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  • Fattleass
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    Maintenance Check in
    PW: 165.3 lbs. (previous weight)
    CW: 164.2 lbs. (current weight)
  • ac204
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    @ac204 Are you keeping your 7500 daily step goal for May, or did you want to alter it? Thank you for reporting in your steps. I've got you caught up now. Nice that you were able to have such great celebrations AND still lose weight! That walking is helping you!! WOOHOO! Nice loss gal!

    @jessicakrall8 thanks for your support! Yes, I would still like to keep the 7500 goal. I'm falling below but I'll keep it to motivate me to get there!

    5/16 7348
    5/17 6628
  • Jax_Grim
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    So I had a bad eating day yesterday. I made crepes for the family and that cream cheese filling is a weakness. I at least worked most of it off. I was above my calorie goal, but I should have been close to a net deficit. I guess it wasn't all that bad.

    Steps (goal 14k)

    5/16 - 14809
    5/17 - 16619

  • jessicakrall8
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    @paulerdmann1 Hey Paul...just checking on you...haven't heard from you in a while. Pop in and say hey and tell us how you're doing...hope you're having a good week!
    Jessica :smile:
  • CasandraW
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    @Jax_Grim crepes are delicious. I always make them Christmas morning.
  • Pupowl
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    Wednesday - 18 May
    Steps: 12.801
    Good morning Shape Shifters. I had an okay day with 3 tiny victories. My dad came over and we had to buy some stuff first. New woodpallets for Tinus' litterbox and some hooks to put on the window so I can open them more without Tinus being able to push them open further and escape. My dad also wanted to go to the grocery store to buy bread and cheese. So that was my first hurdle of the day. I managed to only get a croissant and grapes for myself, yay. After we got home we started on the screens. I had them for 4 windows upstairs and I figured I would start with the one that is over the shed. Then I wouldn't have to go up the ladder all the way, but go on the roof first. That all went pretty smooth and fear free until I had to step backwards off the roof onto the ladder. Ugh! Not fun, but I managed (the ladder was sticking out a fair bit over the roof so I did have something to hold). The other 3 windows went well too, I actually wasn't really afraid, though I did make my dad hold the ladder. I hope they stay put properly (suction cups) and that they help with the heat upstairs.
    When everything was done, we headed to the Bospub for an early lunch. I got my usual avocadoburger. They always ask if you want fries and salad with it as well, and this is probably the first time I managed to say 'no, just the burger please'! Victory number two. The burger was delicious as always. When I got home, the nuts I ordered got delivered. I noticed I often have a craving for salt, and when that happens I am a lot more likely to order pizza or buy cheese. I have tried some other snacks like crackers to prevent this, but I will overeat on those. Now I will try with a lightly salted nut mix! For me that is not a trigger food or something I will binge on, so I hope it helps. It has pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamias and cashews, yum.
    The rest of the day I didn't do much. Really exhausted again, bad headache. I really struggled a lot with wanting to order food, but told myself to just drink my shake and that I wouldn't be hungry anymore after and the craving would go away. So I had my shake with some nuts and grapes, and I was right; not hungry anymore, no cravings. So I guess sticking to my foodplan was tiny victory three. I was really low on steps during the day and wanted to give up around 9200 but with a lot of effort I stepped to my 12.000 and went to bed really early.
    I doubt many of you will be interested, but I will put two pictures of the screens under the spoiler.
    Happy Thursday everyone <3
  • CasandraW
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    @Pupowl what a wonderful day with lots of great victories! The shades look like they will help keep the sun out. Do they still let some light through?
  • Pupowl
    Pupowl Posts: 496 Member
    Thank you! Yes, it's a pretty warm light and you can also still look out. I think they advise you to take them down again after summer, but I am not sure I want do the ladder dance twice a year. So I will see how they hold up.
  • JenHul
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    May 18 Steps = 10,136
    way too windy to go for a walk last night, we would of got blown over lol
  • angmarie28
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  • angmarie28
    angmarie28 Posts: 2,673 Member
    Previous weight-160.8
    Current weight-161
  • frankwbrown
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    Daily Step goal: 10,000
    Sun 5/15: 11,108
    Mon 5/16: 13,762
    Tue 5/17: 14,410
    Wed 5/18: 10,101
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    edited May 19
    I hope everyone is doing well. I’m catching up on some earlier posts that I didn’t have time to respond to yesterday —

    @ac204 - Great job managing your calories through all those celebrations earlier in May. I’m glad to hear positive news when we haven’t heard from someone in awhile. It’s nice that you were enjoying time with friends and family, not avoiding us 😉.

