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    Lisa: yes, I still have short hair. I grew it out a few years ago and decided short hair is better for me. I have thick, naturally curly hair and when it grows, it's so heavy. So short hair, it is!

    I'm so happy, I have almost 7,000 steps in today. I'm fixing hamburgers tonight. Left over baked beans as well.

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    Hello all. Today was a good day. I did a "Nike Fit" workout at the gym this morning. The one I chose had a lot of core muscle work, which I desperately need! (As evidenced by the fact that I couldn't do some of the exercises.) I was working hard and sweating quite a bit. I'm not sure how to log that - I logged it as "calisthenics – vigorous effort” for 25 of the 30 minutes it took – because the last 5 was stretching. I need to do something like that at least twice a week and not take the lazy way out of climbing on the elliptical and watching the TV for 30 minutes. Patti, I REALLY envy you your classes!

    I’ve also stayed within my calories for the day, as long as I stick to the dinner I have planned. I had a very light lunch today but didn’t get all that hungry midafternoon. I had a yogurt, pineapple and then two clementines a little later. I planned a snack for when I got home – popcorn, so filling AND fiber for minimal calories.

    Lisa, with all the weight training you do I’m sure you are maintaining or building muscle. Your profile pic shows such definition! I can’t remember, but think you said you are near your goal weight?

    Bert, sounds like you are really improving! You have many more steps than I for today. (Those exercises don’t get me the steps that the elliptical does!)

    Cindy, I’ve tried the honey flavored yogurt and don’t care for it, so I’ve never tried just adding honey to plain yogurt. Sounds like you aren’t keen on yogurt to begin with – I’ve discovered that I love Greek yogurt, fruit flavored or vanilla, or plain if I add my own fruit. Good luck to you on your reading project – I simply can’t make myself finish something that I’m not enjoying. There are too many good books out there.

    Jeanette, I did not know that Stevia was a plant-based sweetener. I just assumed it was another artificial sweetener. Thank you.

    MaryLynn, I so envy you your time to be active outside all day. My time will come, but I want it NOW!

    Myra, give the recipe “fake-out” importer a try. I was impressed with how much easier it was than the way they have you manually enter a recipe. I guess they don’t think people use anything other than online recipes these days. I will admit that I like many recipes from SkinnyTaste, but I also have old classics that I have lightened up, and lots of cookbooks that I cook out of.

    Karla, congrats on the loss! Your determination is really showing through. I’m betting that your clothes are fitting better too, with all the core you’ve been building. Have a good trip this week!

    Janet, I had to laugh at your excitement over finding the new boutique. I personally abhor shopping, especially for clothes. My work “wardrobe” consists 90% of the same jewel neck tee in short or long sleeves in about a dozen colors or else a simple tunic style sweater, the same pair of pants in four shades of grey and black (oooh, I threw in a brown pair this fall! Same style though), a couple of jackets or cardigans I can wear over top, and jewelry. Jewelry is about the only thing I enjoy shopping for, and I have oodles of costume jewelry.

    Patti, your workout schedule is crazy! I remember when we first “met” you were painting houses for your son, and working such long hours at it. You are clearly channeling your workaholic tendencies into exercise! So glad you and Tracy hooked up as WOBs.

    Suzi, your next RV trip sounds divine, just too short! I think you ought to double it :).
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    MaryLynn- thanks for the words of encouragement. i surely am trying. :)

    Bert- congrats on the steps, but sorry you got caught in the rain.

    Jeanette- the only stevia i have NOT tried is leaves off the plant. i do have a green powdered one (just dried, ground up leaves), and i have to admit, i prefer the taste of the processed kinds. like you, my body doesn’t do well with table sugar. your circus ballet sounds delightful!

    Cindy- i have tried plain face yogurt, not with honey, but with stevia and fruit (and sometimes nuts) i like it. what REALLY tastes good to me is the full fat version of ‘greek god’s’ plain yogurt with goodies added in, but MY is it loaded with calories.

