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    Patti- your grandson is a lucky guy! your invitations are fantastic! have fun at the Kroc Fit class. btw, how did you find the pilates dvd from aldi? did you ever show it to your teacher or was it too easy for you?

    Suzi- congrats on the weight loss. your lake home sounds awesome to me… in my opinion, a retreat should be as small as possible… you don’t go to a retreat to spend a lot of time cleaning! :) congrats on resisting crack, i mean pizza. best of luck not eating the leftover pizza. i have leftover stuffed manicotti to resist myself :)

    Janet- glad to hear your spots are “barely whimpering” that antibiotic seems to be doing the trick. I’ll put ripping CD’s on my list for next decade ;)

    Lisa- keep keeping on, and i’ll do the same ;)

    Cindy- to answer an old question… i had no big weekend plans and spent most of it catching up on housework. thanks for reminding me of Lucinda :)

    Hi Vikki! hope your head is better now. congrats on a good week even through the headaches. you are a strong woman!

    Jeanette- i completely agree with you about “lifestyle change” instead of diet. i just haven’t been able to keep the lifestyle change a permanent one yet. perhaps this time? :)

    If i put duct tape over my mouth now… today has been a good day (eating wise). 1 day and counting! :)

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    myra - I can totally relate to "get out the duct tape and it'll be a good day". I had a very low cal dinner (after fries at lunch!), so I will be heading upstairs to brush my teeth shortly so I can be good!
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    jeannette & patti - totally agree that the diet mindset is what leads to regaining the lost weight. What frustrates me, though, is 1) we are getting older, so we can continue good habits and our metabolism still slows and 2) I just can't log for the rest of my life. Logging is SO effective to help me lose, but its not so much fun!

    patti - you are the artist, but maybe you need to try something other than belly bands since neither of you are liking what you see. a monogram sticker? glad you surprised your new teacher with your fitness!!

    dianne - I HATE that when someone brings donuts. Peanuts are not so bad...they have protein and fiber. MUCH better than chips when you are craving salt. I totally agree that the recipe importer is DA BOMB! that is a very cool trick!
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    Myra, I love the pilates DVD, it helps me remember moves to do. Basic is good and my instructor liked it too. She had just bought something similar at 5 Below, but it had index cards instead of the book. She liked that it showed all the muscles each move worked on. I should have done a Pilates workout this weekend but got so caught up with the cards and thanks for the compliments.

    My sweet hubby was in the south end of town today so picked up more paper for me. I had him get 100 sheets, no chance of running out and the extra will go into my stash.
    The new class was fun and the trainer was so cute. She kept checking on me to make sure I was ok and able to get thru the workout. I don't think she has any idea of my workout schedule. We did lots of squats, push ups, step ups, jumping jacks, sit ups, high skips forward and back, and clean and jerks with 8 pound weights. Hopefully next time she will trust us to use the weight bar for the last one, lol. Looks like Tracy and I will keep going to this class. The trainer said it is different every time, so no burn out anticipated. Dinner was baked cod coated with peach jam and topped with crushed hint of lime tortilla chips (cuz that was what was in the freezer, lol) it was quite tasty.

    See you all soon

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    Hello all. Well, I let my frustration at the scale this morning get the best of me, and two bad snacks happened. Someone brought in donuts to work this morning and one just jumped into my hand! Then instead of the healthy yogurt I brought for this afternoon, I got peanuts from the machine. I wanted salt! But I did eat the healthy dinner I had planned and not pizza, so I am over my pity party.

    I found out a trick I wanted to share. I've been using the recipe importer, which works pretty well if you have a url for the recipe (except for garlic - there is one entry that it always picks that says one clove of garlic has 494 calories!) That identifies the ingredients, then you just hit the button that says Match Ingredients. But I was frustrated with manually entering a recipe that I don't have a link for - something out of a cookbook, for example, an older cookbook that doesn't include the nutrition information (I know, I'm a dinosaur, with actual cookbooks!) You have to enter each ingredient, search for it in a list, select the right one, enter the quantity, etc. Very slow and time consuming.

