February 2016 - Move Your @ss Challenge



  • wanderan
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    adding 6.32 miles

  • JTH11706
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    See (but not edit) the
    spreadsheet here:


    @clepant - sorry to hear you have to cover for so many others.
    @Just_Ceci - heal quickly. We are looking forward to having you back good as new.
    I tried living in the moment but the rent went up and I had to move on. :frowning:
    @sufferlandrian - good one!

    I'm going to try to get out for a short run later today but so far I've got nothing. Have a great day.
  • k80flec
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    13th: 5.5 miles purposeful walking, 2.44 m running - MTD 64.94

    Busy day with lots of family as it was my youngest granbaby's first birthday - so I started it with a run, which I followed with a walk round the block with DH - stopping for breakfast at our favourite cafe en route. Set us up nicely for the chaos that followed.

    It was such such a pleasure watching the babies play together.
  • 2essie
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    5.61 miles walked today

    62.06 miles walked to date
  • Tappy44
    Tappy44 Posts: 1,050 Member
    2/13 - 5.13 miles

    MTD - 16.38 miles
  • vhuber
    vhuber Posts: 8,779 Member
    I tried living in the moment but the rent went up and I had to move on. :frowning:

    LOL!!! That made me laugh & sooo very true but I'm trying!
  • Lovemyalex
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    Exercise total for


    25.56 miles (exercise bike) & 1.73 miles (cross trainer) & 2.21 miles walking

    29.50 miles for today

    387.20 miles done MTD
  • cpanus
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    @Dean...you're killin' me! bwahahahh! :D

    Walked w/DH in the dark this morning then went to the gym w/DDD and SIL for a 40 min workout then got on the recumbent for 46 mins then I shopped. Now I'm going to read!!

    2/13 - 7.61 miles
    2/13 - 12.00 bike miles


    Hope everyone has a grand Sunday!

  • anaconda469
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    Forgot to turn off the heat in the house before I started the hamster wheel. About halfway through realized I was just cooking. Oops!

    02/08 - 05.0 miles beach walk
    02/09 - 02.0 miles walking painfully
    02/10 - 14.0 miles cycling trainer
    02/10 - 02.0 miles walking
    02/11 - 01.0 miles walking
    02/12 - 14.0 miles cycling trainer
    02/12 - 02.0 miles walking
    02/13 - 15.0 miles cycling trainer

    Total: 106.0 miles


  • clepant
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    @Dean: Too funny! Thanks for the laugh.
    It was a much better day. It was -11 here and people were running the Cupid 5K in their underwear. So if certain parts of their body no longer function they have only themselves to blame...lol.
    Feb. 22: Hoping to get a long run in tomorrow but I did the hamster dance and completed 6.5 miles running and 3 miles of walking in.
    TTD: 130.15 miles.


  • vhuber
    vhuber Posts: 8,779 Member
    12 on the ex bike after my workout of shoveling heavy wet snow & my intro session of PiYo.
    If you never heard of PiYo, it is pilates/yoga/strength workout led by Chalene Johnson (whom led all the Turbo Jam/Turbo Fire series). I hope my husband can hang in there with me!!!!

  • GrandmaJackie
    GrandmaJackie Posts: 33,489 Member
    2/13 Run 5 miles / Walk 5.5 miles

    As of 2/13 90.25 of 200 miles

  • sufferlandrian
    sufferlandrian Posts: 7,907 Member
    @vhuber - Wow, more power to you on those. They aren't easy. I would rather bike 50 miles. :smile:

    @clepant - Minus 11 degrees! Yikes. I will ride my fat tire in that kind of weather, but I'm not even getting close to the windows or doors when it's that cold! BURRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!
  • Leanz
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    edited February 2016
    6 Feb 4.2 miles
    7 Feb 30.2 miles
    8 Feb 21.5 miles
    9 Feb 30.8miles
    10Feb 34 miles
    11 Feb 37.7miles
    12 Feb 33.5miles
    13 Feb 37.7 miles
    14 Feb 1.9 miles finally a rest day! B)

    MTD 256 miles

    I have had an amazing week doing the Alps to Ocean cycle trail - some difficult trails and some big hills but wonderful weather.

    Better up my goal to 300 miles please
  • momof2boyz832
    momof2boyz832 Posts: 682 Member
    10.78 miles in last night..combo of treadmill and bike (new experience for me)
    TTD 57.83


  • wanderan
    wanderan Posts: 1,369 Member
    adding 7.61 miles

  • sussexbythesea
    sussexbythesea Posts: 1,323 Member
    New ttd 42.5 miles
  • Tappy44
    Tappy44 Posts: 1,050 Member
    2/14 - 4.14 miles

    MTD - 20.52 miles
  • KariD1114
    KariD1114 Posts: 1,095 Member
    2/6-2/13 = 20.03

  • k80flec
    k80flec Posts: 1,600 Member


    14th: 6.48 miles purposeful walking, - MTD 71.42

    Hope everyone got opportunity to feel 'Significant' in some way today. <3<3
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