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    Congratulations on meeting your goal, @amynew4u!! That's awesome. Glad we're doing this together! You inspire me, my friend!
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    Good morning all! This is my second month on this challenge, only managed just over 2# Dec but was just so thankful it was a loss and not another gain. Over the last year in particular, I have just gained and gained with no control.
    I'm 51, 5'2", mum of 2 adults (yikes where did that time go) and wife of 1!
    Been tracking faithfully, and on my new treadmill 4x /wk. Treadmill died today, so really hoping my Mr Fixit husband can do his magic - feel super frustrated.
  • zimborunner
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    Week 1 of January
    Username:- zimborunner
    PW:- 174
    CW:- 174
    Really hoping to see some good loss this month. DH is away 2 weeks so that will help keeping me in control of just me.

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    Good morning all! This is my second month on this challenge, only managed just over 2# Dec but was just so thankful it was a loss and not another gain. Over the last year in particular, I have just gained and gained with no control.
    I'm 51, 5'2", mum of 2 adults (yikes where did that time go) and wife of 1!
    Been tracking faithfully, and on my new treadmill 4x /wk. Treadmill died today, so really hoping my Mr Fixit husband can do his magic - feel super frustrated.

    Hi I'm 5'1, so similar. Go for a walk/run in the street instead? If you're self conscious, go at night. All the best
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    Hi folks,
    I'm still recovering from this flu/ whatever else it's become. I'll post weigh in reminders tomorrow morning. Celebrating New year's in style be trying to sleep....
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    Hope you feel better soon, @LesIckaBod!
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    Awesome Amy, good for you. Zimborunner, hang in there, maybe walk outdoors or walk in place inside to a video. Just move some till you can get your treadmill back. Lesickabod, hope you feel better. I just exercised today after being sick 12 days. Rest till your better, you will get back in the groove. Happy New Year to all.
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    Hello team Gutbusters.

    Little late to the party this month. Happy New Year.

    I will be your coach again for this month (when I can - I travel a bit and cannot always check in). My role here is to help motivate, encourage.

    I am also moderator for the TBL challenge (but Ashley ( @AB0215. ) has been doing most of the heavy lifting recently with my work travel commitments being insane). I rely heavily on the support of the team captains to make this successful as it is too much for one person to do alone.

    Les (@LesIckaBod.) has done an amazing job last few months and is continuing as captain for this month. As team captain, Les' primary role is to also help motivate and encourage the team. The captains secondary role is to keep the weight tracking spreadsheet up to date based on people's poset weigh in's. Les has gone from over 212.2lbs to 170.3lbs while in TBL. Lots of experience and worth listening to.

    Les is looking for a co-captain. As Les has been doing this for a while, I'm assistance would be appreciated.

    As coach, I am running an optional mini-challenge within the Gutbusters team again this month.

    Now an introduction:

    I am a happily married 50yo father of one. I live in Melbourne Australia. I am passionate about helping people. Late August last year I passed my minimum goal weight (70kg - down from 91.5kg) and am now trying to maintain without bouncing back too far. I achieved the reduction in 4 months (so 40+ lbs in 4 months). I have kept the weight off for over 12 months now.

    As I am now actively trying to NOT lose weight. At BMI 20.6 and less than 8% body fat, it would be crazy (if not dangerous) for me to try lose more weight.

    (Why would someone not losing weight want to help run a weight loss challenge? Because it helps so many people and I feel I have so much to share. I learned so much losing weight that I seems a shame to not have it benefit others.).

    About the mini-challenge.

    First and foremost is that participation in this challenge is optional. It's up to you as to whether you want to try this. (If you take the attitude that "this is not what I signed up for", that is up to you).

    I used the principles of this challenge to win July (6.29% - down 10.8 lbs) and August (6.44% - down 10.4 lbs). Following this challenge does work.

    The challenge is based on another challenge on MFP called UAC (ultimate accountability challenge). The way UAC works is that the aim is to follow 5 basic rules.
    1. Track EVERYTHING you eat that has calories on MFP.
    2. Stay inside your allocated daily budget.
    3. Do at least 20 minutes of activity a day (anything: walk, run, cycle, swim, gardening, housework, yoga, gym, etc.. As long as it gets you active and off the couch)
    4. 1 pass day permitted per week (went over calories, could not track, not enough exercise, intentional pass)
    5. Check in daily (tracking yes/no, calories yes/no, exercise yes/no).
    End of the week. those who have managed to keep to plan for 6 out of 7 days are recognised in the thread as being part of the weekly "winners circle".

    Using this strategy of consistent tracking and minimal exercise I have set a lifestyle plan that should keep me in my target weight range. (has for the last month :) )

    I liked this strategy as:
    • No dietary restrictions. (fine for vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, carnivore, etc...)
    • Works with whatever strategy you may want to follow. (keto, 5:2, 16:8, atkins, etc..).
    • You set your own daily budget (MFP helps with this).
    • You choose you own exercise and intensity (no step limit, no exercises you cannot or should not do, 20 mins of gardening counts as much as a 10mile run).
    • Is not weight based (as weight fluctuates day by day).
    • Can continue beyond weight loss.

    Daily check in keeps you in touch with those doing similar. Longer term weight management is hard to do on your own.

    It also has frequent resets (as in a circle each week).

    It works on an honor system. Being honest with yourself and others is a key to making things work.

    Consistency and new habits have been shown the only long term successful way to change weight. We all want the progress made here to last a lifetime.

    You will find out more from me as the weeks go on. I have done A LOT of research into weight loss, diets, health and strength. I will happily share what I have learned with the group.

    My commitment to this group is to post my daily results for this accountability tracking (and help out where I can).

