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    Not a great week. I had a great weekend last weekend in the Netherlands with my family celebrating a 40th and 50th birthday as will as a 20th wedding anniversary with too much good food.

    During the week, I had some long days, with a few too many bad food decisions.

    But it's a new week and better choices!
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    Things here still going well. Finally have a weekend off. Trying to finish the bathroom painting and starting in my bedroom. Changed the light switch and outlets from the cream of decades past to white so it will match the white trim. Weight down in the 161’s the last three days. Hoping to confirm progress away from the plateau by Tuesday, but feeling good about things from recent weigh ins. Okay - back to painting. Have a great weekend team!
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    Week 3's Group Challenge is posted in a new thread, so I'm posting it here as well. Hope to see you all participate starting tomorrow!

    Not sure everyone knows, but I'm currently undergoing serious house renovations due to a storm which took place on Aug. 4th while I was out of town attending my Sister-in-law's funeral. This storm was followed last weekend by Hurricane Dorian. Thanks to the wonderful company that is doing my repairs and their quick patchwork to protect me until my scheduled repairs began on the 10th, Dorian wasn't too nasty to me! HOWEVER, all this being said, I'm basically living in a third of my home and cannot get to my kitchen without serious work. SO, this leads to the Week 3 Group Challenge...Kitchen Creations and Restaurant Sensations.

    I'd like each of you to Name your favorite quick dinner meal, list the recipe if possible, including sides and drinks. Then, if you can't cook for whatever reason, what's your restaurant go-to meal, which is both delicious, nutritious and keeps you on track for your weight loss goals!! If you want extra credit, please include dessert. Pictures are nice, but make sure you include the recipes.

    This will help all of us to make a new list of recipes, keep us inspired and MAKE ME FREAKIN JEALOUS, since I can't get to my kitchen! :smile:

    Capt, TrimStones
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    Checking in
    Yesterday was on track for food, 1140 calories, 15 minutes of the Pilates challenge and I gained 2 pounds. I am not weighing myself until Wednesday, my weigh in day.
    I want to buy a no salt, salt to address the water weight I am no longer losing since my Doctor took me off of hctz. Any suggestions?
    I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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    Busy wonderful weekend. Ate a big salad with lunch. More later team
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    Chips and crackers are my downfall. I can be having a great day and someone puts a bag of tortilla chips in front of me and it all goes downhill.
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    TEAM % Workout Warriors 0.55%
    INDIVIDUAL % schlerin 2.32%
    TEAM LBS LOST Workout Warriors 25.6
    INDIVIDUAL LBS LOST ConfidentRaven 6.2

    AS A WHOLE WE LOST 68.6 POUNDS OR 0.26% !!!


    1st Workout Warriors 0.55%
    2nd Weight No More 0.35%
    3rd Shrinking Assets 0.30%


    1st Workout Warriors 25.6
    2nd Weight No More 14.5
    3rd Shrinking Assets 12.9

    1st @schlerin 2.32%
    2nd @Katmary71 2.09%
    3rd @Amsandos 2.08%

    1st @ConfidentRaven 6.2
    2nd @schlerin 4.8
    3rd @amytriesww 4.3


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    I am very sick with this cold today and feel terrible. I will catch up on all of the posts this evening, I hope.

    Congrats to the team overall, we came in 2nd this week in both team categories. Congrats also to @amsandos, @amytriesww, and @nstephenson01 who are all up there for their individual achievements!

    Also just above me, I see @amytriesww with an outstanding loss! Congratulations and hope that you feel better today!

    We are now in Week 3 and hope it is a good one for everyone!

    Rare for me, but I need a nap & will take one now. Enjoy you Sunday!
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    Sunday's Weigh Ins still due

    Monday's Weigh Ins

    Tuesday's Weigh In

    Wednesday's Weigh Ins

    @DananaNanas - Hope that you are doing ok. Check in with us if you get a chance, even if you do not weigh in.
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    Hello and happy Sunday everybody. My son and his girlfriend were out in my neighborhood last night so they spent the night after a party. When they left this morning they left a half a bag of tortilla chips which I got into earlier! I can’t be trusted with anything. And I’ve been so determined not to gain back any weight over the weekend. I worked so hard all week long and I just don’t want to undo my good work! Why is it that it takes forever to lose a pound but you can gain five pounds in one meal!!
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    Happy Sunday everyone!
    I am still hanging in with my 15 minutes of Pilates challenge. To be perfectly honest the best part is the first minute. You lay on your back with your knees bent feet flat on the floor and your bones sink into your mat and you slowly take deep breaths. Very calming.
    I had a great day, pedicure with my friend. Food is on target. I had extra calories and made a baked sweet potato and added natural almond butter.
    I am trying something new tomorrow with my coffee. I use at least six tablespoons of fat free vanilla coffee creamer, it is too many carbs. I bought fat free half and half and trivia. Hopefully I will not be too disappointed tomorrow morning.

