TEAM: The Big Butt Theory (March)

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Welcome to the Challenge new and returning teammates!! This is the conversation/weigh in thread for your Team :) Keep on losing because our first weigh ins begin THIS Sunday! I am here for you should you need anything - simply message me or tag me by putting an '@' just before my username (NO SPACES) and I will get to you asap! ~ Ashley @AB0215. or Krystal @Krysless2.


  • murdog3t
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    Date: 02/27
    Username: Murdog3t
    logged food: yes
    under calories: yes
    exercise: yes
    Steps : 3160
    Water: 88

    Just for today 2/28: WW34, 5000steps 🚶‍♀️, 20hrs IF , read bible plan , read chapters 📚, Daily calm, walk 30 min, 🧘‍♀️YWA D28

    Yesterday 2/27: WW👎🏻, 5000steps 🚶‍♀️👎🏻, 20hrs IF👎🏻 , read bible plan 👎🏻, read chapters 📚👍🏻, Daily calm👍🏻, walk 30 min👎🏻, 🧘‍♀️YWA D27👍🏻

    Username: Murdog3t
    Weigh in week: 4
    Weigh in day: Friday
    Last Week's weight: 154.6
    Todays Weight: 155
  • richmondwriter
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    Hi, I'm Sandra and live in Richmond, Va. My husband and I are empty nesters (two grown daughters), but we got a puppy back in Nov. She is a border collie, so has been keeping me active. I am trying to lose the weight I've been steadily gaining since probably my 40s. I've learned a lot of tips and appreciate the great support of this group. Daily food tracking is essential for me.

    My plan is to keep protein at least 25% of daily intake, throughout the day, and run/walk 3-5 miles a day with my pup.

    Good luck everyone! Let's have a great March!

    MUAC for 2/27:
    Tracked: yes
    Under: yes
    Exercised: yes - 4.1 miles run/walk with pup
  • mooreshelly09
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    Tracked: yes
    Under: yes
    Exercise: yes 30 min YouTube video
    Water: 50oz
    Steps: 8,832
  • maryc11
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    user name = maryc11
    Date = Sunday February 28, 20215:26PM
    Tracked = Yes
    Exercise = Yes
    Under = Yes
    Water = 58 oz
    Steps = 5934
  • brandi_84
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    Awesome job, TBBT! Sorry for the delay in getting these results up. I will have week 4 up tomorrow.

    Mini Ultimate Accountability Challenge February Week #3-(Sunday, Feb 14
    to Sat, Feb 20)

    Winner's Circle 6 or 7 days
    @JMTiv1979 (6)
    @annabananamc (6)
    @mooreshelly09 (6)

    Congrats to our winners!

    Notable Effort:- 4 or 5 days
    @murdog3t (5)
    @DaffyGirl88 (5)
    @robandy (5)
    @rawrxamberx (4)

    Great job to those who made a notable effort. Keep it up! You are doing great.

    Attempted 3 or less days
    @HASWLRS (3)
    @krysless2 (1)

    Keep working at it!

    *If I have missed anyone or made any mistakes, be sure to let me know. I will make sure you get a shout out for your hard work.

  • rawrxamberx
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    Tracked: yes
    Under: no
    Exercise: yes
    Water: 8 cups
  • jm216
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    First weigh in for March

    Username: Jm216
    Weigh in week: 1
    Weigh in day: Sunday
    Feb 27th : 211.1
    Todays Weight: 211.1

    Wasn’t sure if today was the first Sunday weigh in or next Sunday...didn’t want to miss it

  • manjeerareddyp
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    User name: manjeerareddyp
    Starting weight- Feb 28: 170.2 lbs
    Weigh in day: Sunday
  • mooreshelly09
    mooreshelly09 Posts: 901 Member
    Tracked: yes
    Under: yes
    Exercise: yes 30 min elliptical
    Water: 84.5oz
    Steps: 7,913
  • DaffyGirl88
    DaffyGirl88 Posts: 4,123 Member
    Sunday 28 February
    Track: yes
    Under: no
    Exercise: yes

    Steps: 6783
    Water: 96

    Looking forward to the new month. 😊
  • jm216
    jm216 Posts: 3,428 Member
    Tracked: yes
    Under: yes
    Exercise: yes 30 Up to the Beat Fitness with Gina B on uTube & walking the dog.
    Water: no... must start tracking it
    Steps: 10,620
  • annabananamc
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    Starting off the new month by joining a virtual Camino de Santiago walk -the real one is something I've wanted to do forever so this will inspire me more!

    Yesterday was a good day overall, and we got some home projects done plus a couple shorter walks to keep my knees happy. (bursitis/tendonitis/arthritis showing up) I'm doing the virtual walk because this is my second fail at c25k where knee pain develops after just a couple of runs. Walking seems to be fine. Getting old seems to suck a bit.

    @brandi_84 you will be missed - thanks for taking such good care of us! I am happy to take over the spreadsheet for steps and water if that helps - just let me know and I'll make the post for signups and start a new sheet for this week!

    Tracked: yes
    Under: yes
    Exercise: yes
    Water: 80
    Steps: 5314
  • richmondwriter
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    MUAC for 2/28:
    Tracked: yes
    Under: yes
    Exercised: no - took day off
  • richmondwriter
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    erikNJ wrote: »
    Hoping to get back to the accountability challenge now. I haven’t been able to work out in over three weeks cause of my back issues. Threw it out shoveling snow in early February. Then I had the covid situation which caused me to quarantine from my wife for a week. Sleeping on a couch for a week when my back already hurt REALLY messed my back up.
    Good news: I have been feeling better for a few days now and was even able to kick my butt at the gym yesterday.

    So glad you're feeling better and we're glad to have you back for the challenge!
    HASWLRS Posts: 7,826 Member
    Saturday: logged, under and walked

    Sunday: logged, under and walked
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