    So today I just put the link to any old recipe, then when the text box came up that had the ingredients to match, I just erased them all and inserted text (either typed it in there, or imported it from a Word file where I have the recipe saved) then hit the Match Ingredients button. MUCH faster - I still had to correct the garlic and one other ingredient it mismatched, but overall much easier and faster!

    Patti, I think your measurements show real progress! I think that is a better victory. I did take my measurements a month or so ago (though I never entered them), so if I can find them I will take them again.

    Jeannette, I don't care for the Oikos triple zero - maybe it is the Stevia. I know there are several other artificially sweetened foods I have tried that I don't care for the taste/ aftertaste - I will have to check and see if the Stevia is the common ingredient.

    Three things I know I regularly consume that are artifically sweetened - my one-a-day Diet Coke (aspartame), one or two Lipton Diet Citrus Green Tea (aspartame) and Dannon Light n Fit Greek fruit yogurts (jsut checked - the blackberry one in the fridge says fructose and sucralose).

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    Good evening.

    Vikki, great to see your smiling face again!

    Jeanette, you're so right about our need to fund what works for each of our bodies. It's a grand and worthy experiment.

    Patti and Diane, I thought I was the only person who didn't care for the taste of stevia. I honestly thing the foofaraw about artificial weeteners of the post-saccharine era is overblown and I am not giving up my Diet Coke or Light & Fit yogurt, though I do intend to use plain nonfat yogurt more often.

    Tired here. My friend is doing well, considering, and I didn't run into any jerks from where I used to work (got there before after-work visitors). I will be attending the funeral tomorrow -- pretty sure they won't let people leave work to go (which I consider nuts and one of the many reasons I left).

    Doc was very pleased with my progress. For the first time since the surgery two months ago, I don't have to go back next week -- two weeks will do it. And I'm down to a single bandaid for that time. Whee! This woman has transformed my body and we'll finish the revisions and tweaks in the next few months.

    Doc also suggested that because I had some time to kill before calling hours, I might want to check out a cool boutique having a great sale. Interior design (got two pillows), flowers (sniffed but bought none of those) and clothing. Can you say 75% off????? Got insane bargains -- trenchcoat-style jacket for $12? Nice all-season pants for $18? Cute flannel plaid tunics for $9? YES!!!!! Bought one full-price item a hot pink silk-look swing jacket. I will wear it to the next Pops concert (Pink Martini needs a pink jacket, right?) and it's a classic piece I will have forever.

    I admit I love clothes. As a kid my stuff came from the Chubette department ("You'll wear whatever fits, and you will like it.") So when I was a young adult and they started making more fashionable plus-size clothes I was ecstatic. Currently rethinking/reworking/weeding out my wardrobe (again & still). Sometime this year I will hit Nordstrom in Chicago, armed with gift cards I've earned and let a personal shopper play paper dolls with me to figure out what works best now. Again, it's all an experiment!

    Hugs to all. See you tomorrow, friends.
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    Greetings ladies,

    I couldn't sleep, so thought perhaps it would be good to catch up with your personal journeys.
    Myron and I have been studying 2 John for a group that begins Feb. 10th, which is intense and enjoyable to discuss together. Our long hikes have been energizing and it is amazing that we are both still able to do this. We are grateful that our bodies will allow us to be this active at this stage of life. It is wonderful to see the level and diversity of activity we are all able to participate in as individuals within our small group! The energy and conversations are both positive and inspiring. Some days there seems nothing more I can add to the chat that hasn't been said already in one way or another. Relationships like this are a blessing and a treasure!
    Thank you all for your transparency, warmth and inclusiveness.

