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  • jugar
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    The May Week 3 Challenge is up and ready to roll for Sunday:

    Hope to see you there!
  • Pupowl
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    Saturday weigh in
    PW: 213.8
    CW: 214
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    Thank you for the warm welcome @jugar and I also appreciate your message of support for my Shape Shifters ‘Motivator’ role @Pupowl!

    This is my small way of giving back to the Shape Shifters group for helping me cross the ‘finish’ line to achieve my initial weight and fitness goals. I’m especially grateful to @jessicakrall8, who does so much to keep the Shape Shifters group organized and motivated while also contributing so much to the overall success of the F2F group (e.g., designing the weekly challenges, creating a welcome and inviting space for all, etc.).

    Of course, I recognize there is no real finish line when our goal is long term maintenance, which I’m still trying to figure out through trial-and-error (many errors! 🙃), so I’ll be seeking the help of each and every Shape Shifter as we all try to improve a little bit more — each and every day!

    It’s great to be in this together with you all!
  • jessicakrall8
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    @PatriceFitnessPal So glad you're in our leadership inspire all of us with your positivity and giving spirit! You've certainly helped a LOT in our weekly group's to greater days to come!!

    Taking a step back this weekend to rest after my 5k...will be popping in and out if anyone needs anything...steppers...take a look at the chart and report in on your steps.

    Weigh-ins we're missing are (incl today):

    Ya'll know the drill...stats begin early tomorrow morning, so please report in tonight if possible! Thanks for prompt reporting...makes my job easier! :smile:

  • ewilhelm2487
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    Thank you all for your kind words. I'm still numb (2 weeks out) and finally on antibiotics for the infection. Praying that the medicine clears it up!
  • jessicakrall8
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    Thank you all for your kind words. I'm still numb (2 weeks out) and finally on antibiotics for the infection. Praying that the medicine clears it up!

    Glad you're feeling better @ewilhelm2487 thank goodness for antibiotics, right?! I hope the numbness will eventually go away. Hang in there! Nice loss this week!
  • Pupowl
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    14 May - Saturday
    Steps: 15.535
    Good morning Shape Shifters. I had a really bad night and had 5 nightmares in the early morning. If I don't manage to wake up completely and move around, I tend to fall back in the same dream which happened a few times. A little annoying. This is a bit extreme even for me; though I dream a whoooole lot, nightmares don't generally happen so often in one night. Thankfully I managed to shake them off and I didn't feel too bad during the day. I started my new schedule at the gym. It kept some of the same exercises, but I also got a few new ones so it feels pretty fresh again. I like this schedule and I am looking forward to improve. I didn't do much else the rest of the day.
    Happy Sunday everyone <3
  • izzyred9400
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    5/13 10,507
    5/14 10,207
    I had a lovely day yesterday visiting my family.It was sunny all day so my niece's hubby did a barbecue & I had lots of cuddles from my great niece & nephew.🥰
    @Pupowl I'm glad you enjoyed your new gym routine.I occasionally do that too when I dream the same dream again.Not so nice when it's a nightmare !
    @PatriceFitnessPal thank you so much for stepping up as Moderator for our group.Your positive encouragement is always appreciated.I'm sure @jessicakrall8 will be grateful for your help & contribution.
    @PatriceFitnessPal I love chickpeas & think they go really well with a curry sauce.Next time I won't combine them with baked beans.It was very windy in Manchester that day lol 🤣🤣

  • jessicakrall8
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    Jax_Grim wrote: »
    Sunday Weigh-in
    PW: 243.8 lbs
    CW: 238.5 lbs
    LTD: 76.5 lbs

    @Jax_Grim Really GREAT loss this week,'re working hard, I can tell! Stand proud!! Enjoy your Sunday!
  • LaurieWrobo
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    5/11 4,807
    5/12 7,500
    5/13 7,934
    5/14 7,755

    Getting lots of steps in - I'll change my goal in June- but tomorrow and Tuesday I have all day meetings so steps will be low as I'm taking minutes for both
    Fought a migraine since Friday and it's finally gone- had to take my meds last night which I hate but at least its gone today
  • frankwbrown
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    Daily Step goal: 10,000

    Thu 5/12: 10,293
    Fri 5/13: 13,561
    Sat 5/14: 12,781
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  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    @Pupowl - It’s a good feeling to have renewed energy for a workout routine! Habits are much easier to build if we enjoy the reward. Did you replace the dreaded elliptical with a different cardio machine?

    I haven’t used the elliptical machine lately but I prefer it to the treadmill and I like that I’m able to burn calories more quickly on the elliptical than the stationary bike. So, it cuts down on the cardio time needed to burn my target number of calories. Usually, I’ll set a target of 200-300 calories burned so I can have a snack.

