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  • dbrinkmeyer
    dbrinkmeyer Posts: 94 Member
    Username: dbrinkmeyer
    Weigh-in day: Thursday
    Previous weight:189.4
    Current weight: 187.4

    Yes! You are seeing that right. 2 lbs, my biggest loss in a LONGGGG time.
    Weekly steps: 18399 (really not good but I switched to cycling for some days)

    Welcome to new team members, I hope to step away from my computer at some point soon to catch up with everyone.

    About Me: 56 (almost 57) Post menopause, mother of 6, wife, CEO of software company that's trying to beat out our top national competitors. I am also a technical resource for our company meaning that I took a break from writing code to come log my weight loss. Going to be first time grandmother this year with babies in August and November. My husband is a type 1 diabetic (which is an impact to my sleep sometimes).

    How did I lose 2 lbs??? I stopped drinking alcohol on week days. I drank a protein breakfast 3 days instead of eating, and I ate very light lunches or dinners if I went over 250 calories at the other meal. I'm taking berberine and am careful to drink 1-2 cups of herbal tea before bed to control my craving for post dinner sweets. I'm walking and weight training, but I am not working out like a beast. Hubby and I do yoga for 15-20 minutes 4-6 mornings a week.

    I know that 2 lbs is not a lot for some of you, but I am thrilled. My birthday is in 9 days, I'm hoping to be down to 185 for that day. We have a trip planned to see the kids in June, if I could be down to 180 I would be ecstatic.

    Height? CONGRATULATIONS, by the way!

    I'm 5' 2"
  • dbrinkmeyer
    dbrinkmeyer Posts: 94 Member
    Steps (first part of the week)
    5/2 2000 (estimate--the day I spent digging for 1.5 hrs)
    5/3 6068
    5/4 8144
    5/5 6063
    5/6 6486

    to be honest, I'm adding a couple hundred to my count every day because I don't take my phone everywhere--the first hour of my day is walking around the house (going back to the bedroom three or four or five times because I forgot my glasses...and the husband needs to get up and I forgot my water--yes, there is a pattern...) and there is similar walking when I get home. And sometimes I bounce between coworkers' cubes or to the ladies downstairs without it, too. I should take it everywhere on an average day just to see.

    My numbers aren't awesome this week but they're not bad for someone who has spent half the week dizzy...

    YOU are awesome
  • mxlaw90
    mxlaw90 Posts: 75 Member
    PW 145.8 lbs
    CW 146.4 lbs

    I’m a day late logging, I haven’t been tracking as well as I should but today’s a new day and I will hold myself accountable. This week I will track everything, and try for atleast 4x workouts.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

  • gottagetthisdown
    gottagetthisdown Posts: 122 Member
    Username: gottagetthisdown
    Weigh In Day: Friday
    PW (Previous Weight): 173.2
    CW (Current Weight): 173.2
  • lennoncpa
    lennoncpa Posts: 777 Member
    Weigh in day: Friday
    Previous weight: 135.6
    Today's weight: 138.0
    Weekly Steps: 69,021

    I’m not having a good week- obviously! I’m a CPA and sick of tax season and I’ve definitely been eating my way through these last few days of it. The stupid thing is - if I was eating good I would feel better about myself so this adds to the bad feeling. I need to get back in touch with my feelings and how I’m handling things !! Sorry team.
  • Zumba_Luvah
    Zumba_Luvah Posts: 390 Member
    Pw- 168
    Cw- 171.2
  • melaniedscott
    melaniedscott Posts: 1,232 Member
    Weigh-day Saturday Week 1
    PW: 209.7
    CW: 206 7
    I have to acknowledge suspicion...I weighed 3 times and got 3 numbers. I went with the highest. I think the scale needs a new battery. I can't get to the battery so have to wait for my husband to get the tiny screw out. But hey! Back on challenge an 3 lbs! Grain of salt...or not...don't want water weight...
  • pacsnc6
    pacsnc6 Posts: 978 Member
    Saw a good movie yesterday - Here Today with Billy Crystal. It's funny and sad at the same time. A comedy writer with dementia trying to deal with family issues and loss of memory.
  • KristieJC
    KristieJC Posts: 243 Member
    Weigh-in day: Saturday
    PW: 198.5
    CW: 195.7
    LTD: 16.8
  • ha110w33nsp00k
    ha110w33nsp00k Posts: 187 Member
    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW (Previous Weight): 173.2
    CW (Current Weight): 173.7

    Not REALLY sure what’s causing this gain/maintenance. I’ve been on the Carnivore Diet since 4-27-21.
  • hope002
    hope002 Posts: 1,066 Member
    PW 190.5
    CW 189.2
  • minstrelofsarcasm
    minstrelofsarcasm Posts: 1,963 Member
    Not REALLY sure what’s causing this gain/maintenance. I’ve been on the Carnivore Diet since 4-27-21.

    Half a pound could be due to water retention, hormones, salt, sugar, illness, the weather, dehydration, your body readjusting to the diet you started less than two weeks ago... There's lots of things that fluctuate pretty regularly in our body just to keep everything functioning properly. I wouldn't worry about this :blush:

  • kandi3570
    kandi3570 Posts: 238 Member

    I haven’t been active in a few weeks.
    PW 187.0.
    CW 186.6

    Steps for this week 89949

  • melaniedscott
    melaniedscott Posts: 1,232 Member
    edited May 2021
    5/7: 11,269
    5/8: 3600 (estimate...walked a mile and a half and all over the house...1.5 miles is ~3000 for me...)

    I will never be the most consistent stepper...
  • melaniedscott
    melaniedscott Posts: 1,232 Member
    edited May 2021
    @kandi3570 how is your daughter doing? I know you said she broke her leg a few weeks ago. She has my sympathy. Leg casts and the broken bones that require them are miserable.
    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW (Previous Weight): 173.2
    CW (Current Weight): 173.7

    Not REALLY sure what’s causing this gain/maintenance. I’ve been on the Carnivore Diet since 4-27-21.

    I suspect I would have that problem too on that sort of eating program...when I eat too much animal protien, things get...clogged. And I feel bad. And it is hard to do high protien with non-animal protien. Not impossble...but more committment than I have.
  • annliz23
    annliz23 Posts: 2,981 Member
    PW 123
    CW 122
    Sun - 15,475
    Mon - 9,334
    Tue - 18,456
    Wed - 15,057
    Thur - 22,304
    Fri - 15,335
    Sat 4,084

  • pacsnc6
    pacsnc6 Posts: 978 Member
    I'll join the step challenge too
    5/2 -- 5741
    5//3 - 6525
    5/4 - 10437
    5/5 - 6121
    5/6 - 6679
    5/7 - 7441
    5/8 - 5329
  • TeresaW1020
    TeresaW1020 Posts: 3,231 Member
    :star:The Green Challenge :star: Percentage of people who lost weight this week. No matter how small the loss the weights are recorded in green. Remember that even if your team doesn’t rank the highest in weight loss for the week you can still be the Green Percentage winner by having the most losses in your team! So keep it up!! B)

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