Initial Weigh In



  • curiouschemist
    curiouschemist Posts: 23 Member
    Current Weight: 173
    Overall Goal: 150
    August Goal: 168

    I have a few goals for August:
    1. Start running after being cleared by my doctor August 5th
    2. Attend at least one hot yoga session a week
    3. Take control of my weekend eating. I've really slipped up lately and need to keep my weekends in check to meet my goals.
  • loni26
    loni26 Posts: 18 Member
    Current weight: 178
    Goal weight : 155
    August weight : 168

    Goal for August is to cut back on fast food and get back to running at least three times a week

    I'll be weighing in on Fridays
  • simquilts2
    simquilts2 Posts: 34 Member
    Current Weight: 175
    Overall Goal: 145
    August Goal: 167

    August Goals: Exercise daily
  • jjacks1986
    jjacks1986 Posts: 19 Member
    Current Weight: 175
    Overall Goal: 154
    August Goal: 165

    keep on top of my calorie logging, better meal planning
  • enigmarm
    enigmarm Posts: 12 Member
    Current: 231
    Goal: 190
    August: 225

    I plan on removing most carbs from my diet for August.
    I also plan on getting up at 6am daily.
  • MicheleStitches
    MicheleStitches Posts: 306 Member
    Current Weight: 146
    Overall Goal: 125
    August Goal: 142

    --Stretch daily (I'm pretty consistent working out, but I need to improve flexibility)
    --Practice planks & push-ups regularly (Most of my strength lies in my lower body, I want to strengthen my core & upper body. These two moves are measurable - I can time the planks & count the push-ups which will give me a way to "see" that I am making gains in my strength.)
  • nashelsky
    nashelsky Posts: 28 Member
    Current Weight: 121
    Overall Goal: 105
    August Goal: 115

    Eat clean at least 4 days per week (no processed foods, no added sugar, whole grains if any)
  • RedDirtGirl16
    RedDirtGirl16 Posts: 13 Member
    Current Weight: 241
    Overall Goal: 200 (for now ;) )
    August Goal: 230

    -Add in more strength training
    -Meet my FitBit steps more consistently

    I will be weighing in on Fridays
  • emmzey
    emmzey Posts: 16 Member
    Current weight: 114 lbs
    Goal Weight: 105 lbs
    August goal: 110 lbs (losing 4 lbs - 1 per week) - Seems reasonable? I hope!

    I really want to drink more water and eat less sugar, but most importantly I want to feel more confident :)
  • daisy888mfp
    daisy888mfp Posts: 31 Member
    Current weight: 240 lbs
    Overall goal: 170lbs
    August goal: 225lbs

    Monthly goal: Log 50,000+ steps per week
  • beckyb924
    beckyb924 Posts: 15 Member
    Current Weight: 202
    Overall goal: 155
    August goal: 197

    goals: to track everything I eat, every day. I am moving the first of August and have a vacation at the end of august. If Im able to not gain any weight I'll be happy. :)
  • rdtalon
    rdtalon Posts: 42 Member
    Current Weight: 288
    Overall Goal: 200
    August Goal:280

    1) Get on MFP every day to track and be active on the boards.
    2) 3 hours of walking per week.
  • debbysatit
    debbysatit Posts: 125 Member
    My current weight 248.6
    August goal 240.0
    1) To exercise 3x's per week
    2) To track daily- good or bad
  • metcastillon
    metcastillon Posts: 44 Member
    Current weight: 210
    Overall goal: 150
    August goal: 195

    1) Morning jog 5x a week
    2) Tae Bo DVD 3x a week
    3) Yoga 5x a week
    4) 90oz-120oz water daily
    5) Track everything
    6) ONE weekly treat meal
  • WicklowWanderer
    WicklowWanderer Posts: 247 Member
    Hey all, currently 175lbs, overall goal is 135-140lbs (9.5 - 10 stone). I'd be happy if I were to log food and exercise everyday, shift 5lbs and get back to running 5k regularly by the end of August (current ankle injury permitting!).
  • Dch102801
    Dch102801 Posts: 74 Member
    Current weight : 210
    Overall goal : 170
    August goal: 190

    My monthly goal is to start making healthy choices for lunch and dinner. Instead of fast food.
  • lilcole08
    lilcole08 Posts: 18 Member
    Current Weight: 192
    Overall Goal: 120
    August Goal: 185

    I will strive to have no more than 1 soda per week for the month of August. Hoping that by the end of August I will have kicked the habit of drinking soda!
  • glorae
    glorae Posts: 7 Member
    Current weight: 410
    Overall goal: 350 [to start with!]
    August goal: 400

    Goal: Get set up at the YMCA and start swimming again!
  • cherries12345
    cherries12345 Posts: 70 Member
    CW: 148.4
    GW: 110.0
    August- 143.4

    Goals for August- not have any all out binge days/become frustrated if something goes wrong(ex: missing a workout); continue tracking on MFP because I have seen weight loss in just a few days when I have been stagnant for the past 3/4 weeks.
  • jenlarz
    jenlarz Posts: 813 Member
    GW:160 (for now)
    I would like to log daily, cut out a bunch of sugar!