    Diane- glad to hear you had a good day and enjoyed the Nike Fit workout! based on this pilates dvd i’m attempting…. i also need to work on my core! i also envy Patti’s classes and MaryLynn’s hiking :) thanks for the recipe “fake-out” importer tip…. my favorite recipes were handed down to me from my mother :)

    I’ve been doing some “closet” running….. not much, just 1/2mi to 1 mi intervals. i was trying not to get my hopes up in case the hip pain returns. today, though, i went so over calories i had to “admit” my exercise to compensate, hehe. so, you could say i’m “out of the closet” and keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Finally able to stop back. Sorry no personals, just too tired tonight, but rest assured I have read all you have written and can tell you that I really enjoy coming here each day to get a lift from each and every one of you. I absolutely love our new additions, seems like we have been friends for a long time already. Everyone is so motivating and kind as well as eloquent in their ruminations about the group. So I thank you all for being here!

    Nice day with Mom. She had some chores for me to do. I am so glad she realizes there are certain things that she needs help with and saves them for when I visit. I love watching Downton with her and the other British shows we like. I think she enjoys the company and someone to kibitz with during the show. She misses my Dad terribly, even after over 6 years. But fortunately for her, she has always been very independent and doesn't mind being alone, just not all the time. If she was in better physical shape she would love to have a dog. She could easily care for a bitty lap dog but doesn't really care for the small dogs so will do without. TRX was brutal. Lower body with a bazillion squats. We did a lot of squats in last night's class so it felt even harder. After the warm up it wasn't so bad. When I started going to the gym I only went to Zumba and it was all I could do to get thru the class, now I consider it my easy day, lol. Funny how perspective changes. I don't know when exercise became fun for me, but I am glad it did. I seriously enjoy all my classes, even when they kick my behind.

    Ok, going to kick back and relax and try to go to bed early for a change. Have shopping to do tomorrow and Blacklight Zumba tomorrow night. Fun stuff.
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    Late check-in here too. Did not make the best choices today. Tomorrow is another day. Sorry -- don't have personals in me -- but congrats to Karla and Lisa. Vikki, I get an occasional migraine but it sounds like you've really been hammered. Patti, just reading about your workouts makes me tired and sore!

    Went to my friend's mother's funeral and to the cemetery to support her. Her brothers and their families are lovely people (they all live out of town). There were not a ton of people at the service but it was beautiful. The priest had known Meg's parents for many years and the homily was done with the loving care of a friend.

    Ran a few errands then came home. Talked to my ex's mom, who is having a tough time after her cancer surgery last week. Just wanted to hear her voice and tell her I'm thinking of her. Medically, the surgery went well but she is very heavily medicated right now. Only one lymph node had any evidence of cancer. Praying they can get what tiny bit is left. So it's been an intense day.

    Have a couple of appointments tomorrow then may try to get a nap. Things calm down after tomorrow so I hope for some quiet time -- may even screen calls very carefully. Haven't had any appreciable downtime since before Christmas so need to gather my thoughts and keep my own counsel for a few days. Maybe next month I can get away and go off the grid for a few days.

    See you all tomorrow!
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    It's late but I can't sleep so thought I'd report in. It's been a busy couple days, but I've gotten a lot done - including tax crap! I have everying ready to take to CPA, just waiting on some 1099's. I got the farm books done and sent to CPA. Got some other medical paperwork done. Yesterday was dedicated to my youngest daughter, the one dealing with depression. She's making some headway and beginning to feel better. Whew! Now I feel like I can actually relax and enjoy this upcoming trip for Mardi Gras.

    I'll try to get personals done tomorrow. I wanted to let you know I'm here and reading everything just haven't had a chance to join the conversation.

    By he way, Diane, I'd love to lengthen that AZ trip, but have to be back home for an event on March 10.

    Until tomorrow....

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    smack59 wrote: »
    It's late but I can't sleep so thought I'd report in. It's been a busy couple days, but I've gotten a lot done - including tax crap! I have everying ready to take to CPA, just waiting on some 1099's. I got the farm books done and sent to CPA. Got some other medical paperwork done. Yesterday was dedicated to my youngest daughter, the one dealing with depression. She's making some headway and beginning to feel better. Whew! Now I feel like I can actually relax and enjoy this upcoming trip for Mardi Gras.

