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  • renaegry
    renaegry Posts: 1,253 Member
    Thanks all. Just relosing gained weekend weight. Won’t be a true loss till I’m below 156. Been going to work with the hubby (semi driver) so not many steps getting in lately. Eating is so so but I am
    Keeping up with the squat challenge. Back to the lake this Thursday to Monday.

    Hope everyone is doing well
  • Cornanda
    Cornanda Posts: 918 Member
    50 min walk
    36 min weights
    Pasta dinner.... still made a deficit although not as much as yesterday. Trying not to make too many "last suppers" for the kids before they go eat dining hall food. That's a downfall of mine.
    Sleep was good, but I used a sleep aid
    Tracked it all


  • askewcr
    askewcr Posts: 336 Member
    Target Goals—Cal: 1,520, Pro: 76 gm., Carbs 190 gm., Fat 76 gm.

    August 1
    Cal 1287, Carb 100, Protein 88, Fat 74
    August 2
    Cal 1,543, Carb 130, Protein 141, Fat 136
    August 3
    Cal 1,682, Carb 167, Protein 134, Fat 134
    August 4
    Cal 1,670, Carb 202, Protein 49, Fat 75
    August 5
    Cal 1,049, Carb 112, Protein 26, Fat 56
    August 6
    Cal 1,483, Carb 167, Protein 52, Fat 70
    August 7
    Cal 1,657, Carb 132, Protein 74, Fat 96
    August 8
    Cal 1,068, Carb 104, Protein 82, Fat 81
    August 9
    Cal 1,333, Carb 126, Protein 60, Fat 68
    August 10
    Cal 1,700, Carb 132, Protein 63, Fat 105

    Totally blew it today. I will do better. :o
  • GabiV125
    GabiV125 Posts: 3,106 Member
    Username: GabiV125
    Check in day: Wednesday
    PW: 131.7
    CW: 131.1
    The other day my cat snuck in the garage and ripped the Costco bag with dog food. She was so stuffed by the time she got in the house, she slept for 4h straight. Now I have to watch the portions for the both of us .
  • trooworld
    trooworld Posts: 5,306 Member
    @davidji82 @Jwhitegarcia @renaegry Congrats on kicking booty last week and making it to the leaderboard! :D

    @TeresaW1020 Thank you! You are totally ready for the barre program. You've got this!

    @Cornanda Great job with the exercise and tracking! I'm glad you got good sleep, too, woo hoo!

    @askewcr Today is a new day. You've got this!

    @GabiV125 Oh dear! Sorry to hear that.

    Hello all. I did better yesterday except for some snacks at home: I had a migraine and came home early. While waiting for dinner to be prepared, I got really hungry. Because I had the cinnamon graham crackers, I decided to just eat some grapes for dinner. That negated some of the damage.

    TRACKING CHALLENGE: Tracked 100% yesterday, 100% pre-tracked for today.
    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS
  • askewcr
    askewcr Posts: 336 Member
    Today is a new day and I've got this! My mind is made up today that I will be victorious. I'm working on increasing those proteins and this is my new beginning. Let's go get it!! B)
  • leonadixon
    leonadixon Posts: 479 Member
    PW 7/28:225.2
    Check in weight (8/4/2021): 226.6
    Check in weight (8/11/2021):227.4
    Check in weight (8/18/2021):
    Check in weight (8/25/2021:
    Check in weight (7/28/2021):

    It's rough! I got cortisone injections in my knees b/c I can't get my usual ones for 2 months still. My knees blew up like balloons. So much better today, so I hope I can walk and get the bike in a tiny bit. My Kiddo leaves to college tomorrow (only about 2 hours away, but not HOME with me :( ) and I am a wreck. Non stop crying. Sorry to dump here, just the honest update.

    Have a good week, everyone!
  • Cornanda
    Cornanda Posts: 918 Member
    @GabiV125 - Oh dear, poor kitty. Cute post though!

    @trooworld- good corrections on the food. You got this!

    @askewcr - positive as always and rockin' the changes.

    @leonadixon - Hugs to you. Hope your knees feel better quick! I feel your pain on sending off the kiddo. I'm about to send both of mine off next week. Is this freshman year or a returning student?

    Not much going on here. Did a booty kicking step workout plus a 60 min walk today. Dinner will be a shrimp stir fry with lots of veggies.

    Starting reading Tiny Habits and I'm intrigued.
  • leonadixon
    leonadixon Posts: 479 Member
    @Cornanda, she is a freshman this year. Our first time really apart...
  • TeresaW1020
    TeresaW1020 Posts: 3,231 Member
    Hi Team! I need to do a quick update, but I did read each of your posts. I’m on my way up to the church to sit in on an audition for a new worship pastor. Today was a good day. I started my new workout program and that went well. I also did well with my eating. I’m a little over on my calories but nothing I’m worried about. Fingers are crossed for a good weigh-in on Friday!! I'll catch up with you all tomorrow. :)

    Target Goals—Cal: 1300, Pro: 125 gm., Net Carbs 30 gm., Fat 75 gm.
    Tracked I pre-tracked today
    Target Goals Cal 1367, Protein 138.6, Net Carb 21.5, Fat 79
    Squat Challenge Day 11 done! 45 regular and 45 sumo to releve (was supposed to be squat jumps, but I’m NOT doing that!)
  • renaegry
    renaegry Posts: 1,253 Member
    Well I finally got off my butt and did 45 min of 3.6 walking on the treadmill. Then did squat challenge followed by 3 sets of shoulder presses. Been ages since I have done anything remotely physical
  • askewcr
    askewcr Posts: 336 Member
    Target Goals—Cal: 1,520, Pro: 76 gm., Carbs 190 gm., Fat 76 gm.

