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    @melaniedscott Yes, please!!
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    My weight is like the stock market... up, down, up, down, but with my weight I want to see the low dips not the highs! In the past week my weight has fluctuated from 151 to 156 pounds. I do not like that, but I am trusting that I am building muscle and retaining water from including more carbs than usual in my diet.
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    1st @19shmoo69 3.40%
    2nd @graceojo999 2.45%
    3rd @peachplace 2.17%

    1st @19shmoo69 9.0 Lbs
    2nd @peachplace 5.5 Lbs
    3rd @graceojo999 5.3 Lbs



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    Anybody else just over cooking. It’s nice outside and I don’t want to anymore. Anybody got any good grab and go low cal meal ideas?
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    kandi3570 wrote: »
    Anybody else just over cooking. It’s nice outside and I don’t want to anymore. Anybody got any good grab and go low cal meal ideas?

    My husband is quite happily eating a rutabega. Raw. Cut into sticks like a carrot. Not my thing but he seems pretty pleased.

    I like cooking but yeah, sometimes I don't feel like it. Made Cajun Red Beans with Brown Rice over the weekend and put it in single serve bowls. Easy evening meal if I'm not after cooking. Less than 400 cals. Or meatloaf...mine will feed two people for most of a week. Added to potatoes or rice with a veg... easy. Or on bread with mayo (or ketchup) with some fruit and carrots. Both these require some cooking but provide meals for days.

    Aldi (or grocery stores generally) sells chicken or tuna salad 'snack paks' which have a salad and crackers...about 300 cals. They also have 'quinoa bowls' with quinoa and a mixed veg sauce that's pretty decent at between 220 cals and about 350...depends on which one. I've also seen one with farro and a couple with riced cauliflower. I liked the cauliflower. Farro was okay.

    It depends on what you like...

    I'll add...meatloaf is possibly the only food my husband will eat every day without complaint. And will look sad when it is gone. I think he wishes I would make it far more often than I do.
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    I do the same thing. We’ll cook over the weekend and have leftovers. Mostly I get my husband to grill or smoke something like pork tenderloin or chicken. And I’ll often cook up veggies, like steamed broccoli or okra. I’ll pair the meat with the veggies or a salad and maybe a small baked potato (also cooked on the weekend). I like a hot meal, not cold sandwiches. Working at home full time now makes that all easy.
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    One of my super simple meals is just a bunch of cut veggies and hummus, with some leftover chicken strips/slices or hard boiled eggs depending on what I have on hand. The veggies provide plenty of cool hydration, complex carbs, and fiber, the hummus is a tasty, healthy fat, and the chicken/eggs provide much needed protein. Not to mention it's always pretty to look at.
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    Username: vvlucky
    Weigh In Day: Wednesday
    PW (Previous Weight): 187.8
    CW (Current Weight): 187.8
    HW (Highest Weight): 203

    I had my first vacation in a very long time last week - it was wonderful. My 24 year old daughter and I sat on the beach and read books and walked and ate. We both got a lot of sleep. Happy to report that I didn't gain any weight - and we ate well! But we also skipped lunch most days, after a very late breakfast, and this helped me maintain my weight.

    My goals for this week: take a serious reduction in wine intake, exercise 4x this week. I did start back at yoga on Monday - after a year and a half! I'm 60 and really have to take good care of my muscle tone. On vacation I had a massage with a guy who was more like a physical therapist - and he was astounded at how tight my muscles were. (I'd warned him!) Anyway, yoga is the way to go for me for necessary stretching. I'm also committing to lifting weights (itty bitty ones) 2x a week. We have the Peloton app, and it's really good.

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    ~~ Happy Wednesday! ~~

    I hope everyone's week is going well! I'm having a pretty happy week so far, and I'd like to thank the Sun for showing up like a true homie. The functional training gym is having an end-of-challenge party on Saturday, so I actually have something social to look forward to this week rather than spending my time *cue music* ALL BY MYSEEEEELLLLF. Now it's just a matter of figuring out what to wear to a place I've only ever been in activewear. Hmm.

