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    salmon was baked and really tasty.
    8/6 = 2,997
    8/7 = 5,684

    Leaving for a weekend camping trip in a free hours, might have to weigh in on Monday. Should be interesting, I'm really not a camper. My no for the weekend: no being crabby. Relax, enjoy the time off, and it might even be fun.
  • angmarie28
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    I got home at 530 yesterday morning, Other than cleaning out my van from our trip, I gave zero f**ks and didnt track or exercise, today however Im back in full swing, about to go lift weights, and getting back on my calorie counting. Going to drop the 5 pounds I gained the past couple weeks as quick as I can :)
  • kcpond
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    July Week 1
    Past Week: 227.4
    Current Week: 226.4
  • jenready
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    8/7 6,078
  • mulecanter
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    Had a nice hour swim, the water and weather were great. I'm going to the store and I'm NOT going to buy yogurt. It seems to be counterproductive and seductive.
  • DreaRN15
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    8/6 - 3655
    8/7 - 2960
  • kmfeig87
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    Thursday weigh in
    Week 1
    PW 132
    CW 130.5
  • kateberard
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    Hopefully next weeks weigh-in will be better when I won’t have all the bloating..
  • jenready
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    8/8 6,059
  • SaraMakingChanges
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    I’m saying NO to Friday overeating.

    My day started as most Friday’s seem to lately - with an urge to eat! This is the down side to working from home one day a week.

    I already ate a healthy, but heavier than usual, breakfast and a solid snack and it’s only 10 am! Usually on work days I don’t start eating until 10 to maintain my fast schedule....

    Anyways, to put a stop to my urge I have planned out the rest of my days calories and ensured it meets my macro goals.

    I will not stray from that plan today!!!!
  • DreaRN15
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    8/8 - 3039
  • kmfeig87
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    8/4 13,578
    8/5 11,585
    8/6 16,265
    8/7 14,258
    8/8 18,667
  • jessicakrall8
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    @SaraMakingChanges I wish I had your strength!!

    After returning from my family home in KY, I just haven't been able to pull it together...calories haven't been bad, but consistency has been non-existent! I've basically been pulling things out of my rabbit hat to eat all week...luckily I haven't completely fallen, but today was hard...I've walked the past three days but today has been a challenge. I'm on vacation next week (staycation I should say) and trying to get everything wrapped up today AND get steps in, tonight, I'm finding every excuse I can to talk my house...nearly done now, but I'm so tired...cross your fingers that I'll get it done! I have a leisurely weekend planned and a book to finish. I'll go out a few times and walk somewhere air conditioned...just too humid and stormy for anything else.

    Did I mention that I have to replace my roof? It's been a week for the record books, I tell ya! UGH! Calgon take me away!!!

  • jessicakrall8
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    OK steppers...there's a few of ya who haven't sent me a single step starting with Aug 4th...I'm feeling a little ignored. If you catch up tomorrow, I'll forgive ya...otherwise, I'm just gonna lie down in the middle of the floor and throw a little hissy me, it would NOT be pretty!
  • jessicakrall8
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  • jessicakrall8
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    kmfeig87 wrote: »
    The bad news this week is that I had a breast biopsy last week that came back positive for invasive lobular carcinoma. Hence the stress. I don't have any details other than a diagnosis. I'll meet with the team of doctors next Wednesday and find out prognosis and treatment options.

    I will be praying for you, my friend...if you need to talk, we're here for you. Wow, that's a handful...(hugs)
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