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    Sun- 7,630
    Mon- 14,490
    Tues- 9,699
    Wed- 14,219
    Thurs- 12,142
    Fri- 10,150
    Sat- 8,874
  • ljdanny
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    Happy Mother's Day everyone. I have been having a hard time getting into this page the last few days. I will have to go back to read all the posts. I had a busy day and just got home, got my food ready for tomorrow and I'm exhausted and cant wait for bed. I have a very busy week with doctors appointments for me and my son. I do plan on squeezing in some exercise.
  • Calli1616
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    Weigh in day - Monday
    PW - 177.7
    CW - 176.7

    I’m weighing in a little early. Tomorrow may get a little too busy to be able to log in.
  • Calli1616
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    And steps...
    5/2 - 3,071
    5/3 - 13,688
    5/4 - 14,177
    5/5 - 14,506
    5/6 - 15,477
    5/7 - 17,258
    5/8 - 15,871
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    Hi All,

    I’m a little late but here is my update. I told myself I wouldn’t binge this week due to stress, and yet I found myself binging almost every day. I’m hoping to start fresh tomorrow. And tomorrow is gym day, so that usually helps me de-stress,

    Weigh in day: Sunday
    PW: 179.4
    CW: 179.8
    Net gain +0.4 lbs
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    1st @goonies73 2.34 %
    1st @apple852hk 2.34%
    2nd @vegan4lyfe2012 2.30%
    3rd @trooworld 2.28 %

    1st @goonies73 5.8 Lbs
    2nd @rwood566 5.6 Lbs
    3rd @trooworld 5.0 Lbs
    3rd @roz0810 5.0 Lbs



  • Beka3695
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    Week 2 challenge is up!

    This is the MAGIC NUMBER CHALLENGE - a consistency challenge.

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    ~~ May Week Two ~~

    Welcome to our second week, Team Weight No More! I hope everyone's month is going well so far - it's been an interesting one for me weather-wise, if nothing else.

    As we head into the summer months, it's time to reflect on the year we've had so far.
    How is everyone feeling about their 2021?

    Personally, I'm still optimistic about the year, even if there have been some discouraging events. I'm not entirely back on track, but I'm definitely closer to the right path. Maybe there's a puddle in the path or something, and that's why I haven't been on it recently.

    ~ Super Steppers ~

    Last week, we had eight members logging their steps, accomplishing an impressive 554,368 steps! On average, that is 69,296 steps per person, and about 9,899 steps per day per person, which is close to the formerly recommended 10,000 steps per day!

    Our leaderboard from last week...

    @annliz23 - 100,045 steps | 14,292 average
    @Calli1616 - 94,048 steps | 13,435 average (ended the week with a bang!)
    @kandi3570 - 89,949 steps | 12,850 average
    @ljdanny - 77,204 steps | 11,029 average
    @lennoncpa - 69,021 steps | 9,860 average
    @pacsnc6 - 48,273 steps | 6,896 average (our most consistent stepper!)
    @melaniedscott - 43,630 steps | 6,233 average
    @dbrinkmeyer - 32,198 steps | 4,600 average

    Looking at all of these steps is making my legs hurt! Or maybe that's the spin class? I don't know. It's definitely one of them.

    Wonderful work this week, folks. I'm amazed by how strong you are, and how much you push yourself to be active. Most people spend the majority of their day sitting, getting up just to eat, drink, use the bathroom, and sleep. Some of you (and me) used to be that person. It's incredible, how far you go throughout the day, and I don't want any of you to think that you're not doing anything, because you most definitely are.

  • goingape
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    Hi all. I’ve been missing this group! I was having issues with my app and it logged me out of the community section and I could not get back in till now. My 2021 so far has not been as planned. I have gone up in weight and I really want to be back in the 140s. That is not my goal weight but it was a nice place to build from. I’m back at it..again.

    My issues right now are snacking, over eating at meals and eating trigger foods that keep me going for more. My ways to resolve this are not keeping trigger foods in the house, more water and more walking/exercise to keep me from my snack spot on the couch.