    I'll try to get personals done tomorrow. I wanted to let you know I'm here and reading everything just haven't had a chance to join the conversation.

    By he way, Diane, I'd love to lengthen that AZ trip, but have to be back home for an event on March 10.

    Until tomorrow....


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    Good morning ladies. I made it over to Panama City and it seemed to take forever!! My eye was on fire by the time I arrived s it was dark, the traffic was heavy and the headlights were glowing with halos again.
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    HI Ladies-
    Well two days in a row with NO snacking- that is an NSV for me.
    Suzi- glad there is a light for your daughter- we are still struggling in my world..... the good Lord will give me strength to keep moving forward.
    Karla- doing the happy dance for you on another loss this week. You inspired me to move more during the day so I am using the printer with the most steps between me and it- I get 107 round trip instead of 10 :) every little bit helps.
    Patti- don't over do it with the exercise you need time for the muscles to recover too. Backlight Zumba sounds fun.
    Suzi- have fun camping- despite the warm weather our season is a long way off still.
    Diane- good for you eating popcorn before dinner- i bet it filled you up too and got you through the hump period while it was cooking.
    Janet- Sometimes just hunkering down for a bit is necessary- It is sweet you are still close with the ex's mom- I'm sure she treasures you as we do.
    Bert- you rock the short hair! Congrats on so many steps
    Myra- Has the pain started to return? Go easy.
    Jeannette- do you teach all types of dance? I'm impressed.
    MaryLynn- what is your average temp this time of year- sorry about the groundhog- Hopefully all his days are filled with sun now.
    Lisa- Keep up the great exercising- what is your favorite thing to do?
    Need to run but so glad I checked in today and got personals done for a change.
    Until later
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    good morning all -
    just had my regular egg and toast breakfast this am...but I made my daughter a BLT (minus the T) for lunch, so I used a bit of bacon fat rather than butter...yummmmmm.

    Cindy - congrats on the two day streak! here's cheering you on for 3! I don't really have a favorite passion is cross-training: balancing soccer, yoga, weights these days. Hopefully spin and running make it to the rotation soon!

    Karla - glad you made it safely there. Sorry about your eye! Hopefully you have time to rest today, since you left early.

    Suzi - I am so jealous on you tax progress! Great job! Glad your daughter is feeling better. That must be so scary!

    Janet - You are so thoughtful for the people around you...((Janet)) good luck getting your quiet time!

    Patti - great job making so much progress that Zumba is your easy day! We put emphasis on how exercise is going to make us look, but that fitness is VERY important for your long-term health. Glad you were able to spend time with and help your mom!

    myra - easing into running with intervals is really smart. Have you ever tried foam rolling after running?

    Dianne - unfortunately, my profile pic is a few years...and LOTS of pounds...ago. It is my goal to get back to the 140s, but I am currently 30 pounds away! I have done quite a bit of reading on the subject, and you really don't add muscle when you are eating at a deficit...but you can definitely lose muscle if you don't work 'em!

    Bert - keep up those steps!!

    hope everyone has a great wednesday!

    - LISA
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    Morning ladies! Wanted to pop in to say hi. I am so impressed with the way everyone is working out!

    Patti: I saw that new workout you posted about and I did a class like that last year and it just about killed me! It was so intense and the instructor was in her 50's and I kept thinking I could do it, but had to ditch it eventually bc I was wiped out for the entire day! You are tough!

    Lisa and Myra: Saw where you got some running in, good job!

    Lisa: I was so impressed by your profile picture too! Those muscles, wow! I thought your screen name was ICU, like an ICU nurse, but is it instead an "L"?

    I am not able to comment on Diane or Karla's newsfeed due to some glitch but can "like" their status. Hopefully it was just temporary.

    Question: I am wanting to invite a friend to join us. Can you tell me how she can find our group on here? Thanks!

    So yesterday was not a good day as far as eating for me and when I worked out, my heart was just not in it. Think I burned myself out a little bit doing too much last week and I was tired of doing the same cardio workout. Should have went for a run outside bc it was warm but it was really windy so I went to the gym instead. Going to do some kind of workout today, just not sure what yet and I will do my abs as well. I might look into some classes at our gym to change things up a bit.