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    Cindy: Wonderful workouts that are fitting in so regularly with an already busy lifestyle!
    Diane: Your achievements towards your goals are continuing despite what the scale shows.
    Bert: Finding ways to keep active while you heal can be challenging. Love your dedication!
    Myra: Sharing your optimism for a new day and a new month. Thanks for just being you.
    Janet: Glad that your healing continues nicely and that you enjoyed the nice fashion finds!
    Vikki: Well done on meeting your goals. Those headaches are not fun, so please take care!
    Karla: Sounds like a busy week to start off for you. It's neat that we share a middle name.
    Patti: The invitations are works of art... congratulations! You're amazing with the inches loss!
    Jeanette: Your energy levels sound pretty high, which is such a wonderful blessing for you!

    When we are making sustainable lifestyle choices in what we consume and keeping active, our rewards are immeasurable. With this support, we can all improve those choices one at a time.

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    Good morning ladies. Duh for me posting on the incorrect board yesterday, I guess my age is showing or my bad sight!! LOL. Thanks Myra for having my back. I do think it is a good idea to post the new listing of weekly mini goals on this board once a week though.

    Janet - Please keep me in mind as you weed out your wardrobe. Your taste is impeccable and you always find such great prices, colors and quality. Great find at the boutique!!!

    DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! I lost 1.6 this week. I am so pleased. I knew I could feel this old body shrinking. This walking is really working. Just a new twist on exercise. I think it is the consistency of always getting at least 10k, mostly 11k-14k daily and under 1200cal daily too. Whatever it is, I'll take it!!

    Marylynn- I'm glad you are finding our group so open and welcoming. We are all loving all the additions and feel so close already. It's a journey we share a common bond with. Struggles and victories and life!!

    I am leaving for my dad's today after a few hours of work at the podiatrists. I am so excited because I have some fun planned also. I am meeting my brother Keith and his friend John, out tonight for drinks and dinner, LIGHT, and tomorrow we are taking my father for an eye injection. Then tomorrow evening I have a 40th Class Reunion Planning dinner, LIGHT, with my HS cronies, always fun. I drive back on Thursday morning.

    I was going to wait until tomorrow morning to leave, but the weather is bad in the morning so I am leaving this afternoon. I have work to do this morning at home, but my home life is going wonderful between Glenn and I. Chris is stable and doing well, so I feel confident to leave. Sheesh, I hope I didn't just jinx myself!!

    Take care all my dear friends,

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    Good Morning Dear Friends-
    Karla- safe travels and enjoy time with Dad.
    Janet- love the idea of a personal shopper later in the year- nice treat
    Patti- great job on shrinking.... that is a great NSV
    Diane- sorry the munchie monster bit you yesterday- today is a new day.
    MaryLynn- the quote was lovely
    Lisa- french fries for lunch was a better choice than dinner when our metabolism slows for the day. Good job on lower cal dinner
    Myra- you made me chuckle at duct tape comment
    Jeanette- 2 is a wonderful age.... enjoy Alanna. I'm halfway thru book 2 not as good as the first and the print quality is awful. I think that might be skewing the experience of the read. Very distracting.
    Need to run- woke with a headache. Work is fine and really itching to finishing reading these books so I can get back to writing for me. That is my true passion.
    Enjoy the day.
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    Good Morning, is a 90% chance of rain! I have errands to run, but may wait until it is more safe for me to get out. Plus I want to head to the mall to do some walking.
    I'll probably be fine. I don't want to jinx my progress. I think I'm going to take my measurements today and log it. Have a great day.

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    Good morning all, and happy groundhog’s day!
    Lisa- i agree with your frustrations. slowing metabolism stinks, and i just can’t log for the rest of my life either. the duct tape didn’t work, but it could have been much worse, so i’ll take it!