    @lennoncpa I too cannot be trusted. I have to rush through the store to not buy my hot buffalo wing pretzels. My friend bought me small chocolate bars for my birthday, I had to give them to my other friend because I would have eaten all of them on the car ride home.
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    Long day super fun weekend. Molly and I did an 18 mile bike ride. I will catch up later
  • lennoncpa
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    @Barbb1557 I can relate so much!! It’s funny because just yesterday I was thinking that I have a new car and I’m being a bit neurotic about parking it way at the back of parking lots so that I don’t get dinged by other cars AND the best part is that I won’t eat in the car yet!!! I get all these urges while I’m driving but then I remember that I don’t want to get my car messed up! It’s a great way to control my eating!! At least while I’m in my car!! 😀😀😀😀. I hope the new car thing lasts for a really long time!!!
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    Sorry! It has been a little crazy. Shower was nice, I got a dress for the wedding and I didn't do too bad with eating. No time to exercise unfortunately. I ended up staying in Pa another night so I will be heading back to the shore tomorrow afternoon. I will catch up in the morning.
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    Check in for Sunday
    Food IF within time frame, but managed to eat too much
    Water not enough
    Exercise 85 minutes walk, plank challenge
    Steps 12,479
  • sleepymom5
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    Weekend check in
    Food: not logged, sure I was over, mostly good choices
    Water:not enough
    Steps and exercise Low and none

    So here I am...I went to bed at 11 and was wide awake in my bed at 2 am. My legs hurt for some reason so I took some ibuprofen and laid back down for an hour. Nothing..so I just got up. I don't know what is going to happen, I didn't have coffee because I was hoping I would get tired but that didn't happen. Now I will probably be dragging all day...So I had a busy but fun weekend. The shower was lovely, I was proud of myself. I went around to the tables and introduced myself to the bride's family. It was nice to see family and friends of course. The bride's mother said to my college friends that she wants me to learn some line dance but never said a word to me. She told them like 5 times. Ugh! I think I am going to make everyone learn it so we can go up together. Dress shopping went better than I thought, I got the 1st dress that I tried on. I kept trying them on but after 5 it seemed like a waste since none held a candle to that one. It is navy which is the same color I wore for Nicole's wedding. I will post a picture but the pictures don't do it justice. I was told I should wear my hair up and no necklace. I will also post pics from the shower.

    Today-I have to make a plan. Strangely I was so tired last night I didn't even do that. This no sleep is throwing a wrench into my day. I have to take MK to see her counselor at 1 and then I will be going to the shore. I was planning to exercise this morning and be done with it but now this whole sleeping thing has thrown me off. If I go back to bed, I will ride my bike at the shore. I have had really low steps and no exercise so I want to be sure to get it in today.

    Great job everyone last week! We did awesome! Let's keep it going!!

    @zumba_luvah I am glad you are still with us. You were moved to the cheer squad since you missed weighing in. I will have you put back in the challenge. Hope all is going well.
    @Cafelelia Oh no! Those colds spread so easily! Hope you are feeling better soon! Thanks for picking up the slack for me this weekend. I have such a hard time getting on the computer when I have guests. I feel rude. This should almost be over as the summer is winding down for me. I have my last guests Thursday through Sunday but I think they will go off by themselves from time to time so I should be able to get on here daily.
    @lennoncpa What an awesome day you had between the gym and party! Great job staying away from the cake! It is about 10 months with no sweets for you! Ahhh...those darn tortilla chips are taking down our team Lol! I hope you threw them in the trash! Better wasted in the trash than wasted on your *kitten* (got that from my PNP podcasts ;) )
    @kirsten11872 Maintaining is better than a gain. You have been in a little slump, longer than usual. The month is half over, let's make the most of the rest of September!
    @McKay85 I thought we lost you since you didn't weigh in last week! I hope all is going well. Remember we are here if you need us!
    @ihp2015 That is right! New week, fresh start! I know you get busy but make yourself a priority. You know what to do, you have come so far!
    @phoebe112476 Glad you had a good week and sounds like the scale is agreeing with you! That darn popcorn must have just been enough to keep you from losing. Hope your home projects are coming out the way you like.
    @Barbb1557 Don't let that weight derail you. You know it is from fluid. Do you notice it anywhere like your feet or ankles? Be sure to keep drinking water to flush your system. I don't have any suggestions with seasoning to use in place of salt. You may have to go by trail and error with this one. I like the idea with the creamer. I wonder if you add a little vanilla in with the sweetner if you would get that vanilla flavor too. I use the fat free creamer, it is pretty good. Now you just have to tweek with the sweetner to get it how you like it.
    @Mrsbell8well 18 miles!! Wtg Angelina and Molly!! Glad you had a nice weekend!
    @GingerPwr Me too girl! I am thinking next time to include them in my plan and count them out. I think going right from the bag is too tempting for me. Hope the rest of the weekend went well and you were on track.
    @amytriesww Feel better soon! Amazing loss this week!
    @CassieGetsFit2013 Fantastic loss this week! Take advantage of being in rehab and all it has to offer. You are in my prayers. No worries about the weigh in. If we don't hear from you, we will assume you are in rehab. xoxo
    @twyla77 Nice loss! Hope things settle down for you soon!
    @hope002 Even though you ate more than you wanted, you have been doing really well lately so I am sure one off day isn't going to ruin your progress. Keep going girl!!
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