    @angmarie28 - The end of the school year is definitely a busy time. I hope most of your ‘close out’ tasks and preparation for next year are behind you now, and there’s a light (at least flickering) at the end of the tunnel!

    The teenage years are tough, aren’t they?! My son left for a camping trip with friends today, and I’m trying to focus on the fun they’ll likely have together instead of everything that could go wrong! 😬 Sometimes exercise can be a stress reliever and other times it just feels like one more thing on our list of stressors. Hang in there!

    @Pupowl - I don’t know what our family would do without the small park across the street from our house. It’s only one block to walk there and we regularly enjoy the gardens, dog play area, open space and ball fields. A National Park with that great view of the water is spectacular!

    I enjoyed reading the comments from you and @jessicakrall8 about the ‘good diary’ article. You’re tracking lots of data points! How’s it going? I was impressed to see that six Shape Shifters are using the F2F habit tracker this month. Two teams have 5 people signed in but our team has the most use. I hope our work pays off with healthy rewards!

    @JenHul - How is your office transition to a new boss going? I’m sorry to hear your colleague and friend retired. It’s so much more pleasant to work in a positive climate with people we like! If we’re having one ‘moody’ day, I think we can just communicate to our co-workers that we’re trying to manage some negative emotions and apologize ahead of time, instead of spreading it throughout the office like @jessicakrall8 boss did — You handled it well, Jessica!

    I was fortunate to have a wonderful boss for many years, which far outnumbered the few years I had to deal with a seriously unprofessional and corrupt one! I hope the windy weather dissipated so you can walk with daughter. It’s great that she spends that time with you. You must have a special relationship if you are teaching her to parallel park 😉. I’m from the city and pride myself on that skill but it’s a little scary pulling up so close to another car with a novice driver behind the wheel!
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    @jessicakrall8 - Do you walk around the office every hour? My physical therapist said we should get up every 20 minutes but I take 20 minutes just to focus myself! 😳 — good for you for walking so much!

    I’d like to try your tip of journaling food BEFORE eating so I can make more conscious choices and plan better. I might try it.

    Everyone seems to be doing well - despite temptations like @Jax_Grim’s crepes! 😋 Congratulations on your losses, @Fattleass, @kcpond and others!

    Do you have any tips or insights about what worked for you so we can learn from your success?
  • angmarie28
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    Got up and worked out yesterday, not the best workout, but better then nothing. been busy today, so even though i didnt workout, Ive still been on the move. 10 more days of school, then I am down to only 1 job, thank goodness. I got them to give me 3 12s so I can have 4 days off a week, I dont know what I will do with myself, I have worked 6, sometimes 7 days a week for 9 months, I cant wait, haha
  • jessicakrall8
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    Missing the following two weigh-ins so far this week (incl today):

    Please report in promptly...thanks!
  • frankwbrown
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    Daily Post: Thursday, May 19

    Track: Yes
    Calories: Yes
    Exercise: Yes (🤽‍♂️60 min;🚶‍♂️2.5 mi/62 min;👣12,012 steps)

  • Pupowl
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    Thanks for asking. I am doing much better now that I am writing everything down. There are some small hiccups now and then, but my food is mostly under control. I guess it helps that it is now on my mind most of the day because I am tracking various things, so there is no mindless snacking/eating. Making sure what I am feeling is actual hunger is important as well. I also make sure to eat on the couch without distractions; being mindfull while eating helps with feeling full.
    I hope your injury will be gone soon!
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