Initial Weigh In



  • SJanesWeightLoss
    SJanesWeightLoss Posts: 25 Member
    Current Weight: N/A*
    Overall Goal: -160 or so pounds
    August Goal: -10 to 12 pounds

    Every day goals:
    • Have calories remaining
    • Be in the green for most things
    • Drink at least 4 glasses of water
    • Exercise more

    * I don't have a scale and I haven't been to the doctor in a while so I really don't know how much I weigh. The 160 I'd like to lose is a rough estimate of where I was the last appointment plus additional weight I have put on since.
  • ryanndavignon
    ryanndavignon Posts: 86 Member
    edited July 2015
    CW: 208
    GW:130-140 - I'm 5'3'' and according to the BMI charts 130lbs would put me in the "normal" weight range, while 140lbs would be the upper end of "normal". I'll decide where I want to be once I get closer to that number.
    August Goal: 206

    •To exercise every day, whether it be by doing a workout DVD or just walking for my lunch break at work.
    •To stay under my calorie goal.
    •Complete either my 30 Day Shred or Ripped in 30 DVD (haven't decided which yet)
  • serenissima14
    serenissima14 Posts: 10 Member
    CW: 207
    GW: 135
    August Goal: 199

    Stick to 1200 healthy cals a day
    Log in food every day
    Walk 20 miles per week
    Practice gratitude every day

  • jamielynbrown24
    jamielynbrown24 Posts: 21 Member
    Current weight : 216 lbs
    August goal weight : 199 lbs
    Overall goal weight:150 lbs

    • Eat more fruits and veggies instead of just staying within my calories with processed foods.
    • Exercise; I fall into a habit of eating well while still being lazy so I want to get up and move regularly!
  • KellyKat09
    KellyKat09 Posts: 33 Member
    Current weight 277
    Current goal 200
    August goal 265

    Swimming 4 days and bike/treadmill 2
    Also track ALL food.
  • RemakingJia
    RemakingJia Posts: 98 Member
    CW: 76kg
    GW: 59kg
    August Goal: 74kg

    To stay with calorie limit.
    To be consistent with workouts
  • raeraecan
    raeraecan Posts: 3 Member
    Current weight: 268
    overall goal: 200
    August goal : 255

    My goals are to drink more water and stop eating my snacks so late in the evening.
  • Cari93
    Cari93 Posts: 8 Member
    Current weight: 134 (don't have a scale to check but I'm always between 130-134)
    Overall goal: 125-130 (working on lean muscle building and trimming of excess fat)
    August Goal: 130

    My Goals:
    •Burn 2-4% body fat by the end of August.
    •Eat less carbs and more protein during dinner. •Do HIIT exercises 3 times a week and continue to do long distance running 4 times a week. •Eventually incorporate going to the gym (I'll be moving the 10th of August therefore I don't have a gym membership now, but I have one where I'll be going)
  • Cari93
    Cari93 Posts: 8 Member
    kaotiske wrote: »
    Current weight: 120lbs
    Goal weight: 105lbs
    August goal: 115lbs

    My goals for this month are to drink enough water every day, cut down on carbs, and exercise 3x per week.

    Is there a reason you want to be 105lbs? That seems really low.
  • Yoshirio
    Yoshirio Posts: 242 Member
    edited July 2015
    Current weight: 201 lbs
    Overall goal: 135lbs
    August goal: 191lbs

    My goal is to join an exercise class at my gym.
  • SusaLOK
    SusaLOK Posts: 7 Member
    Current weight: 148lbs
    Overall goal: 120lbs
    August goal: 137lbs

    1.) My main goal for August is to learn accountability by tracking everything I eat on MFP
    2.) Secondary goal is walking or biking to work everyday
  • cathyb60
    cathyb60 Posts: 308 Member
    Current weight: 262.50
    Overall goal: 150
    August goal: 254.50 (8 lbs.)
    My goals for August are:
    1. Track my food everyday
    2. Exercise 3 days per week minimum
  • kisukiie
    kisukiie Posts: 3 Member
    Current Weight: 74kg
    Overall Goal: 62 kg
    August Goal: 70 kg

    My goal is to exercise more and be way more active, at least 3 times a week do some sorth of exercise or walk ' m '
  • ShansGotGoals
    ShansGotGoals Posts: 928 Member
    Omg!! I'm really putting this out into the universe black and white goes:

    Current weight: 228.5
    Overall goal: 155
    August goal: 217

    My August goal is to get over my shame and fear and get back in the gym. Drink more water, track, track, track......
  • caireen79
    caireen79 Posts: 3 Member
    Current weight: 190.5
    Overall goal: 160
    August goal: 184

    My goal is to exercise 3 times a week
  • margabale
    margabale Posts: 5 Member
    Current Weight: 145
    Overall goal: 127
    August goal: 140

    Track daily and WO 4-5times a week
  • BranFiggy
    BranFiggy Posts: 2 Member
    Current weight: 208
    Overall weight goal: 160
    August weight goal: 199 (Just seeing a 1 on the scale will be that much more rewarding.)

    Goals for August would really be just trying to live a life I want to live. I don't want to be this heavy anymore. I feel laziness all the time and just things that want to set me back, but I know that those come with a lifestyle change.
  • dukiewoman
    dukiewoman Posts: 11 Member
    Current weight: 178
    Overall Weight Goal: 160
    August Weight Goal: 173-175 (I'm breastfeeding and should take things nice and slow)

    My goals for August are to lose 3-5 pounds, drink plenty of water, and exercise at least 5 times a week.

    I weigh in on Fridays, but the Aug. 7 weigh-in will have to happen Aug. 10 because I'll be out of town.
  • Lnature71
    Lnature71 Posts: 84 Member
    edited July 2015
    Current Weight:
    Overall Goal: Only looking at mini goals. The big picture is too discouraging
    August Goal: Lose 10 pounds

    Other goals are to log all foods and no processed foods. <--It's one month! I can do this!
  • Lnature71
    Lnature71 Posts: 84 Member
    I know I didn't put my current weight yet. I will get that on the 1st