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    Checking in

    I wonder whether everyone weighs themselves every day? Yesterday I lost 1.2 pounds from the previous day and felt strong and confident. Today I gained a pound of it back and feel frustrated.

    I had a skin check yesterday, all is good, but I am very uncomfortable with someone that close and personal. Everything was professional, and I hope next year will be so much easier when I am smaller.

    I went out to dinner with my friend and ordered a cheeseburger, onion, tomato, lettuce, no bun, small potato salad, and I had 4 waters. I felt totally satisfied, thanks for constantly reminding us to eat until satisfied, not full. Before the rain storms hit, I was going to wear a dress I bought for my son's wedding in 2016. It was a size 16 and still had the tags on it. Victory dance!

    My calories were 1056 for the day.

    @sleepymom5 you have such a fun weekend planned, enjoy every minute.

    It was a transition for me to be the only one not drinking or only having one. It started when my boys (16 months apart) were little and our friends with children the same ages would come to our 4 bedroom home and bring their dogs for 2-day sleep overs. My mantra then was 'somebody has to be in charge at all times'. It was a highlight of my life looking back.
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    It has been super busy here at work all day, but quite wonderful. I have had the best work day/week since I have been working at this bank. It feels so nice. I can't wait to comment on everyone but running very short on TIME. @nstephenson01 why yes I did read the time email lol...We are getting a bonus sometime in October and I get to use it to sign up for Natalie Bacon's how to blog with a full time job course. I am hoping to do the prep work and go live in January! I LOVED your scone flirty little time capsule.
    Molly and I got a bike ride in this morning. I have to go grocery shopping tonight to get ready for a big weekend.
    I have purposely skipped the scale the last 2 mornings. but guess who had a glass of wine last night and 2 squares of dark chocolate. Yup that's right. No scale no worries...lol. I have been doing really well all month.
    @ljdanny where do you live? We went 2 years ago in October for my birthday to North Conway. we were smitten. I just saw a post that Carroll County is the best county to retire in for the state of NH.
    More later.
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    TGIF everyone!!!
    Salisbury steak. I used “rabbit and wolves” recipe but doubled the mushrooms. Best gravy ever!!!
    I bought these pictures a few months back. I gaze at them and dream of retirement.
    Are you all geared up for a wonderful weekend? Just a reminder...indulgent, wonderful, fun fantastic weekend does not have to mean weight gain. Get clever and find ways to celebrate your life without showing up Monday and feeling like a failure. Good luck everyone. We are worth the self love and self nurturing.
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    Not sure when or if I will get on tomorrow. Busy day and night. Have to be ready and at MKs apartment at 8:30 then to pick up my other daughters and to the shower by 11 to help set up. Then drop MK back off and spend time with my friend. I may not be back on until Sunday night. I will try my best though! Everyone have a great weekend!

    @lennoncpa Sounds like a fun Friday night! Great plan too! You got this!
    @pacsnc6 If you are following your plan, you are right, you are probably are due for a drop, if it doesn't happen soon, maybe you should see if you need to change something.
    @barbb1557 I need to weigh myself everyday or I tend to let things get out of control. I don't worry about the day to day fluctuations. If it upsets you, maybe you should do weekly weigh ins. Weight has so much factored into it, fluid, hormones, etc that it isn't always a good determination of how you are doing day to day. Don't let the scale get you down, do what is best for you. I totally get the skin check. I have to go every 6 months. I already have had a basal cell carcinoma and my Mom had melanoma. I am not a fan either Lol! I don't think I see as much of myself as my doctor does. Great job at dinner AND with the size 16 dress! That is awesome!
    @Mrsbell8well Yummy dinner and little snack last night! Have an awesome weekend!
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    Friday's weigh ins still due
    Saturday's Weigh Ins
    Sunday's Weigh Ins
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    Daily check in for Thursday.... so trip to DMV went well, scone & coffee nice mini break. Day was good water and exercise wise and then... about last night. I made spaghetti in the instant pot which I've done plenty of times but last night it tasted off. I kept eating trying to figure out what I missed or did wrong... and kept eating... and kept eating. I never did figure out what I did wrong and ate way too much just because I didn't care to be disciplined. Ugh. Ah well... another day another chance to be better.

    Happy Friday the 13th and Harvest Moon all!!
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    PW 294.4
    CW 295.6
  • timibotkin
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    It’s been a tough week working nights, my team voted to go back to days 4a-1p for a week then we should have one last week of nights 9p-6a. I’m having a really hard time adjusting. I’ve made horrible food choices and exercise has all but ceased this week. I’m hoping to pick that up this weekend. I just finished 30 mins on the old school gazelle and went and weighed my self and I was down to 294.0 from 295.6 this am so I can’t complain too much. With my poor habits lately I should have easily gained 5#s! I’ll try to catch up on reading posts this weekend also! I hope everyone’s doing well!
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    Check in for Friday
    Food IF on track
    Water good
    Exercise 90 minutes walk, plank challenge
    Steps 15,026
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    Check in for Friday
    Food logged and on track
    Water 80oz
    Exercise 30 minutes stationary bike
    Steps 6,732

    Great day yesterday! I am actually down another pound from yesterday. Even more motivation to stay on track today. Got to run, I am already running late. Have a great weekend everyone! xo

    @nstephenson01 I have have done the same thing. We need to figure out what makes us not care at the moment. Just get right back on it, new day!
    @timibotkin It is hard doing night shift and having your treatments on top of it makes it even harder. Glad you are getting a break for a week. Hang in there. Make the healthiest choices you can but be sure to get the rest you need. Hugs!
    @hope002 You are amazing!! Keep it going!!
    @Moarrein Nice loss!! Hope all is well!
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    Week 2
    Pw- 197.6
    Cw- 198.6
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    Moarrein wrote: »
    Friday weigh in
    Week 2
    PW 121
    CW 119.5

    Welcome to the teens! Now there are two of us. B)
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    Daily Check in for Friday

    Food -Logged and on track
    Water 1.8 l
    Exercise -35 min walk

    Caught the cold from my kids and am sick today. Feel achy & have sore throat.

    @Barbb1557 - great nsv with the dress!! Do not get fussed about a one day gain if you are weighing everyday. So many factors could influence that. I do not weigh myself everyday. Usually once per week & with my new body composition scale now twice per week. If the daily weigh in are bugging you just change it up.

    @mrsbell8well- Yummy food!! Great going with the blog course & go live date. What will the blog be about?

    @sleepymom5 - omg you are busy! Have fun at the shower today! Try to have fun dress shopping! Remember we are all beautiful at every size & I truly believe it!!

    @nstephenson01 - I am an instant pot newbie & had no idea you could make spaghetti in one. I need to look that up although my Italian mom disapprove. It is hard to eat mindfully at all times. As you say, today is a new day and you move forward.

    @timibotkin - Shift work is really tough, plus you are doing chemo. So a one pound gain is not so bad. Hope that you can rest and get that exercise in this weekend if you feel up to it!

    @hope002 - You are doing great! Which plank challenge are you doing?

    @Moarrein - Nice loss! Are you at goal?

    @Zumba_Luvah - That’s just a small gain, hang in there!
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    Weigh-in day:Saturday
    Previous weight:170.2
    Current weight:170.2
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    @cafelelia it's a free app called Plank Workout
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    PW: 311
    CW: 311
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    PW 220.4
    CW 221.5

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