    Motivation time !

    One thing that I have found that connects mind and body for me is yoga 🧘‍♀️. I started the Yoga with Adriene - Breath: a 30 day yoga series on YouTube earlier this year. I loved it. One thing she has said is setting your intention for the practise; which I love to expand on to set my intention for each day - Whether it’s drinking my water or planning to walk later.

    Oh and it’s free. I love free and it’s something that can be done from my house !!

    Take care pals. I will check in later this week.

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    I was sure we had Tuesday weigh-ins...but all we got was crickets...
  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    I was sure we had Tuesday weigh-ins...but all we got was crickets...

    That's how I feel every single week.

    How is everyone doing on this lovely Wednesday? My body decided that a bloat was the best response to resistance training and a high sodium dinner, so that's my enemy of the day.
  • rachelrjh
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    I’m doing good. I took the day off of work to rest and recharge.

    The scale says I weighed 150 pounds this morning!!! That’s considered a “Normal” BMI weight for me. My husband says I look great. He doesn’t think I need to lose anymore. And he says that I’ll look too skinny if I keep losing. The BMI calculators say 125 pounds is an ideal weight for me. I want to keep losing because I like the challenge of reaching my “ideal” weight, but at the same time I don’t want people judging me and thinking I look sickly.

    Anyone have any thoughts about how our society accepts being overweight as the standard. My husband is an example. I’ve barely reached a “Normal” weight, and he is telling me not to lose anymore. I’m in Northeast TN, so many people are overweight and look like they are not in good fitness. Socially, I’m beginning to feel like I don’t fit in by me getting fit and losing weight. But physically and mentally I feel great. I know I am at a better spot for my health than I was in December.

  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    rachelrjh wrote: »
    That’s considered a “Normal” BMI weight for me.


    But physically and mentally I feel great. I know I am at a better spot for my health than I was in December.


    Firstly, I want to point out the use of BMI. BMI was developed by a mathematician, Aldophe Quetelet, nearly 200 years ago. He was not a physician and had no experience in medicine whatsoever. He was known for doing a sociological study on the average man, who he viewed as the ideal human. And he developed the BMI (in 1800s Europe, I should mention, when science was incredibly racist and sexist) as a way of measuring the characteristics of entire populations, not individual humans.

    The only reason we use BMI these days is because insurance companies used Quetelet's data to categorize humans into different groups based on their weight/height ratios, which they assumed was an indicator of overall health. Spoiler Alert: It's not. And in 1985, the National Institute of Health revised their definition of "obesity" to be based on BMI.

    So, I would take what the calculators say with a grain of salt. BMI is an awful measure that doesn't expect women to have much, if any, muscle whatsoever. You're welcome to continue losing weight, as long as you're happy with how you look and feel. You can always lose a little bit of weight and change your mind and gain it back. Your "ideal" weight should not be dictated by your husband, the BMI, or anyone else who isn't you.

    Only you know how you feel in your own body. No one has the right to say you don't.

    TL;DR: BMI is BS and shouldn't be trusted.
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    @rachelrjh do what makes you feel good and dont let anyone tell you different.

    @vvlucky congratulations on your weight loss and your daughter's graduation.

    @KristieJC I understand your child wanting to escape you. My son wanted to escape me his entire life but he keeps coming back to me for help and I keep letting him. I am also to blame for everything that has ever happened in his life. He actually gave me a very nice Mother's day card the other day thanking me for everything which I was very surprised. I hope you and daughter can work things out.

    @dbrinkmeyer congratulations on the new grandbabies. My granddaughters are 4 months apart and it's the best to watch them grow up together.

    @minstrelofsarcasm congratulations on being in the 160's. I can only dream.

    @CassieGetsFit2013 congratulations on your loss. You have been working hard.

