 5x5. Form was pretty good but broke down a little at the end. Going to repeat this weight this week.

    Row 85 5x5. Will repeat this as well.

    Bench 90 1,2,1,2,1 oy! Why is 90 so much heavier than 85?!?

    Face pulls 50 4x8, changing the front leg each time. Did this waiting for a bench to open up.

    Assisted dips -28 3x5
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    Squat: 140 (5x5). After doing a form check at 135 and 140, I think I need to stay at this weight for a while or even deload. I'm not getting the depth needed. The weight has started to really get heavy for me since 125!!! Started to have a forward lean as well and was struggling to get to parallel last week and this week.

    Bench: stayed at 75. Started hitting failure after set 3. I did better last week than this week. Gonna stick with 75.

    Barbell Row: Attempted 105, and it just wasn't gonna happen. I've been struggling since 85-95 lbs but started filming myself for form checks at 95. Hasn't sit right with me, so I did a major deload and went down to 75 lbs. 75 lbs felt fantastic & I was able to crank out all 5 sets of 5 rep.

    Moral of the story: don't let pride get in the way of proper form and safety! The gains with this program are fantastic, but I wish I would have started filming myself sooner!
  • psych101
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    Moral of the story: don't let pride get in the way of proper form and safety! The gains with this program are fantastic, but I wish I would have started filming myself sooner!

    ^^ this is a great lesson to learn!! Ego gets left at the door when it comes to lifting, otherwise you get sidelined!

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    Booo, I couldn't lift today! I lift in my garage and yesterday my husband sawed some wood and made a huge mess that got everywhere, like it snowed fine sawdust everywhere inside. He also didn't clean it up. Usually he'll run the vacuum while he does it, not sure why he didn't yesterday.

    I got through my squat warm ups, but my eyes were itchy and I was coughing, breathing in a ton of dust. I figured it was best to not continue and I left the garage and did some cardio that I haven't done in awhile - whoo GSP Rush Fit, with the heaviest dumbells I have. Went pretty good, the weight was too light. If I do this again, I'll need 15lb weights. Man, I remember before I lifted I did Rush Fit and 5lbs was rough.
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    psych101 wrote: »
    Ego gets left at the door when it comes to lifting, otherwise you get sidelined!

    hard to tell the difference between ego and heart though sometimes. or another way of putting it, sometimes it's genuinely hard to know how hard you 'should' be pushing in order to get growth.

    but on that same general note:

    **shoulder service before workout**
    - external cable rotation aka chicken wing thing, 3x12 on both sides, extra set on the left. with 2.5 pounds. those external-rotator muscles are TINY when you make them do anything all by themselves. concentrating on learning the feeling of stabilizing my shoulder blade more than on the actual pull.
    - face pulls 3x8 or something with 5 pounds. not sure i was getting these right, need to read up.
    - shoulder dislocate, broomstick.

    squats 2x5@45, 1x5@55, 2x5@65, 5x5@85. i took a 10lb deload because i really haven't been happy with the effects of saturday on my back. 85 was easy and i'll make myself prove i can handle 90 before i go back to it. i want it easy enough that form isn't even a question mark . . . for now anyway. concentration on core and on using hamstrings/glutes more. also on putting the bar just under the acromion, aka much higher up on my back, and it feels like the right path to take. couldn't believe how light the bar feels when it's up there. hands and upper back were tight, shoulder not fussed. pretty pleased with squats i wasn't sure that i'd do them at all.

    rows: i did these before bench because - well, just because. 1x8@45, 1x10@50 for warmup, 5x5@70 working. was nervous about stress on my back but got a good tight position for them and it seemed to go okay even at this +5lb weight. plus, got complimented on my form by a big workout dude!

    bench: 2x5@45, 1x5@55, 5x5@65. much better than recently. still some work to do but at least i think the shoulder carnage is getting less with each bench. in between times folded myself over so i was overhanging my own lap and did y's and t's either without weight or with 5lb plates.

    pretty happy. nothing extra today, but i spent time afterwards doing stretches, 1x60 and 1x40 sec planks, and some lower-ab work because lower back. reverse crunches and those bicycle things, and some glute stretching which i can't even remember the last time i checked out the state of my glutes. probably part of my problem right there.