Monica's OMAD Journal

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I'm Monica
My weight is 121.5 kg
Height 170 cm
My goal range is 65 kg 70 kg
The window of OMAD 16 20
I am starting today OMAD 31.07

Didn't use to keep IF or OMAD before , I hope it will be nice and I know the first 14 days will be difficult , but I plan to overcome these difficulties
I work in shifts one week during the morning till 7 to 15 , another week from 10 to 18 , but I think I will manage with my window chosen
I have a sedentary work, that is IT , my workouts usually consist of walking either alone, or with my dog or with my husband
I have a history chapter full of diets and yoyo , but I hope now it will work
I plan to have menus oriented versus low carb, not keto, but low carb and high protein
I will also try to have some pictures in the next days of my meal

Water and coffee will be the main fasting beverages, tea I like, but not so much
As I am at the beginning , I am a little afraid of splurge days , but we will see after the 14 days of starting OMAD

Thanks for being here in my journey!


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    Welcome to the group!!! :)
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    Thanks!! <3
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    Hi Monica happy to see you here :)
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    Welcome Monica!!!!
    I have been 5 or 6 weeks now into OMAD and didnt feel the need to splurge!
    I am sure you will be fine!!!
    this is an awesome group of people who are walking the talk! I am sure you will receive great support :)
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    Thank you Brenda and Barbara for the warm welcome!
    Day 1 31.07 121.5 kg
    So today a little hunger, a little headache, but respecting the window , I ate from 16 to 17
    My meal of today was 4 turkey meatballs, 2 eggs fried , gouda cheese and a tomato salad


    Beverages : water, coffee all day long
    Today it was a good day!
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    I love that meal. I've been on a smoked gouda kick recently.
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    Thank you Jim!
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    Welcome to the group, Monica! Best to you and your meal looks fab!
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    Thanks Sandy!
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    Welcome Monica, glad to have you here..
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    Thank you Tracey!

    Day2 120.2 kg
    Lost 1.3 kg just by starting OMAD, I know I should go to the scale weekly but just for the beginning I don't think I will have patience to see :)
    At start probably its water loss , but it is a loss

    I will write also here my August goals just to have them in mind

    For me in August I should keep what I started yesterday 31.07, that is OMAD, starting this way of life and keep going
    I want to lose minimum 4 kg this month
    And I want to enjoy this new style with photos of my meals and a nice attitude
    And I want to relax more and be more Zen

    Going to work, wishing you a nice day!
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    Welcome! Awesome loss!!!
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    Thanks Britt!!
    So today less headache, a little hunger but I managed to keep the window 16 - 17
    I am still eating very quick due to hunger, I should eat slower, but I hope this will come in time
    Today low carb pizza made with oat bran and ham , gouda cheese and tomato juice
    Beverages water, coffee with some cream which was not a good idea , tomorrow without cream


    A good day also today!

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    Welcome to the group and congrats on the great start! There is a monthly goal group thread as well if you want to post your August goals with them.
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    Thanks Jason , I posted also there but I wanted to have them also here just to not forget them!
    Question about Apple Vinegar, it matters if it is taken before meals ? Or it does not matter ? Yesterday and today I forgot about it and drink it just after the window
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    Day 3
    119.4 kg
    Lost another 0.8 kg , I know is water , I know I will also stall some timetime but still happy
    My Home Pc was broken yesterday so I will write from work, hopefully today it will be repaired
    Wishing you all the best !
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    Day 3
    119.4 kg
    Lost another 0.8 kg
  • pessxx
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    Don't know why I cannot post anymore ...
  • pessxx
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    It's ok now
    So Day 3
    119.4 kg
    Lost another 0.8 kg
  • pessxx
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    Day 3 119.4 kg , lost another 0.8 kg, happy