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    Check in for Wednesday
    Food IF on track
    Water good
    Exercise C25K, 30 min walk, 30 min yoga, plank challenge
    Steps 13,610
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    Surprise surprise no line at the DMV! (We're not fancy enough for appointments here). I even arrived a bit after they opened as I wanted to get a short walk with the dogs in first. Celebrated my unexpected free time (@mrsbell8well... did you see this morning's e-mail from Natalie Bacon about time scarcity?) and good fortune with a rare indulgence... I stopped into a local cafe who makes the most wonderful scones and splurged on a delicious huckleberry and lemon scone. I actually sat down to enjoy it with a cup of coffee rather than scarfing it down on the go!! A darling little old man even flirted with me! OK, back on track with healthy eating in preparation for next weigh in day.

    @Cafelelia I've been putting collagen in my morning coffee for a couple of years. My nails are definitely stronger and I think the elasticity of my skin has improved. I wish my hair would grow long and luxurious but we can't have everything. LOL Good luck if you choose to try it. Hope your boys feel better soon!
    Can you tell I live my life to eat? I am either eating, looking forward to eating, cooking, meal planning or shopping.
    I feel the same way @Mrsbell8well! I'm either eating, thinking about my next meal or planning what I'm going to make. I don't particularly enjoy clothes shopping but I love checking out new grocery stores. Eating nutritious, healthy food is important since I'm so obsessed with it and all things that go along with it :smile:

    As to everyone talking about Ritz crackers, count me in as a fan!! They're definitely a trigger food for me so I avoid them whenever possible. Whatever a serving size actually is, I would never know!

    Hope everyone's week is going well so far! Friday is almost here!!
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    Busy day & made instant pot chicken soup for my sick guys, which they loved.

    @nstephenson01 - Congratulations on the amazing loss!! Nice to see you getting results from IF & being so organized with your plan. That scone treat was well deserved!! (I love scones yummm). Thanks for letting me know about the collagen. I am trying it but my research says that it takes a number of weeks to see results. It is supposed to help joints and my thinking is that if my joints are healthier, this can help with my sciatica recovery.

    @mrsbell8well - I do think less is more when it comes to clothes. I love all fall clothing in particular, but I am being very mindful this year to purchase only something needed (which is not much!). Good going on the blog course! New Hampshire is lovely & that would be a nice place to retire! I want to retire somewhere warm, which does not exist in Canada. So I hope to join (eventually) the many Canadian snowbirds somewhere in the US!

    @lennoncpa - You can still have a perfect week, just with one relapse with gas station/ritz crackers! I agree with @Mrsbell8well, it is great you are telling us, and try to log here when you have the gas station urge. It is worth looking into this habit a bit more and why you are doing it. I had an issue with convenience store chips a few years back, when I would go out after the kids were sleeping & binge on chips. There was something soothing about going out for a walk to the corner store just for that, and just for me. The chips were good to a point, but kind of made me feel sick too. I did this during a really busy period when my kids were little & demanding & my job was super stressful. For me, the habit made me feel like I could carve out a quiet space for just me and treat myself. It took me a while to figure it all out. I read a bunch of books and even saw a doctor about the psychology of it. Eventually, I had to replace that habit with a series of smaller, healthier habits. I still love chips, and occasionally partake, but no longer as part of the stress relieving ritual that I developed.

    @Barbb1557 - That doctor visit was an amazing NSV!! Congratulations!

    @hope002 - Great day yesterday!! Love the plank challenge!!
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    @Mrsbell8well and @Cafelelia thanks for the tips. That’s what I should have done- posted on this discussion board and maybe it would have stopped me! Hopefully I will think to post here before I act out my urges!!

    It’s funny, when I first started on My Fitness Pal (MFP) I had a fitness buddy and we were trying to support each other. I told him about my late night trips to the gas stations and he told me that the next time I went he wanted me to do a selfie with the cashier! Sort of like being shamed into honesty! The fear of having to ask the cashier to do a selfie with me kept me straight for awhile!! My buddy has disappeared off of MFP and I’m not sure whatever became of him but whenever I’m cashing out I think about that!
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    Week 2
    Pw 188
    Cw 189
  • ljdanny
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    Well I knew I would have a gain. I had a lot of cake this week and very few workouts. The cake is gone now and I went to the store and bought some healthy food. Hoping for a great week.