    Jeanette- thanks for your well-wishes. unfortunately, i don't respond well to medications. In March (for insurance reasons) i will try yet another one.... it will be the 4th med try this past 9 months. I have considered ECT in the past, but i really don't have the social support to go forward with something that drastic. Running and clean eating have always been the best strategies for me, but without the running, the clean eating is so very difficult to maintain. i hope to begin running again soon, but i've been saying that for months now. it will all work out in the end.

    Patti- thanks for the feedback on the pilates dvd. i can’t do all the exercises yet, but i’m working hard on my form on the ones i can attempt. my triceps are sore, which is always a good thing ;) congrats on your inches lost (in my opinion that’s better than a scale loss)

    Diane- thanks for the info about recipe importer! i’m not technically savvy, so i have avoided entering recipes, but i’ll try your trick! I have heard lots of people not liking stevia. i find that some brands have less aftertaste than others. i’m not sure what type they put in Oikos.

    Janet- YAY for dr being happy with you…. and You being happy with your Dr. I don’t share your love for clothes, but my husband wishes i did, lol. he’s always trying to dress me up!

    MaryLynn- I second your sentiments about this wonderful group of ladies. i think we hit the jackpot ;)

    Karla- no problem with having your back :) it’s all good! congrats on the scale playing nice, you busy lady, you!

    Cindy- glad i could make you chuckle. laughter is the best medicine!

    waving hello to everyone else! Dennis and I have a long overdue appointment with a lawyer this morning to get our will documented. (and perhaps establish a trust, not sure if it’s needed with such a small estate)
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    Good morning everyone!
    had a nice loss this am...the key was to take a rest day from exercising yesterday. Sometimes more is less!! Today, I am going to the gym to lift and do yoga. making a pork ragu for dinner tonight...yum! serving it over spelt pasta. Have any of you tried it? my family always complains about whole wheat pasta.

    Cindy - your reading sounds like a real chore! That is too bad!

    Bert - have a great walk at the mall! I find when I try to avoid the rain, I always get stuck in a downpour!

    Karla - congrats on your loss! awesome! Sounds like you have a great trip planned! drive safe!

    MaryLynn - you are brimming with life and contentedness!! So happy for you!

    Janet - so glad your healing is going so well and congrats on those great deals!! Shopping can be fun!

    Myra - did the duct tape work? I finished the mac & cheese as I was cleaning up from dinner (shucks!) but was still under my target. That is a very good thing since I did not exercise yesterday.
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    myra - we were both posting at the same time! sorry the duct tape did not work! good luck with the lawyer...any time hubby and i start that convo, the first topic is where our kids (14,12, 10) would go and we devolve into "not YOUR parents" discussion. Also, I was reading back through posts: sorry to hear about your depression and struggle to find the right meds. ((myra))

    cindy - thanks for the link to the article. It is really interesting how our bodies adjust to more exercise or less eating...too bad we can't get it to sync up with more eating!!

    patti - that article about "it does not matter what diet" is a reinforcement of "the best exercise is the one you do" + "the best diet is the one you stick to". So much time is spent on the MFP message board about most effective diet or exercise...
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    Quick stop and a hearty hello to one and all. Tried to get to bed early and up early but that just didn't work. So I am rushing this morning. Want to get to Mom's and then have things to do before I go to the gym. The one thing I never want to do is rush my time with Mom. So I will be back later with personals.
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    Happy Tuesday Ladies! Groundhog day - I read that one of the Canadian groundhogs died a few days ago...poor thing ... hope that doesn't bode poorly for those still experiencing severe winter weather here! It is somewhat cooler here than recent past, with a slight wind, but that makes it ideal for a long walk or hike to "warm up". We love keeping active outside every day.

    Karla, I'm so pleased for you. The consistency is paying dividends on the scale this week, which is always an encouragement. Have a wonderful time with family and at your reunion. Enjoying every opportunity to build relationships with those you love is part of a healthy life. It will be neat to hear your comments and stories when you return later this week. Travel safe!

