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  • Kathie_GoGo
    Kathie_GoGo Posts: 209 Member
    Daily Post: Thursday
    Tracked: Yes
    Calories (goal 1200): I was on target until I had 2 mini Halloween treats (total 100 calories).
    Activity: 3 mile run
    Daily Step Goal Streak: 5
  • midsummer174627
    midsummer174627 Posts: 386 Member
    Daily Post Thursday ~Halloween~
    Track: yes...kinda
    Calories: so, yes, a lot. I had a buffet lunch and it was delicious and I would say I mostly have no regrets BUT it was too hard to track because I have no idea what was in what I ate for the most part so I just called at 1000 "cheat meal" and that way I can keep up my tracking streak.
    Exercise: no
    Oct habit: Just track: yes!
    NSV: workouts haven't been as on point this week, but I can still feel my bottom muscles are stronger!
    My Why Today: because I deserve to take care of myself
    Goals or Day:
    ** long post: tl,dr: *kitten* mood but trying to stay motivated **
    Halloween. I didn't choose to wear a "sexy" outfit which was kind of a relief since I'm not in terrific shape and for once I'm not trying to keep from freezing, but I'm disappointed we only did kinda kid/family stuff this year (maybe something will come up this weekend but so far no plans). I'm also down in the dumps about something that happened at work, plus I have seasonal depression that is kicking in in a major way, plus particularly bad PMS apparently. I ate a great potluck lunch at work, ate two bags of M&Ms then kind of a lame dinner where I burned some of the meatballs I made and then nibbled on a bunch of them before we sat down so THAT was a fail. Really wanted sweets all night but didn't want to settle for smarties or whatever so ended up just kind of feeling sorry for myself. I'm going to tell my partner I want a really good dessert this weekend (although tbh someone made an awesome pudding thing at the potluck that I massively enjoyed). Anyway, riding the struggle bus but back on track!
  • germaine_yee
    germaine_yee Posts: 299 Member
    Username: germaine_yee
    Week: Friday, October Week 5
    PW = 133.38 lb
    CW = 135.16 lb
    Thank you! 😄
  • Kathie_GoGo
    Kathie_GoGo Posts: 209 Member
    Daily Post: Friday
    Tracked: Yes
    Calories (goal 1200): Over by 150
    Activity: 6 hours packing and moving boxes. Helping 80-something aunt.
    Daily Step Goal Streak: 6
  • AB0215
    AB0215 Posts: 7,141 Member
    wander216 wrote: »
    Daily post Saturday
    Tracked yes
    Calories on target
    Went for a 5 km walk and got in a sweaty Saturday work out this morning.
    Might as well post my weekly weigh in and get it out of the way :neutral:
    November 2, 2019
    Username: midsummer174627
    Weigh in week: November week 1
    Weigh in day: Saturday
    Previous Week's weight: 147
    Todays Weight: 149

    I had two bad days and I'm honestly having some digestive issues from last night's dinner so I'm okay with it...kind of.
  • AB0215
    AB0215 Posts: 7,141 Member
    wander216 wrote: »
    Wander216 Saturday weigh in
    Pw 159
    Halloween got the best of me
    red1185 wrote: »
    Username: red1185
    PW: 166.2
    CW: 166.4
    One thing I did well: I’ve been trying to make sure that when I eat I have more vegetables - like a salad, or broccoli, etc, and then when I eat the main ting I only eat half. It helps me fill up faster, so I’m eating smaller portions. I also made sure to get up, and move throughout the day to ensure I was getting my steps in. Yesterday, after getting home from dinner I also took the dog on a long walk to help with digestion, and to work some of it off.
    One thing to work on: I definitely overindulged twice this week. I’m helping my best friend navigate some scary times, and while we were talking at dinner we had several drinks. While I took part of my meal home, I definitely made up for it with the medium (skinny) margarita, chips/salsa/queso. Ugh....

    I’m just really relieved that the scale wasn’t as scary as I definitely thought it would be today.

    Happy losing everybody!!
    LyndaBSS wrote: »
    Daily Post: Friday
    Track: yes, I track everything
    Calories: under
    Exercise: yes, walked dogs, cleaned house
    Healthier Habits: clean up clutter
    Goals: focus on eating mindfully and only when truly hungry, walk more
    Am I happy with my progress today: Yes! I made good choices today.

    I switched back to a loss rate of 1 lb/week today. I had recently changed to 0.5 lb/week and it just wasn’t working for me. Fingers crossed. 😊
  • Kathie_GoGo
    Kathie_GoGo Posts: 209 Member
    Daily Post: Saturday
    Tracked: Yes
    Calories (goal 1200): On target
    Activity: 20 minute run + 6 hours of helping 80-something yo aunt wrap up move from home of 52 years
    Daily Step Goal Streak: 7
  • AB0215
    AB0215 Posts: 7,141 Member
    ⏳ ⏳ OCTOBER WEEK 5 ⏳ ⏳

    HUGE congrats to our teammates who posted 6-7 days for the daily RTM Mini-challenge!!

    Week 5 Results

    Great Job to the top 3:
    1st - @skullsandskeletons. - 0.96%
    2nd - @docbeauty1. - 0.96%
    3rd - @joehlrich. - 0.82%

    Finale Results

    Great Job to the top 3:
    1st - @docbeauty1. - 6.00%
    2nd - @jupollock. - 5.91%
    3rd - @Jupdyke. - 5.54%
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