    @Mrsbell8well what part of New Hampshire do you like? I live in New Hampshire it's a nice state lots to do. I wish my husband would hike because there are a lot of nice places to go.
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    Thursday Check In
    Food: a little under again
    Water: 105 oz
    Steps: 6182
    Exercise: 30 minute walk

    Had a doctors appt. today. BP was 114/74 and it's been around that for the past 3 months. No longer hypertensive or prediabetic! My doctor also called me 'young and healthy' today. I have a LONG way to go, but it was amazing to hear. 53 lbs. ago, I lived every day thinking I could easily have a heart attack at any time. And now I feel like I CAN get my health back and that it isn't too late. I can't even explain what that feels like.

    @Mrsbell8well I live in NC! Aren't you in VA? I was born and raised in VA and lived there for 29 years. It's a beautiful state! I would love the recipe for your vegan salisbury steak! Salisbury steak if one of my favorites!

    @nstephenson01 Yay! Congratulations on your loss! That's amazing!
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    I enjoyed my Aunt's visit. It was so much fun to have her here. She is such a cutie!
    I got very bad news about my friend who had the stroke. The one I went to see in May. Things have gotten so bad that they were evicted from their house! She has two special needs adult children and her husband I think has lost his mind from the stress. He won't accept help from her family, gives very little information out and the only reason we know they were evicted is he allowed his son to call my friend's sister. Sadly, I think her family needs to take legal action and get custody of her and the two boys. I wish he would just let people help. I think he wants to be in control and doesn't want to be told what to do even if it is for the best. I don't know if I told you all she was hospitalized for another stroke a month ago. I don't even know what condition she is in now. I feel so helpless.

    @nstephenson01 Nice loss! I hope you are feeling better soon so you can get back to your routine. No line at the DMV? That is amazing! Sounds like you had a nice morning :)
    @Mrsbell8well Thank you! I always feel bad when I am not able to be active on here. You are so well organized and productive! How inspiring!
    @lennoncpa Don't be mad at yourself. What can you learn from this? What can you do next time instead of going to the gas station? Maybe write in a journal or on here as suggested earlier? I am sure when you aren't in the stress of the moment you can think of things that you can do instead of leaving.
    @Barbb1557 I am glad that your doctor's visit went so well. You probably don't need that water pill anymore since you lost all that weight. You have been doing so well and having a great doctor's visit proves it!
    @hope002 Amazing day yesterday! Your workouts are inspiring!
    @ljdanny Sounds like you are already setting yourself up for a good week. You just need to get back into your routine. You got this!
    @amytriesww Awesome news at your doctor's visit! You can't get much better of a report than that. You have been putting your all into this and it shows!
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    Check in for Thursday
    Food IF on track
    Water good
    Exercise 30 min strength, 30 yoga, 65 min walk, plank challenge
    Steps 12,048 (goal 12k 😊😊)

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    Week 2
    Cw: 143.2

    Not sure what my pw was, but it was lower. I know what I need to do, and started listening to PnP yesterday. I just got to start doing something... and not make excuses.
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    Week 2
    PW - 160.8
    CW - 158.0

    What makes me happy about this loss is that I have now lost half of what I gained in July & August when I reinjured. So I really think IF is working for me. It is not just the time-restricted eating (10 hour window for eating, 14 hour window no eating). I think IF is prompting me to make better choices when I do eat. It also helps that my leg is feeling better and I can increase activity a bit. The experiment continues in Week 3!

    @sleepymom5 - I am so sorry about your friend. What a terrible situation. Sending you a big hug and am praying for her and her family.

    @hope002 - Another great day and congratulations for meeting your step goal!!

    @Julie8468 - I had a look at the spreadsheet and you were at 142.8. Not a huge gain and I would say it is a maintain. It is great that you checked in this week and starting up again by listening to PnP. We are here for you and you’ve got this!