    Cindy, we share a passion for the written word and I applaud your efforts. To follow your passion takes more commitment than folks may realize, as you are putting a part of you into each new work. As you read others writing - especially so many in such a short time - and make a judgement on them presents such a different challenge. Good of you to agree to it. Hoping your headache clears up quickly, so that you are able to accomplish your activities too.

    Bert, I always check the weather locally in the morning to plan my days activities as well. At least you can get to walk at the mall, as long as you're careful moving around in the wetness to get inside! I can sure understand your concern. Great idea to take and log measurements. Personally, I believe that they are an accurate record of real progress towards a leaner body.

    Myra, congratulations on not allowing your struggle with depression to define nor derail you! While the frustration with finding your way through such a valley is significant, you remain so positive and continue to embrace the next moment and keep moving forward. It is important to document matters for our estate regardless of size and you remind me this is something we need to attend to as well. Hope you are able to get back to your favorite running really soon.

    Lisa, the downward movement on the scale is impressive, in light of all the muscle you continue to add to your body with your activities. Wisdom and sustainability along this journey to leaner and fitter forms means we all need rest days. Enjoy the lifting and yoga! Today is lifting for me and cardio following that. The spelt (pasta?) sounds interesting and will have to look into that a bit more, although a current favorite for me is Red Thai rice (yum).

    Patti, your commitment to quality time spent with your Mom is wonderful! Combining your dedication to getting to the gym, creating the invitations and all the numerous other ways you are nurturing those you love takes incredible dedication and passion. That is what love looks like in action and you set such an example for me. I always enjoy reading about your day!

    Well, enough for now and on with my day here too. Some cauliflower is steaming to make a sauce recipe that I ran across online recently. Will see how that works out later for dinner perhaps. Meanwhile, the weight bench is calling me!

    Enjoy every moment as if it were your last, friends!

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    Well, I decided to run my errands this morning. I got 6,000 steps walking in SAMs and the mall. I did get caught in a downpour but I parked very close to the mall entrance. My hair, however, looks like I just stood in the rain!

    I'm planning to start on a new puzzle this afternoon after I work on power point for church.

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    Good morning all! It is a bright sunshiny day here in western Oregon. We hardly had a winter this year but I believe the ground hog's prediction of an early spring with the way all the flowers seem to think it is already here.

    One small note; I noticed a few of you referring to Stevia as an artificial sweetener. Stevia is a plant, like sugar cane is a plant. Years ago I actually tried using the leaves themselves (that was the original form it was sold in). It definitely has a bad aftertaste and I'm sure they've processed it to death by now, but it is a more natural alternative than artificial sweeteners.

    Today I teach at the studio; two ballet classes. One is little girls around 8 years old, and the other is an adult class. We are preparing for our spring recital and I am in the process of choreographing their dances. The theme is "Circus" and my littles are trick ponies and my adults are glow sticks. This is my favorite part; coming up with the dances and watching them come together. It has been hard teaching in the evenings because my energy is usually gone by then but I feel like I am getting better and it isn't quite as hard.

    Well, I am off to get things done today; might even do our taxes!
    Hope you all have a good day in whatever you are up to

    Grace and Peace to you
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    Has anyone tried plain fage yogurt with a touch of honey- it doesn't take much and both are clean foods--- just thought I'd weigh in the yogurt conversation- also I stir in a tablespoon of chopped walnuts- I can manage to get through it with the additions. :)
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    Jeannette - that teaching sounds so fun. And you get to be creative through choreography! Omg, taxes! I just bought some software to start that!

    Bert - great job on your steps! Do you still have short hair like your picture? Short hair is relatively new to me and I sure miss ponytails!

    MaryLynn - because I am eating at a deficit, I don't think I am really building much muscle. I think it's important to strength train while diet to maintain muscle and increase the likelihood that pounds lost are actually fat. Hope you had a good lifting session!

    Patti - hi!

    Hope everyone is enjoying their day! Lisa