Initial Weigh In



  • MrsAllyn
    MrsAllyn Posts: 63 Member
    edited July 2015
    Current weight : 184
    Goal weight : 145
    August goal: 175

    My other goals are stop eating late at night and to record my exercises and food intake into mfp daily, even when I dont exercise.
  • Pmckinzie
    Pmckinzie Posts: 32 Member
    Current weight: 216
    Goal weight: 160
    August goal: 205

    Must log into MFP and track everday. Get in 70,000 steps a week.
  • Crua7
    Crua7 Posts: 28 Member
    Current weight:248
    Goal weight:198
    August goal:239

    My goal is to log every day.
  • Sierrahaleyaz
    Sierrahaleyaz Posts: 6 Member
    edited July 2015
    Current weight: 177
    Goal weight: 140
    August goal: 167

    I want to track daily and go to the gym at least 4x a week. I cannot make any excuses!
  • dontgiveup2319
    dontgiveup2319 Posts: 145 Member
    Current weight: 202
    Goal weight: 145
    August goal: 190

    My goal is to weigh food everyday, log it everyday and cut back on carbs. I also want to continue going to the gym 5-6 times a week. ;)
  • SparklySarah412
    SparklySarah412 Posts: 74 Member
    Current weight 154
    Goal weight 135
    August goal 148

    There is a pilates class that starts immediately after my Monday night gym session, I'm going to make sure I do that class every Monday in August.
  • rjneeley
    rjneeley Posts: 59 Member
    Current Weight: 203.7
    Overall Goal: 145
    August Goal: 193

    Other goals: run 5X a week, keep portions controlled, log food daily
  • fiddletime
    fiddletime Posts: 1,862 Member
    Current weight: 142.2
    Overall goal: 122
    August goal: 134

    Other goals: do T25 5 days a week. Log onto MFP every day and record food.
  • leanne22brown
    leanne22brown Posts: 4 Member
    Currently weight 14 stone 14lbs
    goal weight 9 stones 8lbs
    Goals to drink more water and to stay within my calorie intake provided by mfp
  • krazzy29
    krazzy29 Posts: 6 Member
    Current weight: 250 lbs
    Overall goal: 200lbs
    August goal: 242lbs

    My goals are to keep track of foods,
    Drink lots of water and 15-30mins of activity
    Every day.
  • karisrunning
    karisrunning Posts: 8 Member
    Oh dear.. time to face the music... :s

    Current Weight: 115kg
    Overall Goal: 70kg
    August Goal: 109kg

    I have a huge social anxiety issue to I signed myself up for a Zumba course next month. Just once a week but it's in a large group setting. So, my goal is to attend each one and try to have fun without having a panic attack.
  • kaotiske
    kaotiske Posts: 2 Member
    Current weight: 120lbs
    Goal weight: 105lbs
    August goal: 115lbs

    My goals for this month are to drink enough water every day, cut down on carbs, and exercise 3x per week.
  • Melissa12121212
    Melissa12121212 Posts: 2 Member
    Current weight 12stone 12lb
    Overall goal 9stone 7lb
    August goal 12stone 2lb

    Drink more water. Go swimming a minimum of twice a week
  • degeorgeff
    degeorgeff Posts: 46 Member
    Currently weight 14 stone 14lbs
    goal weight 9 stones 8lbs
    Goals to drink more water and to stay within my calorie intake provided by mfp

    Is your goal weight your ultimate goal weight or August goal? I'm trying to update our chart and realized a field is missing
  • ACSL3
    ACSL3 Posts: 623 Member
    Current Weight: 171.6
    Overall Goal: 140 (for now, I'll re-evaluate when I get closer)
    August Goal: 167

    August goals:
    Drink at least 64 oz of water - I'm good in the morning and get hydrated but then work gets busy and I forget
    Exercise at least 5 days a week - totaling at least 160 mins weekly
  • thefitpandaproject
    thefitpandaproject Posts: 94 Member
    Current Weight: 165lbs
    Overall Goal: 130lbs
    August Goal: 154lbs

    My goal is to run 10km per week.
  • Imadorkable
    Imadorkable Posts: 415 Member
    Current Weight: 275.8
    Overall Goal: 150-180 (not sure yet)
    August Goal: 270

    Goal: To cut down on soda and sugar intake. I would like to keep my sugar intake at 25-30 grams/day.
  • haroldwatler799
    haroldwatler799 Posts: 2 Member
    Current Weight: 236 BF= 28.9%
    Overall Goal: 225 BF < 15%
    August Goal: 225 BF < 20%

    I want to stick to the following macros on a daily basis
    carbs < 150g
    Fats < 50g
    225g < Protein > 250g
  • cpanus
    cpanus Posts: 19,249 Member
    Current weight: 147.2 lbs
    Overall goal: 130.0 lbs
    August goal: 140.0 lbs

    August goals:
    Track all foods
    Gym workout 3X a week
    Walk 5X a week
  • LMDlove230
    LMDlove230 Posts: 63 Member
    Current Weight : 187.4
    Overall Goal : 140-150
    August Goal : 178.0

    Goals are to cut back on coffee, increase water intake, and not beat myself up over an "off day".