    Have a great day ladies!


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    Uggghhh, looks like I hit the wrong button again and posted Suzi's post instead of all my personals I took the time to write to each of you. How frustrating! We are at the eye doctor with my dad where he is having an injection behind one eye. Very painful for him. He is blind in the other eye so they are very on top of this eye at all times. My good eye has quieted down this morning.

    Patti- I too wonder if you are out of balance on your exercise versus your food intake. Either too little or too much. I fear too little as you and I experienced in our earlier time. Did you inquire with your insurance if they had a nutritionist or a physical exercise specialist? Mine has both and they have been real helpful. With the amount of exercise you are doing I would think you would be dropping with the combination of strength and cardio. Hopefully your body will let go of some soon.

    Janet- you are such a good friend to so many. Please rest this week if you can .

    Cindy- good deal walking further to the printer. I was lower on my steps yesterday with travel.

    Lisa- love the flavor of bacon grease!! Lol what age are your children? Daughter?

    Suzi- what day next week did you want me to meet you and Jodi for lunch and fun? I need to plan my work week. Can't wait!!

    Marylyn- I still want to make that phyllo pie recipe of yours .. I printed it out.

    Bert- do you want to get on my Garmin group Women Ready to Lose challenge? Send me your Garmin name.

    I better go,

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    Good morning to everyone,
    I am struggling with trying to change my sleep and wake patterns. Need to get to bed earlier and not read as long. My days seem to start later and later. I only have morning days at the gym on Thurs and Friday, so no incentive to get up earlier, lol. I appreciate everyone's words of concern on overdoing it at the gym. When my knees ache I take a break. I never really seem to have issues with any other part of my body and for that I am grateful. We will be leaving early Friday morning so no gym for me from Friday-Monday. My TRX trainer has always said that when you feel like you need a break, take one, whether it is physical or mental. When you are forcing yourself into the gym or your exercise it can be counter productive in the long run. I always hear her voice in my head when I have a day that I just can't push myself to workout. Going to Hobby Lobby for more ribbon samples for the wedding invites, all I have chosen so far have been rejected, but that is how it goes. She keeps apologizing for being so picky and I keep reminding her they are her invites and should reflect her style not mine. This ribbon thing is the only part we have struggled with and there is plenty of time to get it right. My new radio for the car came yesterday and is installed, only to find out the driver's door speaker doesn't work, but that is a project for later. We have music and that is what matters. Having a CD player in the dash is such a luxury for me, my old system had the cd changer in the trunk.

    Janet, I know you ex's mom cherishes you like a daughter and I'm sure your call cheered her up, even if she wasn't totally in the here and now she will remember. I know it had to be an emotional day for you all around so please, please, please find that time to decompress. Maybe visit your friend on the east coast that you are so spiritually connected to. That always seems to do you a world of good.

    Mary Lynn, I could read your comments all day. You add such a graceful twist and wisdom in all your comments to us. So glad you have joined us.

    Jeanette, I love to dance but Edd only dances in "emergencies", seriously that is what he says. The only emergency we can think of is if someone is shooting at his feet. So I have contented myself with dancing with the girls at our parties at the river. When I lived in Denver my boyfriend and I took country/swing dance lessons and were even in some competitions. We never won any but we practiced and dance about about 5 days a week. We both loved it and I can tell you I have missed it sorely even after 30 years. I can just see you with the little ones, you seem like you would be so very patient and kind and get them to do their very best. Any chance you could video and post any part of your next production?

    Diane, you made me laugh when you said you were "taking the lazy way out" by doing the elliptical for 30 minutes. I can tell you that would kick my behind. I lose my mind after about 10 minutes and find that if I push myself to stay on longer I feel like I am dying. It counts, it is not lazy.

    Cindy, great NSV, especially since you have been struggling. I pray things settle down in your world. I can't imagine reading bad print but I know you have committed to it and will get thru it. Hope the other 3 books prove less challenging.