    So welcome January Gutbusters.
  • craigo3154
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    December 27
    Exercised?: Yes. (3km in 24mins - hills)
    Calories?: Yes
    Tracked?: Yes

    Took friend FPV flying today.

    Very warm (38C - 100F).

    Late walk, right on dusk.

    December 28
    Exercised?: Yes. (packing for holidays, travelling, unpacking, over 10000 steps)
    Calories?: Yes
    Tracked?: Yes

    Nephews birthday (11th). Lunch at Sisters place before checking into resort.

    Weeks leave. Still intend on staying active and tracking.

    December 29
    Exercised?: Yes. (3km in 24 mins - hills)
    Calories?: Yes
    Tracked?: Yes

    Took daughter to skating back near home, so got walk in at home before returning to resort with daughter and her friend.

    Resort less than 90 min drive from home.

    December 30
    Exercised?: Yes. (4km in 30mins - flat)
    Calories?: Yes
    Tracked?: Yes

    Walk to find flying spots. (Brought a race drone with me on holiday).

    December 31
    Exercised?: Yes. (4km in 40mins - flat)
    Calories?: Yes
    Tracked?: Yes

    Walk with wife, daughter and her friend to lunch. (Also walk to go flying and to the beach and ....) I keep active while on vacation. Makes for a better vacation.

    Happy New Year everyone.

    (This is a catch up post - As I am on holidays and have infrequent internet access, regular posting is difficult. Even on leave I still track and maintain weight. Health management does not stop even when on holidays. The idea is to come back from holidays refreshed and ready to go, not having to work harder to shed any excess gained while away).
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    Exercised yes calories yes (doing 1300 this month) tracked yes
  • craigo3154
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    January 1
    Exercised?: Yes. (4km in 32 mins - mostly flat)
    Calories?: Yes
    Tracked?: Yes

    Walked to my sisters from the resort to help her with iPad issues (family tech support :) ).

    Also lots of other walking and swimming and even some drone flying.

    Hope everyone will have a great New Year. Time to forgive the past and work toward a better future.
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    Hope you feel better soon, @LesIckaBod!

    Thanks @BonnieHosk85 . I wish I'd gone to the doctor a week ago - I usually bounce back pretty quickly, so I didn't want to waste one of our vacation days sitting in a walk-in clinic but that decision is coming back to haunt me. Feels like everyday I think, ok, I'm a little better! And then something new happens. Today is the rise of congestion!
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    lacatgirl wrote: »
    Username: lacatgirl
    WI Day: Friday
    Starting Weight / Previous Weight: 176.5

    Hey - so my Week One CW date would be friday jan that correct?

    @lacatgirl We have you as a Saturday weigher, so Saturday Jan 5 is the Week 1 weigh-in (first CW) for you. We have your last weight from the December weigh-in as 174.3. You can check the info on the spreadsheets for yourself - both Dec and Jan are linked on the main TBL page
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    dommylifts wrote: »
    Hello!! I’ve been a part of The Biggest Loser challenge since November. November I had great results, December I fell off the bandwagon a bit with posting and with my nutrition. I believe my saving grace was my obsessive need to exercise daily.
    My resolution for 2019 is “healing” and part of that is healing my body. I know this group will get me back on track if I allow it too, and that is my plan. I want to heal my gut, get back on track with my nutrition and finally reach 140 pounds (that is my ultimate by summer time goal).
    Here’s to a happy health journey in January! We all know January feels like the longest month of the year so let’s take that time to really devote and treat our bodies with the respect they deserve.

    Great words, @dommylifts! My goal is 23% body fat, which is probably around 145, although I've not been exercising and while sick and I've probably lost some muscle, so maybe it's more like 140 today. Anyway, I'm in the fight with you (at least, once I get better! Ugh!)
  • LesIckaBod
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    amynew4u wrote: »
    Username: amynew4u
    Week: January Week 1
    PW: 280
    CW: 276

    Hi to all and welcome! December was my first month with Gutbusters and it really helped me stay on track! I started MFP October 21 at 301# and set my first mini goal at 275 by Dec. 31. Keeping it real - missed it by 1 pound!!

    Into January we go - we’ll be here for each other! There are ots of rock stars on this team!

    Are we doing daily accountability?

    Glad to have you back with us, @amynew4u! Yes, still doing daily accountability -- sorry I've not been role-modeling that these past couple of weeks!
  • LesIckaBod
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    Happy New Years, Gutbusters! Today's Tuesday, and so I'm looking for weights from our Tuesday weighers:


    Please use this format to post your weights:
    January Week 1
    Previous Weight:
    Current Weight:

    And it looks like we're still missing a few from Sunday and Monday, too:


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    Hi All! Happy New Year! 🎊🎆

    I’m a high school English teacher, and I’m also going to graduate school to get my masters in literature. I try to eat mostly paleo, and I love interval running, swimming, and dancing. Rather than focusing on calories, I aim to eat clean each day and exercise. Especially in the winter, I find that 30 minutes of cardio each day helps clear my mind and boost my mood.

    I’d love to one day get back to my college weight of 135-140, but I’d feel very accomplished if I hit 145 by the end of the month (an 8 pound loss). I like the idea of posting daily check-ins, particularly around exercise. I try not to overdo it with calorie counting, so I may do a check in where I say whether or not I was paleo, if I exercised, and if I weighed myself (my three daily goals for January. Bonus goal: spend time in nature)

    Yesterday I ran a mile and then did two rounds of BBG. I weighed myself, but didn’t stick to paleo at a NYE party.

    Let’s go team! Have a great day!!
  • tnknoxt
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    For whatever reason I quit working out and eating right last August. Of course I gained 25lbs. Now I’m back to square one. I’m really excited to be in a group and have people share their struggles/successes!!
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    Question/problem, my scale was lying to me last week! So I actually am at 220 rather than 210.
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