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  • Robandy12345
    Robandy12345 Posts: 265 Member
    Exercise hit my target of 10,000 steps but didn’t eat great. Hopefully I will continue to feel better and get some more intense exercise in next week. I was surprised with my loss this week but being sick it was hard.
  • craigo3154
    craigo3154 Posts: 2,572 Member
    January 6
    Exercised?: Yes. (setup one drone track, tear down two)
    Calories?: Yes
    Tracked?: Yes

    Good day's flying. Better yet, no real damage (props don't count :) ).

    Car battery died. Will need to get alternator replaced as it does not seem to be charging the battery. But with work starting tomorrow, finding time (and a mechanic) will be interesting.
  • Reine2019
    Reine2019 Posts: 16 Member
    Username: Reine2019
    Week: January Week 2
    PW: 240.4 lbs
    CW: 240.6 lbs
  • Stimpy56
    Stimpy56 Posts: 585 Member
    January 5
    Exercise - yes
    Tracked - yes
    Within calories - yes
  • WishfulThinning18
    WishfulThinning18 Posts: 125 Member
    Previous 283.4
    Current 276.4
  • corriepelc
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    @corriepelc, congrats on your great loss. Hard work pays off, for sure!

    Thank you, @BonnieHosk85! :D
  • cjscoey
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    @LesIckaBod am I not in this month, I didn’t see my name on the spreadsheet, no big deal, I can wait until next month. Thanks!
  • LesIckaBod
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    cjscoey wrote: »
    @LesIckaBod am I not in this month, I didn’t see my name on the spreadsheet, no big deal, I can wait until next month. Thanks!

    @cjscoey Hmm, looks like you weren't on the December spreadsheet by the end, so that's probably why you didn't roll over onto the Jan spreadsheet. I think we can get you added back, but do you have a starting weight and preferred weigh-in day?
  • LesIckaBod
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    It's January, Week 2, Gutbusters!

    Here's a reminder for our Sunday and Monday weighers:

    @BonnieHosk85 - way to go on your loss!
    @WishfulThinning18 - Great loss this week, too!


    @Eevang - NYE in NYC? Meet the parents? Sounds like "the guy you're dating" might need a new title soon! (I say, like an old busybody aunt)
    @Stacy556 - Way to stick with your plan and see a loss! There's nothing like consistency for achieving your goals!

    (@craigo3154 and @bonniehosk85 -- whichever of you completed the spreadsheet in my absence, thank you!!)
  • LesIckaBod
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    edited January 2019

    Ps how do we see our team standings each week or will there be an announcement?

    @Runnerjess119 We usually make an announcement :smile: You can always find the info linked off the main TBL page, but I try to summarize the results relevant for our team, too. Speaking of that....

    The TEAM Biggest Loser...
    1st - Gutbusters. - 0.55%
    2nd - The Slimsons. - 0.44%
    3rd - Run Track Minds. - 0.43%

    Top 3 Individual % by Team:

    1st - @Ajsheppard82. - 2.51%
    2nd - @beachb2027. - 2.26%
    3rd - @Gyrl_on_A_Journey. - 2.22%

    Overall Pounds Lost by Team
    Gutbusters - 32.1 lbs.

  • LesIckaBod
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    edited January 2019
    Got home this afternoon from our vacation. We drove 1100 miles each way, and super hero husband did it all because I felt yuck the whole vacay and have been on meds that make me drowsy. The boys were honestly all that you could hope for them to be, and no screen time the whole way, just listening to stories on headphones, looking at books (they don't read yet) and drawing on paper. A bit of fighting, but they wouldn't be human if they didn't fight after being buckled in and uncomfortable for so long.

    I'm am ready to be well again. In terms of managing a weight loss mindset right now, the hardest part is that I don't really have an appetite, but the textures of food make a difference in their desirability. Soups are desirable or at least palatable and on plan, but my normally beloved hard-boiled eggs have not been appealing, and I've had to force myself to eat chicken. Of course, ice cream has been super appealing!

    One good outcome of being sick: my extreme coffee addiction has been erased, at least temporarily, with no pain, because coffee has been disgusting to me while sick.
  • BonnieHosk85
    BonnieHosk85 Posts: 2,552 Member
    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? 20 minutes on recumbent bike; chased the dog in the dog park for 45 minutes
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes
  • AnnaZimm70
    AnnaZimm70 Posts: 218 Member
    January 6
    Exercise - yes (walking trails 38 min., walked on treadmill 31 min.)
    Tracked - yes
    Within calories - yes
  • BonnieHosk85
    BonnieHosk85 Posts: 2,552 Member
    @LesIckaBod, must have been Craig. I still only have "view" access. Thanks!
  • lacatgirl
    lacatgirl Posts: 353 Member
    WI Friday 1/4 - 175lbs
  • jaweeston
    jaweeston Posts: 27 Member
    January 6th
    Exercise-Yes—treadmill 30 min. Then floor work and 60 sit ups
    Track food-Yes
    Stay in calorie limit- Yes
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