    Myra, hope your running was painless. I have a mental picture of you running in your closet. I have never been in to running. Have always said if you see me running you better keep up cuz something bad is coming. Wishing you much success

    Bert, we got that same horrible downpour but I was lucky enough to already be home and it stopped just before I left for the gym. But it rained the rest of the night and we have flood warnings. Lots of the yards around me have standing water. Have fun with your puzzles. I love doing them but get obsessed and can seem to get nothing else done. So I save them for when I am snowed in.

    Lisa, those little treats, like bacon fat and real butter, are a must to not feel deprived. I love bacon as a flavoring or addition to a dish but don't care to eat it by itself. Guess I'm just weird. You are really rocking the exercise. I know I need to add more weight training into my schedule but don't want to give up any of my classes. So I am hoping TRX is a close substitute.

    Suzi, glad to hear that some progress is being made for your Jessie. I know it has to be a weight lifting, even if only slightly at this time. How nice that you are retired and can spend the time with her when you want/need to.

    Karla, I know you are having fun with your Dad and brothers and will enjoy you time with the class reunion folks. Bet there is nothing that will interfere with your eating plan right now, you are on a roll. Congrats on another awesome loss.

    If I have left anyone out I apologize, but my post may now take 2 pages, lol. So better sign off and get going. Lots of little errands to run. Just got off the phone with my Mom. She called to thank me for my help yesterday and for an organizational tip I gave her that really worked out. She is so sweet and always verbally thankful for every little thing that I do. Words cannot express how grateful I am to be able to do anything for her big or small.

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    Vikki, here is how to get your friend to this and our other boards. Click on Community, then click on Groups, then on OMG-One Mini Goal -Challenges, Support and Recipes. All three of our threads will show up. Then tell her to click on the start to mark them as her favorites so she can easily find then. Once she does that she just needs to click on Community and then the star on the right side.
    Do listen to your body, if you are not enjoying what you are doing you will not want to keep working out. Do what you enjoy to get the most benefit. I love my classes but have learned that there are some moves I need to modify to avoid knee pain. I don't jump and have to quit on the squats and lunges for the same reason.

    Karla, I know I am not eating enough. I never thought I would have this struggle. I don't want to eat empty calories just to up my totals but am at a loss of what to do. I eat 5-6 ounce of protein at dinner and usually 3 ounces at lunch plus yogurt. I have switched to full fat cheese and use all my oils. My breakfast is still the same with eggwhites, turkey sausage, cheese and veggies, so lots of protein there. I haven't checked with my insurance yet but plan to do so once we are back from NC. I have no desire to decrease my exercise, I know it is good for me and I truly love it. But I also know I need to figure out this eating thing and I will, hopefully sooner than later, lol.
    Enjoy your time with your family and friends. Hope you can drive back in the daytime so it is not so hard on your eye.

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    edited February 2016
    Hey Patti....Found it! But had to use the search function and narrow search to the limit only to groups. Thank you!

    Lisa: I LOVE bacon! I went over on my calories one night last week because I made French toast and bacon for dinner. I would've been fine had I stopped at two pieces of bacon, but there was some left over and I couldn't resist myself as I was clearing the table!
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    Vikki - it is an "L" as in Lisa. I have had so many people on MFP ask me if I was a nurse...but I don't want to change my screen name. I am sorry that you are getting burned out on your treadmill I posted earlier today, crosstraining is my key to staying motivated. what about music?

    Patti - there are lots of ways to add calories that are not empty: beans, brown rice, quinoa (I know you said you were not impressed...I think you should give it another try). Even an apple and a banana would add almost 200 calories. Healthy cereals like cheerios or shredded wheat...oh, and i LOVE bob's red mill muesli. Nuts are also an easy way to add 100 calories: trace minerals, fiber and healthy fats. I could go on and on. Do you think the issue is that there are too many things on your "do no eat" list or that there are not enough things on your "ok to eat" list? I know those are two sides of the same coin, but it might give insight into how to advise you.

    Karla - I can so relate to losing posts!! it is frustrating. I think it was myra who said she types it in another program, which would solve my problem! I have 3 daughters: 10, 12 and 14. So proud of each of them! Good luck to your dad!!