    August 11
    Cal 1,434, Carb 88, Protein 93, Fat 80

    These numbers are better but I need to load up on veggies. B)
  • askewcr
    askewcr Posts: 336 Member
    Today was a good day. I even went to the mall and walked during the thunder storm but my heel started hurting again. Not sure what to do about that. I need to walk. Might be headed to the doctor about it. :(
  • trooworld
    trooworld Posts: 5,306 Member
    @askewcr You do have this! Go get it. :) Ugh about your heel. Sorry!

    @leonadixon Ouch about your knees. Hugs about the kiddo. Do not apologize for venting, we all do it!

    @Cornanda Thank you! Great job yesterday. Let us know of any take-aways you have for Tiny Habits.

    @TeresaW1020 I'm glad the new workout went well. ((( SKINNY VIBES ))) for tomorrow.

    @renaegry Good job and effort!

    Hi all. I did really well yesterday, just a few healthy snacks which were pre-planned. I work from home today so there is no temptation from the cafe or vending machines. I survived the week without getting into that stuff. I work from home tomorrow, too. Tonight is boxing class.

    TRACKING CHALLENGE: Tracked 100% yesterday, not yet pre-tracked for today.
    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS
  • Cornanda
    Cornanda Posts: 918 Member
    @leonadixon - I've been through it twice and it won't be easy. But you will make it. You will stop crying. And it will be the new normal. And you will be so proud of the things she can handle on her own and the fine young woman she is becoming. It's OK to be a wreck for awhile. Hugs to you!
  • Cornanda
    Cornanda Posts: 918 Member
    @TeresaW1020 - hope the pastor interview went well. Glad your workout went well.

    @renaegry - Yay you for doing a workout!

    @askewcr - Hope your heel feels better and yes, load up the veggies. Nice and filling and low calorie!

    @trooworld- you are making all the choices that align with your goals this week. Nice work!

    I did not finish tracking my day yesterday, but I know it turned out OK with the stir fry supper. Did a walk and a strength workout today. That's about all the exciting news here.
  • TeresaW1020
    TeresaW1020 Posts: 3,231 Member
    @renaegry Great workout!! B)

    @askewcr If your heel is continuing to hurt then you for sure should get it looked at. :)

    @trooworld You are having a great week! The more you say no to the café and vending machines the easier it will become. This morning the church kitchen had leftover cupcakes on the counter. They were just staring at me and I just stared right back as they got dumped in the trashcan. :D

    @Cornanda The interview for the new music pastor went well and he was a super nice kid but very inexperienced. I just found out that the guy who has been filling in now wants the job so that makes me and the rest of the staff very happy! :grin: Keep up those good days of yours! <3

    @TwistedSassette I sent you a private message. ;)

    Hi Team! Today was a good day. My staff meeting went extra long today so I just cleaned the one building and will go back in the morning and do the other one. I was glad to come home since I was super hungry from not eating since last night and very pleased that I didn’t cave into the cupcakes that were left in the church kitchen. I’m still working on the squat challenge but will have it done before the end of the day.

    Saw this graphic today and it so spoke to how I view life. We will all slip up and need to begin again. When we do, I want us to remember this important slogan. :grin:


  • Katmary71
    Katmary71 Posts: 6,070 Member
    Hey gang, it's Thursday afternoon, I just came back from watering at the food bank farm. It's not too bad now, it's just a handful of seedlings now that the drip system is working for the fields and the guy in charge has been there in the mornings. I FINALLY, 16 months in, got a 7 day trial for a pain killer which is kind of a joke because I've taken it numerous times but whatever, it's something right? It's yet another hoop so here I go dragging myself through it. Other than that food has been good, workouts still limited with legs. Think I told you my boyfriend and I went to see a friend for lunch Monday in Tahoe. So Tuesday there was a hissing sound in the garage, the stem on my tire broke and as soon as I touched it all the air came out and the lug nut wrench is missing and my boyfriend's transmission is out so AAA had to come and change my tire then I dropped it off and came home. Of COURSE that wrench is gone, I seriously have backups of just about everything you can possibly think of! I picked it up yesterday and saw my nephews for a pizza party. I ended up taking one of my emergency pain killers last night because I couldn't sleep, I've been fighting to get this prescription approved and my insurance had given me permission to go to the ER but I didn't want to- luckily I fell asleep. I hate needing pain killers again but nights are way too tough these days. SO, still swinging, not really any other viable choice.

    Keep kicking butt, sorry for not being real motivational lately, I'm really tired on Topomax but it does help some.
  • askewcr
    askewcr Posts: 336 Member
    Target Goals—Cal: 1,520, Pro: 76 gm., Carbs 190 gm., Fat 76 gm.

    August 11
    Cal 1,434, Carb 88, Protein 93, Fat 80
    August 12
    Cal 1,766, Carb 114, Protein 130, Fat 86

    Still trying to get in the flow of balance. Proteins are good though... B)
  • davidji82
    davidji82 Posts: 165 Member
    Hi all
    Weigh In Day: Friday
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