    @lennoncpa - Excellent loss and steps as well!! You are doing great!
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    Hi everyone - If you don’t know already, @sleepymom5 and I mark you posted current weight as “insightful”, to let one another know that we have posted it on the team spreadsheet. Just know that we “like” & “hug” too but just can’t mark it that way!
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    Thursday Check In
    Food: logged and on track
    Water: 80 oz
    Steps: 5744
    Exercise: 30 minute walk and PT

    I probably should start doing my check in at night, I forget the details by the am and have to look back Lol! Not a big loss but I am happy. I am also using it as motivation of how good it could have been if I had stayed on track this weekend. I have another potential blow it weekend but I really think I have a realistic plan. Today is good. I am bringing a salad home with me for dinner. Tomorrow is my future daughter in laws Bridal shower. I know the menu so I am good. Also, dessert is cheese cake which is the one cake I don't like!! I also will be driving so I won't be drinking, I don't even think I will have one because I like sweet wine or prosecco and that isn't on the menu. Which is good. I also will be nervous. I am not good with small talk with people I don't know. After the shower will be more challenging, we are going to go to the bar. My best friend is coming and staying over so we will eat dinner there and stay a bit. I don't think this will be too bad either. My husband said they had a special with scallops and shrimp and pasta. It sounded good. I am thinking of asking to have it over lettuce instead of pasta. I have to look into it a little more though. I also don't think drinking will be bad. I will stick to my one before, during and after plan but I don't think that I will have that much. My friend can't drink any more. She physically gets pain now. She was a big drinker in the past and also now an insulin dependant diabetic . It took this pain to get her to stop. Liquor and sweets give her pain. Don't worry, she is under a doctor's care so she's has been hospitalized, tested and this is a huge wake up call for her. (By the way, she asked about going to the bar, it wasn't my idea.) I am also bringing the cut up veggies from my aunt home so we can have it for a snack if we are talking later and she wants to snack. Sunday is the day I have been dreading but it has to be done. I am going to look for a dress for the wedding. She is going with me. I have to go on Sunday as I am running out of time. My daughters can't make it. MK will be back at school, Shannon is working and Nicole is having company(for her dogs 1st bd can you believe it...) I am sure we will go out to breakfast and maybe lunch. I will have eggs and Canadian bacon for breakfast, if we go to lunch I will have a salad. I would like to go right to the shore after that. Busy week going back and forth and then the last guests arrive Thursday-Sunday.

    @hope002 Awesome loss!! I am glad that last week you didn't get freaked out by the number on the scale and give up. You were right, it was from working out and it came right off, and then some! Keep it going girl! You are doing so well!!
    @Julie8468 You didn't do that badly, you are only up 0.4 lbs. So whatever you have been doing, it wasn't as bad as you thought. That being said, you are right, you do need to start getting serious and not making excuses. I know how well you do when you are focused and on track and I know you can do this. If you are listening to PNP, you know she is all about small changes that are doable. Just start there, plan and make just small changes that you will do. It does add up. You are not alone, remember you can check in here, we are not only here for when you are doing well, when you aren't is when you may need us more. I am right with you by the way, I need to get serious and stop making excuses too! Hugs!
    @lennoncpa Nice loss! You do great with your workouts. Like most of us, you have some struggles with eating but you are focused and know what you need to work on. Awesome job this week!
    @Cafelelia Wow! Already 1/2 of the weight off from July/August! That is awesome! You really jumped right back in and are doing so well. Even with all that life throws at you, you still stay on course. Thanks for the prayers for my friend too. I appreciate it. We go been friends since second grade. :( Her physical condition is bad enough but now all the rest is horrifying.
    @carlsoda I think with everything going on, you should focus on maintaining. Be careful though. You don't want to put on weight now either. I know you will get right back into your usual routine once everything is settled but try to continue making the best choices you can and not overeating. You can do it!
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    So I wrote out a nice message before but forgot to click “post reply”. I hate when I do that! I strictly use MFP on my phone so most of it is one finger typing!! Grrrr!!!

    Anyways I was saying that I was glad I didn’t just throw in the towel after one bad night - which is usually what I do!

    Tonight I have a line dance/birthday party and i plan on eating at home before I go since I figured the food will probably not include healthy choices. And I plan on drinking lots of water, dancing a lot and skipping the birthday cake! Cyndie always said it’s good to have a plan 😀
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    Friday weigh in
    Week 2
    PW 164
    CW 164

    I think I have been maintaining for a while and should be about to drop a couple pounds
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