    - Lisa
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    Lisa, thank you for the tips. I think the biggest problem is, and I was surprised to find this out about myself, there are too many things I don't like. I always thought I was not a picky eater but now think that maybe I am. I don't like cereal of any kind, never have. As a child I became ill whenever I ate breakfast and my Mom would insist I eat it anyway because she felt sending me to school on an empty stomach was tantamount to being a bad mother. Finally the teacher asked her to quit feeding me because I would go to school and get sick. I love breakfast casseroles but they are so full of fat and sodium, even with light cheese and turkey sausage. I have tried quinoa in all sorts of different recipes but there is just something about it that I don't care for. I could eat my weight in nuts but that's not good. I'm probably the only person on the face of the earth that doesn't really care for bananas. I like stuff made with them but I'm not a baker so someone would have to bake for me. I'm going to try to eat pasta more. My husband doesn't care for beans other than baked or chili beans. I do sneak black beans into any Mexican dish I make. So I tend to cook things we both like so as to not cook two different meals when there is just the two of us. I've been worried that by eating the full fat versions of some items that I always eat low fat may back fire on me. I think if I could find a good calorie dense lunch it would go a long way to getting me in the right ballpark with my calories. I eat red meat so rarely because it was on my "do not eat" list, maybe I will start having it a bit more. I will try to incorporate some brown rice, don't care for white or wild. So long story short, I guess I am just too picky for my own good. I got fat eating burgers and fries, chips and dips, mac and cheese, pizza and anything with an alfredo sauce. All of which are on the do not eat list for me now. Thanks for listening, I will get it figured out because I want to get this weight moving and I have no intention of stopping the exercise.

    Speaking of which, I best eat some yogurt and get my self ready for Zumba.

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    Patti- what about the turkey sandwiches on the flat round breads you used to eat for lunch? Those with a good omelet for breakfast and dinner with edd in small portions would be around 1200 calories. You could still have yogurt and cheese snacks. 80% of weight loss is the food.

    Lisa- you have three daughters at wonderful ages!!! I have eleven grandchildren and four children I adore.

    Back later
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    Good afternoon ladies,

    Found a helpful resource from NIH. Body Weight Tracker - input your own data to get personalized recommendations, charts and expectations in terms of results over time.

    Just click on link:

    Been gone most of the day, so still want to get active here.

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    Karla- i’m glad you got to panama city safely, but so sorry about the pain in your eye :(

    Cindy- thanks for asking…. i have not experienced the kind of pain in my hip that kept me from sleeping. that’s the only kind of pain that can get me to stop running ;) the other pains i can work with.. i do plan to take it easy and gradual. as tempted as i was to get on the treadmill today, i know i need a day of rest in-between mini jogs.

    Lisa- i am the queen of SMR! (self myofascial release) years ago, i bought a kit for runners from “trigger point therapy”. i also have their “grid” foam roller, which is awesome. apparently, all that rolling doesn’t help when your glutes are in a coma ;) I am seeing a massage therapist tomorrow morning to see if she can get rid of these knots (adhesions) in my glutes that i suspect are keeping them from firing properly. we shall see.

    Vikki- been there, done that, on the burnout. even before my hip episode, i started mixing it up. bicycling particularly. i’ve tried swimming, but i’m just not a natural. perhaps i’ll try it again once i get this weak core fixed up! as Lisa mentioned, i use music when i run/walk by myself, and i watch TV when on the treadmill. my sister and i are accountabilibuddies for pilates (i can only do 11 of the exercises now, but i’m getting better) btw, i also LOVE bacon. i made a bacon and broccoli quiche for dinner tonight. it smelled like heaven was in the oven!

    Patti- I’m sorry for your struggle in finding the right CICO ratios. I can’t say i’ve ever had trouble getting enough calories ;) I understand your reluctance to eat high fat anything, but it just might be that good dietary fat (within your calorie range) is your friend. HAHA to your comment that if you are running something bad is coming! thanks for the well wishes.

    MaryLynn- thanks for the link. I’ll check it out later tonight or tomorrow. keep hiking! i like to live vicariously through you, LOL

    that’s all i’ve got for tonight Ladies. I”m so glad to have found you all!