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    The difference between OX and regular 14 is not all that big depending on the style. Try to concentrate on the fit rather than numbers. I have clothes now that range from medium, large and extra large.

    Some things still fit better in plus - like jackets that need room for heavier sweaters or sweats. It’s the curse of excess boobage. I hate tight clothes too.

    It was Bermuda shorts and pull on linen blend shorts. I feel like I definitely could have gone regular 14 the pull ons, however, another reason to stick with the 14w vs 14 for now is length. I like longer shorts, at a bare minimum past mid thigh and even to top of knee is okay. Plus sized clothing fits longer.

    My 18yo daughter has the same brand and style of athletic shorts that I wear, but hers are either a small or a medium. They are much shorter on her than my 2x were on me when I first got them and they fit right. Heck, even the XL I tried on we're longer than those, but definitely shorter than the plus sized.