    Anywho. Below you'll find our weigh-day schedule. If you would like to change your day at any point, please just let us know. There is no requirement to stick with the day you chose when you signed up. As with your eating/exercise habits, you can adjust yourself to better fit your goals at any time. And if you weigh in a day or two late (as long as it's before Saturday night), that's perfectly fine.

    Here's our overall weigh-day status:

    For anyone who has made it to the bottom of my post rather than scrolling past, share a recent NSV.
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    Non-scale victory:

    I did my first set of hollow rocks on Monday. In the past, I could only do one-legged modified hollow rocks.
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    NSV: I am wearing work trousers that I haven't been able to fit in over a year. They pinch a little in the waist but I don't look like a stuffed sausage...so thighs, hips and butt have slimmed.

    @rachelrjh I don't know what a hollow rock is...I have geodes...but it sounds like you mean exercise of some sort. So...congrats?
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    Weigh-in day: Wednesday
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    NSV: capris that used to be TIGHT on my waist are now baggy. I keep having to pull them up. Whoo!!
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    I have no nsv unfortunately at this time. I am still waiting on the test results I had over the weekend. Hoping to get some answers and then maybe I will have nsv. It's been beautiful out the last few days. We got the pool open and we are supposed to go camping this weekend, I haven't been camping in 9 years. I went and got a pedi yesterday that made me feel a little better about myself.
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    ljdanny wrote: »
    We got the pool open and we are supposed to go camping this weekend.

    Do you do “real” camping or RV camping? I don’t do tents. LOL. We have a travel trailer. LOVE IT! RV camping is a great vacation when you’re trying to stick to an eating and exercise plan because you can take and prepare all your food and there are plenty of fun outdoor activities you can do.
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    week 3
    pw 162.2
    cw 161.8
  • mxlaw90
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    Pw 146.2 lbs
    CW 16.0 lbs

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    May Week Three

    Weigh In Day: Thursdays
    PW (Previous Weight): 169.6 (May 13th)
    CW (Current Weight): 169.6 (May 20th)
    LTD (Loss to Date): 64.4 lbs

    A maintain this week?? I'll definitely take it. Had dinner with a friend on Tuesday after hitting a new lifting PR, splurged on sushi last night, and now feeling the bloat this morning. A maintain today means a loss later this week (assuming I can keep it under control at the WFH lunch planned for tomorrow and the social activities of the weekend, of course).


    Mostly under control. I've been doing better this week than last week - still not perfect, but improving. The best thing about it warming up outside is that I am no longer craving warmer, typically calorie dense, foods every hour of the day. The issue now will be stopping me from eating an entire watermelon or $40 worth of cherries in one sitting. Also ice cream. But I suppose ice cream has always been an issue.


    As I stated above, I reached a new lifting PR. I can now deadlift 70lbs comfortably and consistently. My form and balance have been an issue for a while, especially since my kinesthetic sense (which helps your body balance itself and whatnot) is strongly affected by my MS, so this is especially rewarding for me.

    I'm still trying to find the correct mix of resistance training vs. cardio vs. recovery, and it's definitely going to be changing even more after I return back to the office on a part time basis starting June 15th. It will be strange wearing pants with buttons every day again.


    I'm doing better. I'm starting to socialize more, since my friends have started to become fully vaccinated, and while that may be damaging to my wallet/waistline, spending time with people I actually like is bringing me a strong sense of relief when all I've felt for a while is anxiety. Getting outside and seeing blue skies and sunshine also helps a ton.

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    mxlaw90 wrote: »
    Pw 146.2 lbs
    CW 16.0 lbs

    I'm assuming you mean 146.0 lbs? I would hope you hadn't dropped 130.2 lbs in a week, although I suppose if you had been reverted to a baby somehow, that could be justified?
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    Week 3
    Pw 190.8
    Cw 190.8
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