    Sorry I have been missing. I have been busy taking care of my son and granddaughter, then I couldn't always log into the community. I had a physical yesterday, she wants me to see a specialist about my weight, which I was happy about because a few years ago she told me maybe my body just liked being this size. I just have to see if my insurance will cover it. I also had to see a gastro specialist. They took me today. Now I am having about 100 test run. Not looking forward to some of them. But hopefully between all these drs and tests I can get answers and maybe start to lose some weight and keep it off. I also went and got my second covid shot today, I am hoping that I have no side effects.
  • rachelrjh
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    Thanks @ljdanny and @minstrelofsarcasm ( Tracy and Ashley) for the constructive feedback. Tracy, I hope you feel fine tomorrow. My second shot was rough, but everyone is different.
    It’s interesting to hear about the history of the BMI index. I will keep losing weight until I get to about 135 to 125 pounds, and see how I feel. I definitely want muscle, so I’d say my ideal weight will be on the 135 end. For some reason, it’s easier for me to lose weight than it is to maintain it.

  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    May Week Two

    Weigh In Day: Thursdays
    PW (Previous Weight): 168.8 (May 6th)
    CW (Current Weight): 169.6 (May 13th)
    LTD (Loss to Date): 64.4 lbs

    This is not surprising. I had dinner with a friend last night, which consisted of pasta in a cream sauce with chicken and pancetta and mushrooms and broccolini and... it was tasty. It was worth it. I'm still in the 160's, I'll likely see a loss tomorrow morning, this slight gain does not bother me one bit.


    Still a struggle, still a work in progress. I have a tendency to fall victim to peer pressure when it comes to ordering food from restaurants rather than making something at home. And while I do my best to order things with reasonable nutritional value, my options are often limited.

    I have, however, restarted the habit of brushing my teeth after dinner as to avoid snacking before bed, and that's been working fabulously. I don't remember why I ever stopped doing it.


    I exercise a lot. Have been for a while. I'm pretty good at it at this point.

    One of my current goals involve improving my mobility when it comes to full push-ups, as I've finally built up my arm strength to the point of being able to actually do push-ups from my feet... I just can't bring my body as far down as I'd like to AND still have the ability to push back up.

    My lifting form has improved tremendously, so now I'm figuring out what weights I can comfortably lift vs. the ones that will serve as a challenge.

    Oh, and then there's my balance. It isn't great. MS tends to throw off the kinesthetic sense, which limits balance in the first place, and a body weight composition being constantly in flux does not help. Oh well, guess I won't be a gymnast.


    The weather is getting warmer and I'm fully vaccinated. Talk about weight lifted off my shoulders. Combatting both the cold, gloomy days and the anxiety surrounding Covid has taken so much of my energy. It sent me into a spiral. And now I'm pulling myself out of that hole. Things aren't perfect, but they're getting better.

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    @minstrelofsarcasm yes, it is the spin class ;) Also thanks for the refresher on BMI.
    @rachelrjh you should feel really proud, hubby thinking you look great...
    @ljdanny It's like waiting for Christmas
    @melaniedscott some people use crickets for protein
    @goingape I agree that yoga has it's benefits, just tuning into what your body is telling you, breathing.. hubby and I have been doing a 15-20 minute session 4 times per week since late December. Today I was able to put my nose on my left leg for the first time in 20 years. My right leg requires a little push :) My husband says it is making in a difference in his running as a 61 year old. He was having to cut back because of issues with his knees, but orthotics and yoga seems to be improving the situation.

    Weigh-in day: Thursday
    Previous weight:187.4
    Current weight: 187.4
    STEPS: 58,533

    STEPS!!! Hubby and I went walking a LOT especially since it was Mother's Day and our anniversary in this past week. I was pretty freaked out about gaining weight from eating out. I am a bit perplexed though, because even though we were eating out twice, I cut my portion waaaayyy down. I know that I was under 1800 calories on those days. I also ate under 1200 calories on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Basically during the week I'm very restricted. I hope to tweak the macros a bit more to see some improvement. Saturday is my birthday and I wanted to be closer to 185 by now. My hands do feel swollen, so maybe I am collecting water for some reason.
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    Thursday weigh in
    Week 2
    pw 161.1
    cw 162.2

    I have been so hungry this week - and indulging myself, it's a wonder I only gained a pound
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