    @izzyred9400 - Your comment about the windy Manchester weather made made me laugh 😂🤣😂! I’m from Boston and love baked beans. I’ll remember not to eat them on the same day as chickpeas though — 😷! I didn’t grow up eating many beans - except baked beans - but I’ve been trying to incorporate more so I can increase my protein intake.

    @LaurieWrobo - I’m sorry to hear about your night sweats and migraine. I know stress can trigger both so I hope you can get some relief soon. It’s tough to find time for yourself while serving as a care giver. Sending healing wishes —

    I suffered from migraines for years but eventually found some relief from medicine that helped. As long as I took the medicine when I felt symptoms coming on, I could prevent them in most cases or at least reduce the severity. These days, it’s rare that I experience a migraine. I guess that was one positive result of menopause!

    Congratulations to all the Shape Shifters on the leader board!! 🎉🎉🎉. Is there anything special you would attribute to your success? If so, please share your thoughts so other members can learn and benefit from what worked for you! Thanks in advance for spreading the positive energy and results!!
  • jessicakrall8
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    @izzyred9400 and @PatriceFitnessPal I never met a bean I didn't like...but my grandmother and mom when they cooked them would put in a few drops of "beano" when they were cooking and it really reduces the problem...helpful hint there...LOL I'm still laughing!
  • Pupowl
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    Yep, no more elliptical for me. I got the treadmill instead. I was never really a fan of it because I got dizzy a lot. But my old gym had it set up right in front of a massive TV, which was kind of the problem. My current gym has it in front of the window so you look out over farm land. I feel fine now as long as I look mostly ahead and I still hold the bar with one hand just in case. I am not too bothered by the amount of calories burned, since it is a 12 minute warm up and my main workout is the weights after. The treadmill does go up a down, imitating hills. The Netherlands is super flat so that resistance isn't something I normally get with walking outside so my heartrate goes up quite a bit. I think calorie burn is about the same as with the elliptical.
  • Pupowl
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    Sunday - 15 May
    Steps: 17.737
    Good morning Shape Shifters. I hope you have all had a nice Sunday. I did laundry, very exciting. It was really warm here again. I decided to put up my sunscreens on my own already. It's basically a big *word for butt* triangle made of UV resistant material. I only attatched two points on each and let them hang down in front of my windows. My dad is coming over Wednesday and I also have some screens to put on the upstairs windows. We can fix these up properly when upstairs is done. If I manage to get on a ladder without freaking out anyway. :smiley: I give it a 50/50. I am looking forward to when it is all fixed because I really don't handle heat at all. Because of global warming, summers keep getting hotter. In the Netherlands, no houses are build with airconditioning because it wasn't needed. I wonder when that will change.
    Anyway, I was feeling like going for a short walk in the evening, thinking it would be fine. I quickly realized it was still way too hot out in the open. So instead of making a loop, I just walked one path that was mostly shaded and walked back the same way at the end. :lol: It was better than nothing! Happy Monday everyone <3
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    @Pupowl - I would enjoy the outside view during my workout, too. That sounds much better! The incline definitely makes it tougher. Usually, I prefer to stick with the ‘Netherlands’ setting but I’ll occasionally challenge myself with some interval hills.

    I grew up in Boston and most houses didn’t have air conditioning there either. I visit my family there often and I’ve experienced the same change you described with the warmer temperatures. It’s such a ‘Catch-22’ situation that we rely on more energy for air conditioning because it’s getting hotter and on it goes — I hope the sunscreens help! I’m betting you’ll get it done with better odds than 50/50. I think the relief will be worth a little time on the ladder, and it’s good to know you can get it done later in the week with the help of your Dad, if that works better. Maybe it would build confidence if he holds the ladder while you climb. You know yourself best so you’ll find the right option. In any case, I hope you enjoy the cooler house!
  • Jax_Grim
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    5/14 - 17289
    5/15 - 11999

    I'm still trying to work in some time at the gym. Ive only gone like once in the past few weeks.
  • JenHul
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    JenHul Monday weigh-ins
    PW: 179.4
    CW: 178.6
    LTD: -2.4

    May 13 Steps = 8476
    May 14 Steps = 4814

    Lots of sitting Friday and Saturday for my Son's grade 12 Graduation, thats why my steps were so low, got home late and was tired. It was a bitter sweet day, so proud of my son and wondering where did all the time go?

    May 15 = 11,450
    Went for a walk in the afternoon to enjoy the warm weather, before the rain.
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