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  • Stimpy56
    Stimpy56 Posts: 585 Member
    January 4
    Exercise - yes (30 minutes Elliptical and 20 on treadmill)
    Tracked - yes
    Within calories - NO (its my cheat night)
  • jaweeston
    jaweeston Posts: 27 Member
    January 4
    Track- yes
    Calories- no went over a little
    Exercise- yes
  • beachb2027
    beachb2027 Posts: 33 Member
    Tracking: yes
    Calories: no, I went over today
    Exercise: yes
  • kkmark
    kkmark Posts: 557 Member
    LesIckaBod wrote: »
    kkmark wrote: »
    Username kkmark
    January Week 1
    Previous Weight:163.5
    Current Weight:161.9

    @kkmark Great loss for the week! Actually, we have you down as 164 for the last week of December (and 163.5 for Week 3 of December) - so your loss for this week is even greater!

    Thank you
  • AnnaZimm70
    AnnaZimm70 Posts: 218 Member
    January Week 1
    PR 193.2
    CW 189.2
  • craigo3154
    craigo3154 Posts: 2,572 Member
    LesIckaBod wrote: »

    @craigo3154 Thanks for sharing this advice with @amynew4u and the rest of us! I've been off exercise since I got sick, and I've continued to lose. With low appetite, I've had to push myself to eat some more calorie dense items at some meals.

    I have to admit, I worry a bit about what kind of weight I'm losing right now -- fat is good loss, muscle is not -- but I'm focused on getting healthy.

    @LesIckaBod. Generally you need to be off exercise for quite a while greater than a month to start really losing muscle. Even then, the first thing you lose is tone before size.

    If you have been in calorie deficit for a while and been more on an keto/atkins style diet (ie. low carb), the body would already be conditioned to fat burning more than protein scavenging.

    Even if you do start to lose muscle tone and then size, the good news is that is it fairly quick to re-build (without adding fat).

    The most important thing to do when ill is REST. Only when well should you look at trying to sculpt the body you desire (balance muscle/fat composition and build specific muscle groups).

    The technical term or body sculpting is recomposition. There are a number of sections on MFP (and other forums) dedicated to this topic. You can only effectively re-comp once to get to a desired weight.
  • craigo3154
    craigo3154 Posts: 2,572 Member
    Username: craigo3154
    Weigh in week: Week 1
    Weigh in day: Wednesday
    Previous Week's Weight: (63.0kg) 138.9
    Todays Weight: (63.1kg) 139.1

    First chance to weigh in on Saturday as was away all week. Does not tell a full story, as before going away I was as low as 62.1kg. Still kept active while on holidays with family and was happy to remain round the 63kg mark.
  • craigo3154
    craigo3154 Posts: 2,572 Member
    January 5
    Exercised?: Yes. (5km in 38 mins - hills)
    Calories?: Yes
    Tracked?: Yes

    Cold day after yesterdays heat. Little bit of rain around. Late walk after dinner.

    Spent most of the day getting quads working for flying tomorrow. Nothing major, just correcting a few issues.
  • jaweeston
    jaweeston Posts: 27 Member
    Sorry for those who are ill. If I am running a fever I don’t work out ( why would I spread my gunk). Craig is sooo correct. Exercise helps maintain weight loss and for me helps my moods and helps me “move, but how we eat is the main factor in weight loss. I have lost over 50# this past 12 months and took off twice for over 12 days because my granddaughter slammed me with bronchitis or colds. I still lost weight and returned to exercise when I stooped coughing or could breathe normally again. Hang in there.
  • fe452436
    fe452436 Posts: 255 Member
    January week 1
    Weigh in day:Friday
    Previous weight:189 lbs
    Current weight:191.5 lbs
  • BonnieHosk85
    BonnieHosk85 Posts: 2,552 Member
    January 5, 2019
    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? 20 minutes on recumbent bike
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes
  • BonnieHosk85
    BonnieHosk85 Posts: 2,552 Member
    @corriepelc, congrats on your great loss. Hard work pays off, for sure!
  • jaweeston
    jaweeston Posts: 27 Member
    January 5
    Track: yes
    Calories: no
  • LesIckaBod
    LesIckaBod Posts: 719 Member
    Folks, I'm checking in from the road again tonight. Saturday weighers, please post if you haven't yet, and I'll be home tomorrow afternoon to update the spreadsheet. Have a good weekend, all!
  • 12Sarah2015
    12Sarah2015 Posts: 1,117 Member
    It's 2pm and I've just eaten all my calories! I went to the pool for two hours, just splashing about with toddlers, so I've used up some energy but not sure how much. Time for more exercise and just a salad for dinner I think
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