Initial Weigh In



  • zahpay88
    zahpay88 Posts: 80 Member
    Current Weight: 136.2 lbs.
    Overall Goal: 120 lbs.
    August Goal: 130 lbs.
    My goals are to accurately track every single thing that I put in my mouth, be physically active 6 days of the week for at least 30 mins., and eat more vegetables.
  • brujita06
    brujita06 Posts: 10 Member
    Current weight: 196
    Goal weight: 150
    August Goal: 186

    I want to want to eat healthier and drink lots of water. I want to workout 5 days a week.
  • SarahJurina
    SarahJurina Posts: 38 Member
    Current Weight: 126.3lb.
    Overall Goal: 123?
    August Goal: 123 lb.

    • Start running 2x each week again
    • Eat less salty foods (meat, popcorn etc.)
    • Maintain healthy eating on the weekends

    I am trying to replace fat with muscle, so I'm not sure how my weight will shift.
  • lynnsmith312
    lynnsmith312 Posts: 34 Member
    Current Weight: 209.5
    Overall Goal: 180
    August Goal: 205.5

    Monthly Goals:
    Drink at least 2 liters of H2O daily
    Log food intake daily in MFP
    Limit my pop to only 3-12 oz. cans a week (I've gradually come down from a 12 pack or more a week)
    Exercise for 20 minutes at least 3 days a week. (I have a sedentary job and do NO exercise)

    I know this looks like a lot of goals, but the first 2, I just need to be more consistent with and the last 2, they are going to be a LOT harder...
  • danielaica
    danielaica Posts: 28 Member
    edited July 2015
    Current weight: 158.7
    Overall goal: 120-ish
    August goal: 150

    Other goals: Keep my Crossfit workout 3 times a week and start jumping rope and other exercises during "off days".
    Try not to do too many cheat meals :smiley:
  • nannersp61
    nannersp61 Posts: 2,315 Member
    CW 199
    Overall goal 130
    August goal 190
    Goals to work on: boost my metabolism throughout the day by getting up and staying busy, plus eating small snacks between meals.
  • Jokersurv
    Jokersurv Posts: 75 Member

    Current Weight: 237 lbs
    Overall Goal: 163 lbs
    August Goal: 232 lbs

    Exercise 3x per week

  • AmberNSmith342
    AmberNSmith342 Posts: 4 Member
    cw 242.5
    Overall goal 160
    August goal 232.5

    Other goals
    1. Track water intake
    2. Exercise at least 4x per week of at least 30 min.
    3. Do 1 activity out of my comfort zone
  • k8es
    k8es Posts: 271 Member
    Current weight: 169
    Goal Weight: 135ish
    August Goal: 163 (makes my BMI overweight rather than obese)

    Goal for August: returning to work, workout before work and continue to track everything I eat
  • leutloff1988
    leutloff1988 Posts: 25 Member
    Current: 122
    Goal: 118
    Aug goal. 128
  • yasminara
    yasminara Posts: 247 Member
    Current Weight: 160
    Overall Goal: 120
    August goal: 150 (Is that a healthy goal?)
  • arya8
    arya8 Posts: 316 Member
    Current Weight: 175 lbs
    Overall Goal: 150 lbs
    August Goal: 170

    My goal is to exercise 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes.
  • loulou_001
    loulou_001 Posts: 2 Member
    Current Weight- 183
    Overall goal- 150
    August goal - 175

    Goals: cut out processed foods, work out 5-6 times a week, drink more water
  • GrandmaJackie
    GrandmaJackie Posts: 36,105 Member
    The initial weigh in should include the following criteria:

    Current Weight: 144.6 (Friday's)
    Overall Goal: 129
    August Goal: lose 10 pounds, my maintenance weight

    My main goal is to cut out late night snack to MAYBE once a week! Plus for my snack make sure it's healthy.
  • Megan__Marie
    Megan__Marie Posts: 182 Member
    Current Weight: 184.9
    Overall Goal: 140ish
    August Goal: 175

    Goals: No cheat days! Get to the gym at least once a week (if not more), and drink more water
  • maxxoncst
    maxxoncst Posts: 3 Member
    Current weight: 175 lbs
    Goal weight: 135 lbs
    August goal: below 170

    My goals for August are to hit 10,000 steps/day on my Fitbit EVERYDAY and keep my water intake above 70 ounces each day. We have a week's vacation to WDW planned in the middle of the month and my goal is to not gain any weight on that trip, even if it means a late night cardio session at the hotel gym.
  • leighc2015
    leighc2015 Posts: 2 Member
    CW: 75.3kg
    GW: 70.0kg
    August goal: 73.0kg

    My goal for August is not to skip any planned gym classes and to meet my step target 6 days out of 7.
  • Achaila
    Achaila Posts: 264 Member
    Current Weight: 223
    Overall Goal: 140
    August Goal: 218

    My other goal is to walk more!
  • welshchick666
    welshchick666 Posts: 56 Member
    Current weight 212
    First foal 175
    August goal 6lb

    Goal is to add in more exercise over the next couple of weeks
  • NyeMye
    NyeMye Posts: 138 Member
    Current weight: 190.8
    Goal weight: 169
    August goal: 184

    I would like to exercise three times per week in August.